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Circular 08 - 2009

Dear Comrade
Circular 08-2009 is given below.
MS Raja



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Reference: AIA/Circular-08/2009                                                                              Date: 28th March 2009



Unit Secretaries,

Members of Women's Committee &

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE



Dear Comrades,




The President and Secretary General of the Association had a meeting with CAG on 27th March 2009. The meeting was held in the background of notice for indefinite fast by the Secretary General from 30th March 2009.


In the 70-minute meeting which was also attended by Pr. Director, Staff, the Association expressed its deep anguish over the heavy penalties imposed on Kerala Comrades and dismissal of Secretary of Audit Category II Association and requested CAG to intervene and set things right.


CAG on his part took strong exception to the letter written by the Association (letter No AIA/B-1/22/2009 Dated 5th March 2009) stating that the Association had put a deadline for CAG to act and made of threat of agitations.


It was clarified by the Association that it was letter meant to convey the strong feelings over the dismissal of Secretary of one of the affiliates and expressed regrets if it has hurt CAG.


Association thereafter placed before CAG various actions of AG (A&E), Kerala, starting from the move to outsource functions, his partisan behaviour, attempts to influence the membership and siding with rival Associations, coloured reporting, refusal to meet Staff Associations etc. It was made clear to CAG that the local Associations in Kerala are no way involved, even distantly, with certain happenings during the last fortnight that took place in the office premises with outside mass organisations. Rather it was AG's action of removal of hoardings on the outer wall of the office in a selective manner that invited the wrath of the organisations that are holding continuous dharna outside the office against the dismissal of Com Manuel.


It was brought to the notice of CAG that the AG did not even preside over the office Council meeting; he appeared in the meeting venue for a minute or so on completion of discussion on items listed in the agenda.


It was pointed out to CAG that normalcy cannot return to Kerala offices so far as the present incumbent continues hold the post of AG in Kerala and pleaded for his shifting out of Kerala.


CAG stated that he is not ready to tolerate indiscipline and stern actions would be taken against whoever indulges in indiscipline. At the same time he stated that the Accountant General cannot behave in a partisan manner and he would be told so. On other issues he stated that he would make his own verification and act accordingly. He also stated that officers are posted on the basis of functional requirements and transfers would take place on that basis.


CAG stated that the every Accountant General would be asked to convene the office council as per JCM constitution and non observance would be seriously viewed.


Association raised the issue of lack of forum for Category II Associations. CAG said mechanism could be evolved on that also. He also stated that present time schedule for meeting at HQr level would be strictly adhered to. He was positive to our suggestion for increasing the frequency of bilateral meetings.


CAG said that all issues could be discussed and sorted out. He also said that there are further steps like appeal and review in disciplinary proceedings before reaching finality.


During the course of discussion we made it very clear that Kerala developments are not isolated one or that individual in nature. We made a very strong plea that while the murderers of great leaders were not given capital punishment and the employees in this department should not be given any capital punishment for "indiscipline".


 He further stated that he has created 1700 posts to regularise adhoc SOs and promote waitlisted SOG candidates. Also, intends have been sent to Staff Selection Commission for recruitment of Auditor/Accountant. Association appreciates it and said that it is a unique step, meeting one of our long standing demands.


CAG further informed that the administration is working out schemes of restructuring/cadre review and assured us that the Association would be consulted before finalising anything on it. 


CAG reiterated his earlier statement that there are no issues that could not be sorted out through continuous discussions and stated that he would be willing to meet the Association again and again.


Through out the discussion, the CAG was cool tempered and dispassionate and with open mind he was hearing the suggestions of the Staff Side. It is something unique breaking with the past.


Before winding up the discussion the CAG made it very clear that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.  




We had given a notice for indefinite fast to register our strong resentment over the piling up of issues, victimisation of leaders and activists of Association and denial of right to peaceful agitation and collective bargaining and demanding settlement of these issues.


The meeting with CAG and his assurances on continuous dialogue and regular, periodical bilateral meetings at HQr level as well as at field level are a step forward. At the same time we note that there are no concrete assurances on the victimisation front. But there is firm commitment on periodical meetings. Also, certain long pending issues have already been attended to.


Taking the whole situation into account, it is felt that we may wait for some time to see how far things are moving in the right direction.


It is, therefore, decided to defer the indefinite fast by Secretary General from 30th March 2009. The situation would be reviewed after two months to decide appropriate organisational response.


Accordingly, the unit level programmes from 1st April 2009 also stands deferred.




It is very clear that the demonstrations and observance of black week had its impact. While saying so, we should also admit that there are weaknesses in the movement and that has to be rectified.


Some Units are yet to send their report on implementation of programmes against victimisation. It affects our judgements and hence preparations for future. Every such Unit may please take corrective steps.




The long standing demand of ours for the regularisation of all adhoc Section Officers and re-introducing the scheme of adhoc Section Officers has been met. This is a big breakthrough and nearly 1700 Adhoc Section Officers and waitlisted SOG passed candidates are going to benefit.


This was our demand appearing in the Charter of Demands (item No 11) and was also an item for bilateral meeting with DAI. All Units may give big publicity to this achievement.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally



(M. S. Raja)

Secretary General