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15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Reference: AIA/Circular-27/2017                                                       Dated:  21st December 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

The bilateral, agenda meeting with DAI was held on 21st December 2017. Coms KC Mathai, Vice President, Anilkumar, Additional Secretary General and G. Rajagopal, Assistant Secretary General participated in the meeting, in addition to the Secretary General. PD (Staff), AC (N), SAO (JCM) were also present from the official side.

A brief on the discussion is given below:

1. i) Revisit the Audit restructuring of 2012 and rationalisation of staff strength in Audit offices;
ii) Instructions to post audit parties from Kerala to Chennai in CERA be withdrawn
& 2.   Time bound 5 promotions to all personnel

In the process of discussion on item No. 1, item 2 was also added.

              The anomalous position with regard to administrative and functional control of the personnel on account of restructuring of audit offices in 2012 was illustratively placed before DAI. The commitment of the then DAI that none would be disturbed from their station is violated on and often.
It was also pointed out that Department is unilaterally implementing restructuring  of offices and man power as in the case of rationalisation of staff strength in audit offices done in 2016 without taking the staff interest into account.              
              We insisted that the both the actions be reviewed to which DAI said that the though restructuring cannot be undone but specific instances could be addressed when brought to notice. As of rationalisation of staff strength in audit office is concerned it was explained that the pinch that is being felt now would be eased within one year as the number of posts and personnel would increase.  
              We proposed that instead of going for piecemeal actions as done in 2012 and 2016, the Department should go for a holistic approach through cadre restructuring where all these issues including our demand for 5 time promotions in one’s career could also be decided upon on a scientific basis. It was further insisted that the Department should form a cadre restructuring committee with representation to staff side.

      DAI agreed to this proposal saying that it is necessary to have a holistic view.

3.  Ensure promotional avenues for MTS, LDC, DEO, Auditor/Accountant and SA on seniority cum fitness basis, without educational qualifications.

  After detailed discussion, it was clarified that there is no conditions attached to promotion of LDC as Accountant or Auditor. If any instance is pointed out, it would be rectified.

  We insisted that as for promotion of metric-passed MTS, CAG should relax the condition to enable them to avail promotion as such a condition did not exist when they were recruited or MTS cadre was created. DAI agreed to get the issue examined.

4.   Grant GP 5400 to AAOs on completion of 4 years service as recommended by 6th and 7th CPCs

DAI informed that the Department is pursuing the issue and is hopeful of resolution.        
5.  Grant unlimited number of chances for SAS to candidates who have passed in four papers

Quite a lengthy discussion took place on this issue as the administration went on defending the existing 10 chances per candidate.

It was pointed out that by this action of the department, promotional prospects of personnel are being blocked forever, leaving behind a demoralised and demotivated workforce.

It is then assured to have a relook on the decision.

6. Remove ban on demonstration in the office premises

  The constitutional position including the latest missive of the Min. of Labour and Employment to Min. of Railways saying that unrecognized Associations/Unions also have the right to demonstrate peacefully were placed.

  It was also pointed out that disturbance or violence should not be presumed in advance. If such incidents occur those should be dealt with under the relevant rules. It was stated that one incidence should not lead to a permanent ban on demonstration and meetings. It was pointed out that permission is granted to L&R Clubs to organise programmes inside the office that also with full sound system and the entire administration including Accountants General would be present. The blanket ban on demonstrations imposed by 2012 circular be withdrawn, it was demanded.

      DAI assured to have a relook on the ban order on demonstrations.

7. Ensure proper functioning of Departmental Canteens by recruiting sufficient staff

            As Recruitment Rule for Canteen has been notified a month back, it was submitted by     us that all the daily rated/contingent/contract workers working in the Departmental        Canteen be regularised against huge vacancies existing in the departmental canteens.  

It was agreed to consider the proposal.

8.  i) Field level Audit Parties should be provided with sufficient man days and reasonable            Transit days;
     ii) Remove the practice of providing transit on closed holidays; 
    iii) Settle the claims on tour TA/DA in a time bound manner

On (i), DAI commented that it is a good item on an area that has been neglected for long. She agreed to have a fresh look at it and do the needful.

On (i) and (ii), DAI agreed to observe the rule strictly.

9. Protection of staff interests and extension of facilities to personnel in the event of bifurcation of the Office of Accountants General (Andhra Pradesh) to AsG (AP) and AsG (Telangana)

  A detailed presentation was done from the Association side. All issues such as sanction of additional staff strength, delaying the shifting of the AP office to Amravati, Vijayawada upto 2021 or till own building and staff quarters are ready etc were presented and it was requested that the staff concerns may be given utmost space before taking a final decision on the formation of new office at Amravati.

     DAI assured to have staff interest in mind while making the final call.
10. Fixation of pay on promotion as Supervisor of those Sr Auditor/Sr Accountants who were granted GP 4600 under MACPS

               DAI agreed to refer it to DOPT for clarification.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally

M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Circular - 26

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-26/2017                                                       Dated: 18th December 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

            The National Executive Committee of the Association met at Bhubaneswar on 14 & 15 December 2017. The meeting was presided over by Com. K.C. Mathai, Vice President. (Com. Tapas Bose, President had to return to home from the Railway Station on receipt of the information that his mother fell and has to be hospitalised).

            The meeting held a detailed review of the organisational position in the light of the decisions taken by 47th Conference as well as the Allahabad CWC.

1.         It was decided by the NE meeting to hold interactive sessions in various Units along         with TU camps. Tentative dates at some of the stations as decided by the meetings are     given below. (The dates may be rescheduled slightly according to the availability of             venue etc).

            1. Hyderabad – 26-27 March 2018

            2. Guwahati – Between 15th and 20th of February 2018

            3. Delhi – The class would be held in a staggered manner during February-March 2018

            4. Jaipur – 1-2 March 2018

            5. Kolkata – 26-27 February 2018

            6. Nagpur – 23-24 February 2018

            7. Bengaluru – date would be confirmed later

            Kerala, Chennai, Chhattisgarh, Ahmedabad–Rajkot, Allahabad Units may communicate the suitable dates to HQr without delay.
            It was decided that the classes at different stations should be staggered so as to   ensure that HQr leaders are able to attend and spend time with our unit leaders and           activists.

2.         The meeting further noticed that the work allocation amongst the NE members done      in the first meeting after the 47th Conference has failed to work. It was therefore       decided to re-allocate the work as given below.

            P&T Audit – Comrades Anindya Mitra & RJ Iyer

            Railway Audit – Com. Rupak Mukhopadhyay

            Kerala, Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad – V Sreekumar, K Ramesh & G Rajagopal

            Nagpur, Chhattisgarh, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jaipur          )
            Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Allahabad, Lucknow           ) – MS Raja
            J&K & any station not specifically mentioned here   )

            Kolkata, Odisha – Tapas Bose

            NE – Amitava Chatterjee

            Chandigarh, Shimla – KL Gautam

3.         It was also decided to hold a National Convention in New Delhi, as decided by the            Allahabad CWC, preferably during the Budget Session of the Parliament on the       subject “Public Accountability in Parliamentary Democracy and Role of Audit – in the           era of neo-liberal economic policies”.
            The HQr would finalise a work paper and circulate after making preliminary        preparations.

4.         It was decided to campaign amongst the members, especially amongst the newly            recruited ones on NPS. To this end, it was decided to hold a Convention on NPS in      every station on 30th January 2018. Background papers and draft declaration would be          circulated by HQr.

5.         The meeting noted that the financial position of the HQr is quite precarious. All the         Units should ensure remittance of the special collection of Rs 500/- without any            further delay.

6.         The NE decided to hold a National Women’s Convention under our banner –         separately from Conference -with participation from almost all Units in July 2018, in          New Delhi.

7.         The NE noticed that some of the Units are yet to submit the memorandum on grant of    GP 5400 on completion of 4 years of service. This is causing delay in submission of the            memorandum to PM. The defaulter Units are requested to submit the same without   delay, copy to SG.

8.         Secretary General reported about the joint sitting with All India Audit & Accounts             Officers Association on 2nd December 2017 to finalise our formulations towards cadre       restructuring in IA&AD and that the       draft approach paper is under preparation. The       meeting approved the approach and directed the Secretary General to proceed. It was             decided that the draft paper on cadre restructuring shall be subjected to discussion in            all the Units before being taken up by the CWC for approval.

            With greetings,

Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Circular 25

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Reference: AIA/Circular-25/2017                                                       Dated:  31st October 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


            As the issue of grant of GP 5400 (Pay Matrix 9) to AAOs of IA&AD and other Organised Accounts is being delayed for unsound reasons – this delay is as good as denial – it is time for us to mount pressure on the government through organisational means.

            The HQr call upon all units to mobilise the AAOs and submit individual memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister of India, through proper channel. Draft memorandum is given elsewhere.

            Each Unit may ensure that the memorandum is signed in two copies, one to be submitted through proper channel and the other may be sent to HQr. to be submitted by the HQr directly to PMO.

            This may kindly be completed by 15th November 2017 and the individual signatures may be submitted to HoD (and sent to HQr.) after holding lunch hour meeting on 16th November 2017. (Each Unit leadership may collect the signed copy from each member and submit to HoD with a covering letter in Association letter head with a request to forward it to the PM).


            All the Units may ensure to fulfill the quota prescribed for the 3-day Dharna on 9th, 10th and 11th November 2017 at New Delhi being organised by 10 Central Trade Unions in pursuance of 12 point charter of demands (For quota, please see Circular 22). Kindly ensure that we assemble in large numbers.

            Campaign might be conducted in all units about the Dharna and the demands. Wide publicity may be given to the 3 Dharna.


            The 47th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association decided to revise the rate of HQr quota to Rs 12/- per member per month (Rs 144 per annum per member).

            Hope all the units have amended the constitution accordingly and revised rate of subscription is being collected. All the Units are requested to remit the HQr quota at the revised rate for six months upto October without any delay – latest by 15th November 2017.

            All the Units are also requested to provide a copy of the audited accounts for the year 2016-17 to HQr by 15th November 2017.

            Good number of Units are yet to remit the Special fund for which the call was given by the 47th Conference, re-iterated by Allahabad CWC meeting. The same may be remitted by 30th November 2017.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Memorandum to Prime Minister

Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi – 110 001


            I am an Assistant Audit/Accounts Officer working in IA&AD, stationed at ……

            Myself and similarly placed colleagues of mine feel dejected because of the delay in grant of higher pay scale to me and my similarly placed colleagues despite there being a clear cut recommendation by 6th CPC and 7th CPC to grant us Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) to Pay Matrix 9 (GP 5400, pre-revised).

            The Resolution dated 25th July 2016 (vide Annexure III) referred the decision to the DOPT. Every affected department/Ministry including CAG of India has recommended grant of Non Functional Upgradation to Assistant Audit/Accounts Officers of IA&AD and organised Accounts and Senior Section Officers (Accounts) of Railways to Pay Matrix 9 (GP 5400, pre-revised) on completion of 4 years of service.  

            We are forced to knock at your door as the DOPT has delayed a positive decision despite elapse of more than a year and recommendation by all concerned departmental heads.

            I shall be thankful to your good self for kind intervention to ensure justice to me and my colleagues by granting the NFU to Pay Matrix 9 with effect from 1.1.2016 on completion of 4 years of service as recommended by the 7 CPC.

            Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Office of ……………………………..


Circular 24

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-24/2017                                                       Dated:  30th October 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

Courtesy Meeting with CAG

The courtesy meeting with CAG was held on 25th October 2017. Comrades Tapas Bose, President and Anilkumar, Additional Secretary General were present from our side, in addition to the Secretary General. From the official side DAI, PD-Staff and AC(N) were also present.

Welcoming CAG on behalf of the membership we expressed the fond hope that he would be positively prompt in responding to the issues raised by the staff side just as he has granted the courtesy meeting within a short time.

After introduction, we presented the following issues
             1. Strengthening Audit & Accounts

                        The CAG of India is the ‘watchdog of Indian finances’. Somewhere, the department has withdrawn from this basic job. Performance Audit is given pre dominance over compliance audit, drastically curtailing the basic public accountability responsibilities. Reinforcing and strengthening of compliance audit with necessary manpower would do justice to the mandate under the Constitution.

                        Restructuring of audit put into effect from 1st April 2012 and rationalisation of staff strength in audit offices done in 2016 may kindly be revisited so as not to lose the basic character of the Department.

                 Audit of Panchayati Raj is limited to offering technical guidance while PRI Accounts is totally kept away. A vast area is kept out of CAG’s purview. This is an area where the Department should take an active role. This may be done without further delay.

       2.           Augmentation of Staff Strength

           Per centage of audit is inversely proportionate to the govt expenditure as well as expansion of government’s functions.

The same holds good for staff strength also. There is a drastic reduction in the man power position. Wide gap in the age profile of personnel at lower level is alarming.

           Along with revisiting the rationalisation of staff strength in audit offices done in 2016, there is a need to have a fresh approach – taking functional requirements and man power mobility into account.

       3. i) Need for new approach to Recruitment

           As we conduct the audit of State Governments and maintain accounts of state governments, knowledge of local language is increasing becoming a must for efficient discharge of functions in IA&AD.

           The Recruitment of personnel by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) doesn’t cater to our requirement, giving way to undesirable situations in field offices.

           It is necessary that IA&AD go for recruitment of local people which in turn will ensure better functional output.

 ii) Opening up of unilateral transfer

  The present recruitment policy of SSC has caused a situation where in vast majority of the personnel recruited are from other states, who are eager to return to their home states.

  The discontent amongst them is growing, as unilateral transfer is not allowed in IA&AD, with the result that the department is left with talented newly recruited personnel who are unhappy and demoralised.

  Regional Recruitment can help in opening up of unilateral transfer bringing cheer to those talented youngsters by which the Department would gain a lot.

          4.  Functional facilities to Associations

  The rules provide very little space to employees to vent their grievances, but even that limited space is denied to them many times.
  There are instances where major deviations by Heads of Departments at field level are overlooked and the employees responses to such deviations are dealt with heavy hand.

  Implementation of CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 in IA&AD itself was a major deviation from the original rules which needs correction.

           The blanket ban imposed on demonstrations etc in the office premises denies the employees their minimum right to express their grievances peacefully. The ban order on demonstrations in the office premises needs to be undone. (Ministry of Labour & Employment has very recently - vide letter dated 3rd July 2017 - upheld the right of even unrecognized Association/Federation to hold demonstration to hold meeting demonstrations etc “provided that such meetings shall not disturb normal functioning of the unit/establishments…”).

           The massive victimisation in the aftermath of agitation on 8th April 2010 also may kindly be revisited and undone. This will definitely give a positive message.

A healthy discussion took place on strengthening Audit & Accounts and expansion in LB audit and accounts and also on recruitment policy. CAG made pointed queries on unilateral transfer and the victimisation on account of mass casual leave on 8th April 2017.

A Clarification, to clear some genuine doubts

We are confronted with some questions from some of the field units – now as well after the meeting with DAI also. One query is about not raising the issue of grant of 5400 to AAOs on completion of 4 years of service. Some of our comrades asked why this was not raised. (This question came up after meeting with DAI also).

The reason is quite simple that no purpose would be served by raising this issue with DAI or CAG as the issue is not in their hands. CAG can only recommend, it is the Govt that would take the final call – to be precise it is the Department of Expr that would have the final say.

To tell CAG that his recommendations are not honoured by the government is to belittle the CAG – it is as good as telling the CAG that you are not respected or counted by the Govt. It may make some of our unsuspecting members happy that we have told CAG so. But it will not help us, rather it may not be taken well by CAG and his administration. (They may feel that we are suspecting their sincerity).

We know that CAG administration has done its best in pursuing the issue of extension of the higher pay scale (Pay Matrix 9) to AAOs of IA&AD and other organised Accounts on completion of 4 years of service.

As regards the pay scales (of any cadre or section of employees in any Deptt), it is DOPT and more than that Deptt of Expr that has got the veto power.

We do assiduously work through various channels to get to the target and till we are sure that we are upto the target we don’t publicise it. We don’t play to gallery.

The issues taken with CAG

            The issues that we raised with CAG are of importance to the Department as well as to the personnel working in the Department. We raised the issue of audit restructuring done 2012, its ill effects on personnel, recorded our disagreement on the rationalisation of staff strength in audit offices, need for expansion of audit and accounts by strengthening our reach in audit of LB audit and taking over LB accounts citing the huge money involved in the area and the need of ensuring public accountability etc.

The increase in quantum of audit and accounts will alone ensure better promotional prospects to all cadres. We will have to approach the issue of cadre restructuring in IA&AD with that perspective.

Cadre restructuring is not only about asking for pay scales that has been denied to us so far. Nor we are going to reach anywhere by just raising a demand. To get higher pay scales we will have to mobilise the entirety of IA&AD personnel and agitate.

Cadre restructuring should also involve the correlation of cadres and functions and much more. When we submit a proposal on cadre restructuring we should have a vision of what the IA&AD should be and what role the personnel would have – including promotional avenues. (The HQr is working out on such proposals; hope to circulate it within a month’s time).

Unless the recruitment policy undergoes a change and number of posts goes up, the unilateral transfer of the new recruits would remain a demand, rhetoric, rather a dream of the young lot.

In the first meeting with CAG, we tried to present the basic demands on which we should and would build up a movement that would ensure time bound promotion to all, local recruitment and unilateral transfer etc.

Any presentation, demand would be of any sense only when it is pursued organisatioally i.e. through agitations, mass mobilisations. Any other route opted by anybody is nothing but fooling the members and tantamount to treachery. It is just like selling dreams without doing anything to achieve those dreams.

Building up a movement on the above issues depends on how effectively we communicate with our membership.

HQr is sure our that Unit leadership would undertake the task seriously and start working on it.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally

M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Monday, October 16, 2017

Circular - 23

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-23/2017                                                       Dated:  14th October 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

Courtesy Meeting with DAI was held on 11th October 2017. Comrades Tapas Bose, President, V Sreekumar and Anilkumar, Additional Secretaries General represented the Association in addition to the Secretary General. PD, Staff, AC (N) and AO (JCM) were also present.

During the freewheeling discussion, the following issues were brought to the notice of DAI, requesting personal intervention.

Denial of trade union facilities at Allahabad Audit and MAB-I, Mumbai – the position was explained in detail.

Chennai situation – explaining the situation, we pointed out that AG is questioning the authority of DAI and CAG and also of the acts passed by Parliament raising a question on office decorum and rule of law.

Additional Chances for SAS exam – elaborating the position, we requested that the issue may be looked at afresh considering the post 2010 situation where there was no cap on the number of chances for SAS Part II. We requested that atleast those left with one or two papers may please be permitted additional chances, as a first step.

Compassionate Ground appointment – the rigidity that is followed by many field units were pointed out. Adding cost of dwelling unit as income is prevalent leading to rejection of many otherwise deserving applications. In many cases the report of the Welfare Officer is without any compassion. There is a need to issuance of liberalised guidelines in this regard – including a refresher course to Welfare Officers on Compassion.

Induction Training – We pointed out that in the earlier days all the new recruits were to undergo induction training that gave every new entrant a fair idea about the functioning of the IA&AD as a whole and also wing wise. This helped to inject sense of commitment to the discharge of our duty as a noble one, in service of the nation, in service of probity in public life. There is a need to re-introduce the same so as to inculcate the basic ethos of the Department as ‘watchdog of Indian finances’.

We also conveyed our apprehension that HQr office is failing in asserting itself when faced with aberrations/deviations committed by officers at field level. This has led to situations where certain officers have dared to question even CAG in their interaction with personnel working under them.

In the course of discussion we also pointed out various deviations that are committed by various officials at field level who try to divide the personnel working field offices on various grounds.

DAI, actively intervening in the discussion, agreed to attend to the issues raised by the Association.


Confederation has called upon the central government employees to hold day long Dharna at all State Capitals on the following charter of demands

1. Honour the assurance given by the Group of Ministers to NJCA on 30th June 2016 and 6th July 2016, especially increase in minimum wage and fitment factor. Grant revised HRA at the rate of  30%, 20% and 10% with effect from 01-01-2016. Settle all anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, in a time bound manner.
2.  Implement option-I recommended by 7th CPC regarding parity in pension of pre-2016 pensioners.
 3.  Scrap PFRDA Act and Contributory Pension Scheme and grant pension and Family Pension  to all Central Government employees recruited after 01.01.2004, under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972.
4.   Treat Gramin Dak Sewaks of Postal department as Civil Servants, and extend all benefits like pay, pension, allowances etc. of departmental employees to GDS.
5.    Regularise all casual, contract, part-time, contingent and Daily rated mazdoors and grant equal pay and other benefits.
6.     (a)         No Downsizing, Privatisation, outsourcing and contractorisation of Government    functions.
           (b) Stop proposed move to close down Government of India Presses
7.   Withdraw the arbitrary decision of the Government to enhance the bench mark for performance appraisal for promotion and financial upgradations under MACP from “GOOD” to VERY GOOD” and also decision to withhold annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the bench march either for MACP or for regular promotion within the first 20 years of service. Grant MACP pay fixation benefits on promotional hierarchy and not on pay-level hierarchy. Personnel promoted on the basis of examination should be treated as fresh entrants to the cadre for grant of MACP.
8.   (a) Withdraw the draconian FR 56 (J) and Rule 48 of CCs (Pension) Rules 1972 which is being misused as a short cut as purity measure to punish and victimize the employees.
      (b) Withdraw all trade union victimisations and attack on trade union facilities.
9.   Fill up all vacant posts including promotional posts in a time bound manner. Lift ban on creation of posts. Undertake cadre Review to assess the requirement of employees and their cadre prospects. Modify recruitment rules of Group-‘C’ cadre and make recruitment on Regional basis.
10.  Remove 5% ceiling on compassionate appointments and grant appointment in all deserving cases.
11.  Grant five promotions in the service career to all Central Govt. employees.
12.  Abolish and upgrade all Lower Division Clerks to Upper Division Clerks.
13.  Ensure parity in pay for all stenographers, Assistants, Ministerial Staff in subordinate offices and in all organized Accounts cadres with Central Secretariat staff by upgrading their pay scales. Grant pay scale of Drivers in Lok Sabha Secretariat to Drivers working in all other Central Government Departments.
14.  Reject the stipulation of 7th CPC to reduce the salary to 80% for the second year of Child Care leave and retain the existing provision.
15.     Introduce Productivity Linked bonus in all department and continue the existing bi-lateral agreement on PLB wherever it exists.
16.  Ensure cashless, hassle free medical treatment to all Central Government employees & Pensioners in all recognized Government and Private hospitals.
17. Revision of Overtime Allowance (OTA) and Night Duty Allowance (NDA) w.e.f 01.01.2016 based on 7thCPC pay scale.
18. Revision of wages of Central Government employees in every five years.
19. Revive JCM functioning at all levels. Grant recognition to the unions/Associations under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 within a time frame to facilitate effective JCM functioning.
20. Implementation of the Revised Pay structure in respect of employees and pensioners of autonomous bodies consequent on implementation of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 and Revised Pension Rules in respect of Central Government employees and pensioners.
21. Implementation of the “equal pay for equal work” judgment of the Supreme Court in all departments of the Central Government.

All our Units are requested to ensure participation of leaders and activists in the Dharna and massive participation of general members in the demonstration.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally

M. S. Raja

Secretary General