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Circular 04-2009

Dear Comrade
Circular 04-2009 on the decisions of the NE meetings is given below
M.S. Raja



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Reference: AIA/Circular-04/2009                                                                              Date: 5th March 2009



Unit Secretaries,

Members of Women's Committee &

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE 



Dear Comrades,


The Extended meeting of the National Executive Committee held at Thiruvananthapuram on 24-25 Fed 2009 after detailed deliberation identified dangers that lurk at the employees and officers working in IA&AD and the IA&AD itself.


The first and foremost one is the naked attempts of the IA&AD bureaucracy to subvert the constitutional mandate to be the watch dog of Public finances. As a corollary to it, the ugly face of the audit bureaucracy is exposed when the employees and officers fight for retention and strengthening the role of the department as an effective mechanism to safeguard the public interest by strengthening Audit & Accounts, demanding filling up of more than 16000 vacant posts mainly in Gr C and D cadres, intensive and extensive audit of Panchayati Raj Institutions, no outsourcing of functions of IA&AD etc. The audit bureaucracy on the other hand is resisting these demands of the employees and officers and for effective role of IA&AD as envisaged by the founding fathers of the constitution and desired by vast majority of the population by nakedly attempting to gag the voice of the employees by resorting to massive victimisation of Associations activists in various stations. The die-hard, inhuman bureaucracy has gone to the extent of threatening that no demonstrations and dharna would be permitted in IA&AD and any one found violating it would be dealt with Rule 5 of CCS (Temporary Service) Rules terminating ones services.


The extended meeting of the National Executive Committee decided, through a unanimously adopted Policy & Programme resolution, that we would resist and defeat such unconstitutional moves by the audit bureaucracy and the fight for freedom of expression and right for trade union rights through peaceful demonstration/Dharna etc. will not be compromised.  


The resolution adopted by the extended meeting of the National Executive Committee is enclosed herewith. All Units are requested to translate the resolution in the vernacular and to circulate it amongst its membership.


To implement the above policy, regional workshops will be held at the station indicated below in which activists of the Units of the said region would be participating. All Units are requested to finalise the list of the activists who will be participating in these workshops and furnish the list to Head Quarters latest by 15th April 2009. The time schedule and other information regarding workshops is given below.

Region            & Venue         Stations Covered                    Date           NE Members Attending 


South- Chennai              Kerala, Tamil Nadu                                    M Duraipandian, Nageswara

                                    Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh       23-5-09      Rao, Sreekumar & VS Jaitha


West – Mumbai                        Goa, Mumbai, Nagpur,               23-5-09      MS Raja, V. Bhambhi &

                                    Ahmedabad, Rajkot & Jaipur                      KC Mathai


Central – Allahabad       Allahabad, Bhopal, Gwalior &  30-5-09        MS Raja, Subhash Pandey &

                                    Lucknow                                                   Jagmohan Thakur


Eastern – Kolkata         Kolkata, Raipur, Bhubaneswar,  30-5-09      M Duraipandian, S. Singha,

                                    Patna & Ranchi                                                     A Mitra & A Sarma


NE Region- Guwahati    Guwahati, Agartala, Imphal,       13-6-09      GK Gohain, S Singha,

                                    Kohima & Shillong                                     A Sarma & A Mitra


North – Chandigarh      Shimla, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu,13-6- 09    MS Raja, Jagmohan

                                      Delhi and Dehradun.                                      Thakur & Subhash Pandey



The Workshops will decide the detailed programme in each unit comprising of meetings of Executive Committee, activists, General Body and day long staggered Mass deputation to the head of office. The Memorandum to be submitted to the Head of Office through Mass deputation will be circulated later.


The names of the NE members visiting each station to attend the meetings in each unit would be communicated later, before the workshops commence.


With greetings,


Yours fraternally


(M. S. Raja)

Secretary General


Com: K.A. Manuel, General Secretary, Audit Category II Association, O/o PAG (Audit) Kerala has been dismissed from service today. Com Samuel was facing three chargesheets, all for participating in peaceful agitations.


All Units may hold protest demonstration immediately on receipt of this circular.


Detailed Circular would follow







This meeting of the Extended National Executive Committee of the All India Audit & Accounts Association (AIAAA) held in Thiruvananthapuram on 24 – 25 February 2009 has taken a serious note of the fact that on the one hand the issues raised by All India Audit & Accounts Association have not been negotiated and settled for a long period since 1995.  Formal meeting which used to be taking place periodically between the authorities and All India Audit & Accounts Association either at departmental council or outside it bilaterally were not given under the pretext that All India Audit & Accounts Association was not recognised.  Even later on when it had been recognised the meetings have been kept at informal level where no minutes have been received. The formal meetings are held sparingly after long gaps where till this day not a single item in the agenda has been amicably settled.

Though the Comptroller & Auditor General of India in one informal meeting which took place soon after his assuming office in 2008 indicated that he would follow an open door policy permitting representatives to meet him any time, he has not kept his assurance and not a single formal meeting has been held despite of request for meeting several times.  The result is a large accumulation of problems.

The IA&AD administration has commenced a policy of curbing legitimate Trade Union activities of the employees association.  Even peaceful dharna is treated as violation of Rule 7 and Rule 3 of Conduct Rules only because as per instruction received from Home ministry, any meeting without permission would be violative of Rule 7.  It is the considered opinion of the IA&AD administration that the fundamental right of freedom of expression manifested through demonstrations, dharna etc. have been surrendered by the employees by accepting the employment and adherence to conduct rules is a part of their contractual obligations. 

In offices like Kerala, Rajkot, Gwalior, Kolkata etc.  leaders and activists of organisation have been proceeded against and penalised very severely.  In AG, Kerala 7% of staff numbering 100 have been served charge sheet under Rule 14 & 16 of CCS (CCA) Rules.  In most of the cases the leaders of association have been given multiple charge sheets.  Number of charge sheets issued would be around 10% of total strength.  The CAG of India in his address to the staff at Thrissur branch of AG, Kerala and again in the meeting of staff representatives of the Kolkata based units of this association has indicated that he will not permit any demonstration, dharna etc. even during lunch hour in the compound of his offices and he would like to penalise such persons with major penalties including ouster from service invoking Rule 5 of CCS (TS) Rules.  He has declined to discuss cases of victimisations for legitimate Trade Union action treating them as individual cases of indiscipline to be dealt with as such under the provisions of CCS (CCA) Rules.

This meeting has therefore concluded that IA&AD administration on the one hand are evading settlement of pending issues and have not agreed to have negotiations.  On the other hand they want to impose a total ban on all legitimate trade union protest programmes by the staff association with a threat of disciplinary actions resulting in major penalties including removal from service etc.  Therefore, the meeting of the view that the audit/accounts employees have to launch counter offensive and assert their fundamental right of freedom of expression through peaceful means of dharnas, demonstrations etc. including go slow and strike action with a view to ensure that the fundamental right of association are duly respected and authorities sit across the table to negotiate with the representatives of employees to settle the long pending demands. 

This meeting with all the emphasis demands that all the disciplinary proceedings for trade union programmes of dharna, demonstration etc. wherever launched by the authorities should be vacated because these charge sheets are violative of fundamental right of freedom of expression and hence ultra vires of constitution.  There is no question of treating these cases as individual indiscipline as they have been invoked against leaders and activists of employee's organisations and being un-constitutional in the nature of everything the fundamental right of freedom of expression must be vacated.  So far Kerala office is concerned the massive dose of such unconstitutional charge sheets and proceedings have totally vitiated the employer-employee relation in the office.  Therefore, it is demanded that the perpetrator of such action ie. Accountant General (A&E), Kerala should be shifted from that office which he had been working for more than 4 years in public interest so that the harmony in the employer-employee relation which is a pre-requisite of the efficient functioning of office is restored.  The meeting has authorised the Secretariat to device concrete methods where by the message of this resolution is conveyed to the CAG and the authorities in IA&AD.

The meeting has directed the Secretariat for a sustained programmatic approach till the objectives set are fully realised. 



(M. Duraipandian)






Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070



Reference: JAC/Circular -04/2009                                                Date: 22nd February 2009




Chief Executives of

Constituent Organisations &

Conveners of Local JACs


Dear Comrades,


              The representatives of constituents of Apex JAC came to Delhi for observance of Demand day on 19th February 2009 met on 20th February to review the success of the programme and decide about the next course of action to be taken in the light of the spirit of the decisions taken in the apex JAC meeting held at Chennai on 11th January 2009. Com. M.S.Raja, Chairman and SG, AI&AA, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Convener and SG,AICAEA, Com. P. Rajnayagam, General Secretary, AIPAEA, Com. R. N. Gupta, SG, AIAPAO(C), Com. R. K. Saraswat, President, AIRASA, and Com. S.Bandapadhyay, Finance Secretary, AICAEA were present in the meeting.


Revival/formation of Local JAC

              The meeting observed that the "Demands day" on 19th February 2009 was observed by the Units/Circles/Branches of constituents of  apex JAC at the stations like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nagpur, Pune, Kapurthala, Sunder Nagar, Delhi, Shillong, Jaipur and Lucknow. In Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, the local JACs had taken effort to synchronize the programme by organising preparatory meetings etc. However, despite their efforts Units/Branches/Circles of some of the constituents did not respond up to the mark. In other stations, the programme was implemented isolatedly by the local Associations of the constituents.


            The meeting therefore, decided that  immediate effective steps for the formation/ revival of local JACs at all stations should be taken and requested all constituents at apex level to instruct their field formations to effectively co-ordinate with other constituents in their respective stations so that local JACs are formed/ revived. They have also been requested to send the list of the local level leaders of their respective organisations to the apex JAC headquarters through e-mail immediately.


Campaign week from 16th to 20th March 2009

            The meeting was of the considered opinion that, the issues adopted as charter of demands by the apex JAC are yet to reach the membership and hence campaign week should be observed from 16th to 20th March 2009. During this period following actions shall be taken-

·         Apex JAC leadership shall visit various stations.

·         Local JACs shall issue leaflets etc highlighting the demands.

·         Local constituents shall organise group meetings, activists meeting and general body meetings to popularize the issues among the membership.

·         On 20th March, the local JACs shall organise centralized rally of Accounts and Audit employees and officers.    


Joint National Executive meeting

            It has also been decided that, in order to review the progress of the above decisions and to prepare for a serious struggle for achieving the demands at the earliest, a joint national Executives meeting of the constituents shall be tried to convene within the month of April 2009.


Settlement of anomalies

            It has been concluded by the meeting that, the anomalies that would be arising due to implementation of 6CPC would be mostly common to the employees working in Accounts and Audit departments. As such, the constituents of apex level JAC may send the cases of anomalies in respect of their departments to the Convener within seven days of receipt of this circular so that all anomalies could be referred to the National Anomaly Committee through Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers.              


With warm greetings,


Yours fraternally,





(V. Bhattacharjee)