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15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-20/2017                                                        Dated:  23rd August 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


Everyone who attended the CWC meeting at Allahabad would give a ‘thumps up’ to the comrades of Allahabad who made the delegates and observers feel at home.

From receiving the delegates and observers at various Railway stations (and even at Varanasi airport) to seeing off every one was unprecedented experience. The needs of every delegate and observer were attended to.

The leadership of our Units at Allahabad deserves credit for ensuring the involvement and participation of all the central trade Unions and Federations for the successful conduct of CWC. It was the leaders and cadres of fraternal Trade Unions and even student front that did all the decorative part of arrangement such as festoons, stage, martyrs column, flag pole etc. Never have we seen a Chairman of Reception Committee like Com Harish Chandra Dwivedi who, though out, was taking care of each detail. Hats off to all of them!

In none of our Conferences or CWCs in the past we have seen such a participation of leaders of all Central Trade Unions in the inaugural session and in the conduct of the meeting – the lone exception being the 40th Conference in Thrissur in October-November 1993. The credit, of course, goes to leaders of our movement – the leading role and deep involvement of our comrades in the struggles of the working population of the city alone caused such a hearty reciprocation. All our Units have something to learn from Allahabad.

Right from day before the commencement of CWC, Com Vinod Dubey, President of All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association and Com Mushtaq Ahmed, General Secretary of AO/SAO Association, Allahabad were present helping the activists.

Team of Allahabad – i.e. team of Com Subhash Pandey – consisting of Comrades Manoj Kumar Shrivastava, Promod Kumar Mishra, Prakhar Shrivastava, Pankaj Shrivastava, Ashish Kumar Mishra, Akhilesh Shrivastava, Mayank Dubey, Sumit Verma, Amit Singh, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Rajesh Kumar Shrivastav, Imran, SK Singh, Arunesh Mishra, Naveen Dubey, Ramashray Rai, Tarun Banerjee, Rajkumar Yadav, Rajesh Kumar Shrivastav, Sushil Kumar Mishra, Manoj Kumar Pandey and others deserve all credit and congratulations for the wonderful arrangements and warm hospitality. It will not be wrong to say that the hospitality did defeat the humid weather on those days at Allahabad.

But for the total commitment and warmth shown by the comrades of Allahabad, the CWC would not have been able to cause an in depth analysis of the organisational structure, its strengths and weaknesses and come up with an approach that will take the movement forward.

Felicitation of Com KL Gautam by the host Unit presenting specially made Momento is quite praiseworthy. 

The task is to keep hopes alive and work dedicatedly to achieve the goals set.

Once again, KUDOS to Com Subhash Pandey and his team!

A Corrigendum

Inadvertently, name of Commercial Audit Staff Association, MABII, Kolkata was left out from the list of Units that attended the CWC meeting at Allahabad on 17-18-19 August 2019, though the Unit was mentioned in the list of participants in the discussion (Circular 19). Kindly add Commercial audit Staff Association, MAB II in the list of participants in the CWC. That will take the total number of Units that attended the CWC meeting at Allahabad to 39.

The error is regretted.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally 
M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-19/2017                                                                 Dated: 22nd August 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

                                                          ALLAHABAD CWC –
The CWC meeting held at Allahabad started with the hoisting of the All India Audit & Accounts Association by Com Tapas Bose, President, All India Audit & Accounts Association. In his brief speech he invited the attention of all present to the situation prevalent in the country and the attacks on the working people and the need to build a resistant movement of all toiling masses.

The delegates and observers led by Com Tapas Bose, President, Com Harishchandra Dwivedi, Chairman Reception Committee and other senior leaders including former President Com Gautam Pramanick and former Vice President Com Kripashankar Shrivastava offered floral tributes at the specially erected Martyr’s Colum amidst thundering sloganeering.


Com Harishchandra Dwivedi, Chairman, Reception Committee welcomed the chief guest Shri Kunwar Revti Raman Singh, MP, guest of honour Com RN Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE and other dignitaries. The inaugural session was presided over by Com Tapas Bose, President. Comrade Subhash Pandey, General Convener, Reception Committee introduced all the dignitaries to the house.

The CWC meet was inaugurated by Shri. Kunwar Revti Raman Singh, MP. Shri Kunwar Revti Raman Singh, in his inaugural speech, touched upon the various issues that the country is confronted with and the role of the working class in preserving the rights earned through bitter struggles in the past. He said the trade union of AG office in Allahabad has a high tradition and thus high standing in Allahabad. The leaders of the past and the present have faced many onslaughts and fought it back successfully. He expressed the hope that the Association would continue to lead the TU movement, especially the central government employees movement of Allahabad and UP in the days to come and assured his whole hearted cooperation in the days to come.

Com RN Parashar, Secretary General, NPFE spoke elaborately on the issues that have emanated from the recommendations of the 7 CPC and the betrayal by the group of ministers thereafter. He covered in detail issues that the workers and the common people of the country are faced with.


The inaugural session was, then, converted into felicitation session for Com Subhash Pandey. Momento on behalf of the All India Audit & Accounts Association was presented to Com Subhash Pandey by Shri Kunwar Revti Raman Singh.

Almost all the Units joined the felicitation programme by garlanding and through presenting mementos to Pandey ji. Momento on behalf of Com Jagmohan Thakur, former Finance Secretary of All India Audit & Accounts Association was also presented to Com Pandey ji.

The following leaders graced and addressed the inaugural session cum Felicitation function.

1.      Shri Anugrah Narayan Singh, former MLA, 2. Shri Dharam Raj Patel, former MP, 3. Com. Subrato Banerjee, CITU, 4. Dr Kamal, AICTU, 5. Com. Shyam Surat Pandey, HMS, 6. Com Ram Sagar, AITUC 7. Shri Phool Chand Dubey, INTUC 8. Com Rajvendra Singh, AIUTUC 9. Jawahar Vishwakarma, All India Electricity Workers Union (AITUC), 10. Com. Vinod Kumar Dubey, President, All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association

Many leaders including Com Gautam Pramanick, former President, Coms Kripa Shankar Shrivastav and Jadgish Panchal former Vice Presidents, Com KL Gautam, former Additional Secretary General and Member, National Council, JCM & Com TP Mishra senior  leader  (of yesteryears) of NFPE graced the occasion.

Subject Committee

38 Units attended the CWC meeting. Units from NE region – Assam, Shillong and Nagaland - could not attend the CWC meet because of the last minute cancellation of trains from NE region due to flood. They had to cancel the tickets in the last minute. 11 members of the National Executive Committee also attended the meet. (Others had applied for leave of absence).

The Units that attended the CWC are;
1.      Accounts cat 2, Kerala, 2. Audit Cat 3 Kerala, 3. Accounts Cat 2, Chennai, 4. Audit cat 2, Chennai, 5. Audit Cat 3, Chennai 6. Accounts Cat 2 Bengaluru, 7. Accounts Cat 2, Bengaluru, 8. Accounts Cat 2, Hyderabad 9. Accounts Cat 3, Hyderabad 10. Audit Cat 3 Rajkot 11. Accounts cat 2 Mumbai, 12. Accounts Cat 3 Mumbai 13. Audit Cat 3, DGAC, Mumbai 14. Accounts Cat 2 Nagpur 15. Accounts Cat 3 Nagpur 16. Gwalior Accounts Association, 17. Audit, Cat 2, Rajasthan, Jaipur 18. Audit Cat 3, Rajasthan, Jaipur 19. Civil Audit Assn, Allahabad, 20. AAO Assn, Allahabad, 21. CAA, Delhi 22. Haryana Accounts Association 23. Punjab Accounts Association 24. HP Audit Assn Shimla 25. HP Asst Accounts Officer Assn, Shimla 26. HP Civil Accounts Assn, Shimla 27. P&T Audit Association, Nagpur 28. Odisha Accounts Association 29. Defence Audit Assn Kolkata 30. Accounts Cat 3, Kolkata 31. PAG Audit Cat III Kolkata, 32. DGAC Cat III Kolkata, 33. E Rly Audit Cat 2, Kolkata, 34. E Rly Audit Cat 3 Kolkata 35. P&T Audit Cat 2 Kolkata 36. P&T Audit Cat 3 Kolkata 37. Accounts Brotherhood Dehradun 38. Accounts Cat 2 Dehradun

28 delegates participated in the discussion on the note on agenda items presented by the Secretary General.

The following participated in the discussion -

1.      Com. Shankar Sahoo- Odisha Accounts Association, Bhubaneswar, 2. Com. Harish Julkha -Accounts Category-III Association, Shimla, 3. Com. G. Lakshmi Narshmhan -MCAA Category-III Association, Chennai, 4. Com. Sowmitra Bandapadhyay -Defence Audit Category-III, Kolkata. 5. Com. Rahul Ramtelha -Accounts Category-III Association, Nagpur. 6. Com. Premlata- Accounts Category-II Association, Mumbai. 7. Com. Bapi Das- P&T Audit Office Association, Kolkata. 8. Com. Sohan Lal- Haryana Category-II Association, Haryana. 9. Com. R. Rajendra Singh- Accounts Category-III Association, Hyderabad. 10. Com. K. B. Suresh Kumar- Audit & Accounts Association, Thiruvananthapuram. 11. Com. Vidya Sinha- Accounts Category-II Association, Bangalore. 12. Com. Sakyajyoti Banerjee- W.B.MTS Category-III Association, Kolkata. 13. Com. Bahadur Singh- Civil Accounts Association, Punjab. 14. Com. B. C. Dhyani- Accounts Category-III Association, Dehradun. 15. Com. Sajjan Trivedi- Audit Category-II Association, Jaipur, Rajasthan. 16. Com. A. B. Baurasi- Civil Audit Category-III Association, Rajkot. 17. Com. Suresh Chauhan -H. P. Civil Audit Association, Shimla. 18. Com. Asis Kumar Gayen -Eastern Rly, Metro Raly, RPO Audit Staff Cat.II & III Association, Kolkata. 19. Com. P. Ananthakumar -Accounts Category-III Association, Mumbai. 20. Com. M. R. Madhubalan -Madras Accounts Category-III Association, Chennai. 21. Com. G. K. Pannikar- Accounts Category-II Association, Nagpur. 22. Com. Tapas Kumar Sarkar- Accounts Category-III Association, Kolkata. 23. Com. Gouranga Malakar- Pr. Dir. Of Audit Central Category-III Association, Kolkata. 24. Com. Sunil Khanna-Civil Audit Category-III Association, Jaipur. 25. Com. Amitava Bhattacharyya- MAB-II Category-III Association, Kolkata. 26. Com. Manojkumar Shrivastava-Category-II Association, U.P Allahabad. 27. Com. Promod Kumar Mishra- Civil Audit Category-III Association, U.P. Allahabad. 28. Com. Balbir Suri- H. P. Civil Accounts Association, Shimla.

The discussion was summed up the Secretary General (please refer circular 18). The session concluded after the Presidential address by Com Tapas Bose. Com Anilkumar, Additional Secretary General offered vote of thanks to the host unit and the delegates and observers.

                                PRESENTATATION BY Shri URMILESH

On the second day of the CWC, i.e. on 18th August 2017, Shri Urmilesh, former CEO of Rajya Sabha TV made a very insightful and thought provoking presentation on “Governance and the Media”

Moving from the current scenario to the post Independence days and back, covering the period in between, Shri Urmilesh presented a true picture of the current day India where the media hide facts and news than reveal them. He very convincingly covered various social movements, its suppression from the public eye by the media and its relevance in the current day India.


The leaders of fraternal organisations, leaders and activists of host unit were felicitated after the closure of the Subject Committee meeting. Mementos were presented to each of them by Coms. MS Raja, Secretary General, Tapas Bose, president and KL Gautam, Member, NC/JCM.


The delegates and observers as well as the guests were entertained by musical extravaganza organised by the Reception Committee, in the closing hours of the last day of the CWC meeting i.e., 19th August 2017. It enthralled all, soothing the serious tempo that was prevalent till then.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Circular - 18

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-18/2017                                                                    Dated:  21st August 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

The Central Working Committee meeting of All India Audit & Accounts Association that met at Allahabad on 17-19 August 2019 and decided the following:

1.      To organise trade union classes in every station in local languages, with one or two NE leaders in attendance
2.      To conduct campaign amongst the rank file and also amongst the public at large on the curtailment of audit and negligence of accounts, harming the “Public Accountability”.
3.      To organise a National Convention with fraternal organisations on “Strengthen Audit & Accounts to safeguard People’s Rights” during second half of Budget session, say in February-March 2018.
4.      To demand cadre restructuring in IA&AD
5.      To Demand 5 time promotion to all from the entry cadre
6.      To organise the sustained agitations in the field offices culminating with a Dharna programme before CAG To office
7.      To participate in the 3 day Dharna called by Central Trade Unions and endorsed by Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers on 9-10-11 November 2017, in pursuance of the 12 point charter of demands.
8.      To participate in the indefinite strike called by Central Trade Unions as and when the date is decided, in pursuance of 12 point charter of demands.
9.      To take a active as well as leading role in the implementation of decisions and calls of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and NJCA on 7 CPC and related issues.
10.  To spear head the struggle against inclusion of Govt employees in NPS under the banner of Confederation along with All India State Govt Employee Federation (AISGEF) (and NJCA).
11.  To conduct intensive campaign in pursuance of the above decisions.
12.  To form Audit COC with All India Audit & Accounts officers Association in every office/Station.

The CWC meeting, further, adopted resolutions on the following subjects:

1.      Delay in Recognition of Civil Audit Association, Allahabad
2.      Denial of functional facilities and harassment of Association office-bearers of commercial Audit Association, Category III, O/o PDCA & MAB-1 Mumbai
3.      Denial of functional facilities to Associations in Bhubaneswar offices
4.      On support by CAG Admn. in the democratic functioning of Employees co-operative society and denial of facilities intervention by the Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu
5.      Rationalisation of Staff Strength in Audit  
6.      Implications of Integrated Finance Management Scheme (IFMS) in IA&AD
7.      Placement of AAOs in Pay Matrix Level 9 on completion of 4 years service
8.      Expeditious notification of RR for SA and Auditor/Acctt opening up promotional avenue for DEOs.
9.      Grant of 5 time promotion from the entry cadre to all.
10.  On remittance of Special Fund to HQr
11.  Delay in grant of MACP benefit to erstwhile RK (GR D) granting GP 4200 on completion of 30 years
12.  Promotional avenues to Non HSC-MTS
13.  Participation in calls given by Confederation, NJCA and Central Trade Unions
14.  Filling up of vacancies in Departmental Canteens and notification of RR for canteen
15.  Reduction of intervals between two CPD exam to 3 years
16.  Counting of adhoc AAO service for Incentive and CPD exams
17.  Review of all rejected applications for compassionate ground appointment
18.  UN audit exam
19.  MTS recruitment
20.  Denial of promotion to eligible MTS
21.  On recruitment of local people
22.  Stoppage of direct recruitment of AAOs

With greetings,
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja

Secretary General