Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Circular 22-2011

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 22-2011 posted below
M. S, Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-22/2011                                                  Dated: 21st September 2011



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee



Dear Comrades,


The National Executive Committee of the Association met at New Delhi on 17-18 Sept 2011.


In the absence of President, who was indisposed, Com Subhash Chandra Pandey, Vice President presided over the meeting.


The decisions taken are given below:


  1. To review the implementation of decisions taken in the meeting of National Executive Committee held at Shimla on 13-14 June 2011 viz.

i)                    Conducting Trade Union classes

ii)                  Financial position of Head Quarters

iii)                Observance of "Restore Harmonious Relation Day"

Discussions revealed that 'restore harmonious relation Day' has been observed in majority of units, while 'sanction adequate man power day' on 6th Sept 2011 was observed by some units on a different dates. Stations like Mumbai and Nagpur is yet to observe the 6th Sept 2011 programme.


The NE after detailed discussion decided that the TU class should be started without delay, if necessary by making some modifications in the curriculum decided at
Shimla. As holding of conclave at Chennai before the launch of TU classes has not materialised, it was decided to proceed further with TU classes. The NE meeting drew a plan and timetable for the TU classes. The same will be circulated separately after consulting senior comrades on their convenient dates. 


Financial position of HQr is not upto the desirable level, the NE concluded.
The meeting directed the Secretary General to write to units which are yet to revise the rate of subscription as decided by 45th Conference.

To tide over the immediate crisis, the meeting decided to give a call for special fund of Rs 100/- per member from the DA arrears (and bonus). The same may be remitted to HQrs by 15th November 2011.


  1.  To decide  on holding of National Convention on

i)                    Strengthening of Audit & Accounts

ii)                  Trade Union Rights

The NE meeting decided to hold the convention jointly with All India Audit & Accounts Officers' Association on a mutually acceptable date.

The joint NE meeting of both the Associations on 18th Sept 2011 decided to hold the convention on 15th March 2011 at New Delhi. Core Committee with Presidents and Secretaries General of both the Association and one more member from each Association has been formed to finalise the work papers, draft declaration etc. before 31st December 2011.


  1. To discuss implementation of decisions of Confederation on

i)                    Independent struggles on 14 point charter of demands

ii)                  Joint campaign and proposed strike on PFRDA Bill


The NE meeting ratified the decisions communicated by the Secretary General on the decisions taken by the Secretariat of Confederation.

The meeting called upon every unit to take up the challenge of PFRDA bill and make the signature campaign and the March to Parliament on 25th November 2011 a massive success. The NE members from Nagpur and Allahabad were advised by the NE meeting to ensure proper co-ordination with local COC. Detailed circular will be issued separately.


The following Comrades were present in the meeting

           1. Subhash Chandra Pandey, Vice President 2.  V. Sreekumar, Additional Secretary General, 4. Jagdish Panchal, Additional Secretary General, 5. Jagmohan Thakur, Finance Secretary, 6.  K. C Mathai, Assistant Secretary General, 7. V. K. Bhambhi, Assistant Secretary General, 8. Tapas Bose, Assist Secretary General, 9. Partha Guha, Assistant Secretary General, 10. Veer Singh, Assistant Secretary General, 11. R. Venkataraman, Assistant Secretary General, 12. V. D. Khaparde, Spl Invitee, 13. Harishankar Tiwari, Spl Invitee, 14. Hari Singh Meena, Spl Invitee, 15. Anindya Mitra, Spl Invitee, 16. N. K. Mohanty, Spl Invitee, 17. Ninakumari Kujur, Spl Invitee, 18. O. S. Sudhakaran, Spl Invitee


            With regards

Yours fraternally





Secretary General


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Circular 21

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 21-2011 posted below
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/ 0 – 98681 45667

E-mail: auditflag@gmail.com

Website: www.auditflag.blogspot.com


Reference: AIA/Circular-21/2011                                                    Dated: 31st August 2011



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee



Dear Comrades,








As communicated in earlier circulars, the attack on the pension entitlements of the central government. It is learnt that the government has steamrolled the Standing Committee on Finance and got the PFRDA bill cleared with only one dissenting note – that of Com Moinul Hasan of CPM.


Every employee and pensioner and their family members are to be alerted of the dangers if it finally approved by the Parliament. They also have to be told that the fight does not end with the approval of the bill by the parliament, it will continue till the statutory pension scheme is brought back. The fight and victory of civil servants and workers of Argentina who got  restored the statutory pension after protracted struggle is a shining example.


All out effort is a must by the unit leadership to mobilise the membership against the PFRDA bill. Every member is to be made into an activist and they be made to collect the signature from their immediate and extended family, in the area of their residence and also from the public places.



Audit & Accounts Employees have always been in the forefront of uniting the central government employees and other sections of middle class workers. it is quite natural of the employees at large o expect the audit movement to take lead in the fight against the PFRDA bill.


Let us not fail in our historic responsibility. If the joint committee with other participating organisations in the steering committee on PFRDA bill has not been formed in your station, you take immediate steps and form the committee and mobilise the employees for the Raj Bhawan March on 6th February 2011. Confederation Circular and minutes of the meeting of Steering Committee on 29th August 2011 are attached for details.


Hold the convention under the banner of joint committee – intimate HQr on the date, Confederation would depute one Secretariat member to the Convention.


Draft petition for signature campaign is given along with the minutes of the meeting of steering committee of 29th August. It may be got translated into the regional language and printed for collecting signatures. The Signature campaign has to be completed by 31st October 2011. The joint committee may decide the contour of campaign.



The Confederation has allotted a quota of 1000 for our Association. The NE meeting on 17-18 Sept 2011 would finalise the station wise quota.


        "Sanction adequate Manpower to discharge Constitutional Obligation Day"


All Units may without fail implement the programme on 6th Sept 2011 by holding lunch hour meetings and adopting the resolution given vide Circular 19. Efforts should be made to observe the day jointly with units of All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association.


A detailed report on the implementation of the programme may please be sent to HQrs on the same evening.



Agenda for the bilateral meeting with DAI has already been submitted. The same is published in the Auditlekha Samanvay.


            With regards

Yours fraternally




Secretary General






Website: www.confederationhq.blogspot.com, email: confederation06@yahoo.co.in

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Confdn/17/2011                                                                                                                              31st August 2011



Dear Comrades


Kindly see the minutes of the meeting of Steering Committee on PFRDA Bill held on 29th Augst 2011, posted in the website.


The Secretariat appeals to every state Committee to take initiative for the successful implementation of the decisions of the steering committee meeting on 29th August 2011 i.e.


1.       Formation of joint committee in every station with the units of the participating organisations in the Steering Committee viz. AISGEF, Confederation of Central Govt employees and Workers, AIRF, STFI, AIDEF, NFIR, BSNLEU, AIFUCTO, BCPC & NCCPA.

2.       Prepare and mobilise for the Raj Bhawan march on 6th Sept 2011 – under the banner of the joint committee

3.       Conducting Conventions where ever not held. The date of the Convention may be intimated to Confederation HQr so that one Secretariat member could be deputed to attend the convention.

4.       Start signature campaign – by involving all the membership and through them the people at large.

Every member may be asked to collect signatures from his/her family members and from the people at large in their locality.

The signature campaign in public places like railway stations, hospitals etc may be done under the banner of joint committee of the station.

5.       Prepare and mobilise for the March to Parliament on 29th November 2011. The quota for each affiliate is given elsewhere in this circular. The Confederation State Committees has to ensure that the quota given to them be met.

6.       Educate the membership on the perils of the PFRDA Bill and prepare them for a two-hour demonstration on the day the bill is taken up for consideration by the Parliament.


Every State Committee may send a detailed report on the steps taken by them on the above decisions.




Each of the affiliate of Confederation may mobilise as per the quota given below.

 NFPE – 7500, ITEF- 1000, Audit-1000, NFAEEA-500, Civil Accounts-250, Ground Water Board-150, Central Secretariat-100, All other affiliates- 50 each.


The State Committees of Confederation may take necessary steps to co-ordinate at the field level so as to ensure that each affiliate do send personnel as per the quota.


Delhi and nearly by states of Delhi viz Rajasthan, MP, UP, Haryana and Punjab (Chandigarh included) will be given the quotas separately.


With greetings

Yours fraternally




(KKN Kutty)

Secretary General


Minutes of the meeting of the Steering Committee of Government Employees Organisations on PFRDA Bill held at AIRF Dead Quarters (4, State Entry Road, New Delhi)

                The Steering Committee of Government Employees Organisations on PFRDA bill met today ie 29th August 2011 at 14 hours I n the AIRF Head Quarters (4, State Entry Road, New Delhi).

The following were present

1.       Com  Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, All India Railwaymen Federation (AIRF)

2.       "         SK Vyas, President, Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers

 & Convener, NCCPA

3.       "         SN Pathak, President, All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF)

4.       "         C. Sreekumar, General Secretary, AIDEF

5.       "         Sukomal Sen, Sr Vice President, All India State Govt Employees Federation (AISGEF)

6.       "         R. Muthusundaram, Secretary General, AISGEF

7.       "         M. S. Raja, Secretary, Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers

8.       "         Shyam Sundar, Secretary General, Bharat Central Pensioners Confederation

9.       "         K. Rajendran, General Secretary, School Teachers Federation of India (STFI)

10.   "         Kartik Mandal, President, STFI

11.   "         N. Narayana, Vice President, STFI

After a detailed review of developments following the National Convention, the Steering Committee took the following decisions:

1.       There should be a joint committee in all stations consisting of the field formations of the participating organisations in the Steering Committee.

2.       It was decided to obtain mass signature on the petition to the PM. This mass signature campaign has not picked up. It was therefore decided that all organisations should be asked to get this petition printed in each station so that it could be distributed amongst all the members of all Federations/Confederation. They have to be requested not only to put their own signature but also to obtain the signature from their family members, neighbours etc. (Copy of the draft petition for signature campaign attached)


Local joint committees of the participating organisations should ensure visits to Railway Stations, Hospitals and other public locations to obtain signature from people at large.

The entire campaign conducted jointly by all local leaders may continue upto 31st October 2011.

3.       It has been decided that March to Raj Bhawan in the each state capital should organised jointly by the affiliates of participating organisations - ie AISGEF, Confederation of Central Govt employees and Workers, AIRF, STFI, AIDEF, NFIR, BSNLEU, AIFUCTO,BCPC & NCCPA – ON 6TH  September 2011 to submit copy of petition to Prime Minister to the Governor  for onward transmission to Prime Minister.

After implementing this programme a detailed report may be sent to the Head Quarter of Steering Committee as also to the respective Head Quarter of their Federation/confederation.

4.       As per another decision taken in the Convention on 22nd July 2011, joint convention was to be held in every state capital. As per reports, such conventions have been held only at some state capitals. Wherever such joint convention has not been held steps may taken by forging a joint committee to convene the conventions at the earliest – latest by 30th September 2011.

Formation of joint committee may be intimated and date of the convention to be held may be intimated to Steering Committee Head Quarter as well as Federation head quarter. This will enable Steering Committee/Federation/Confederation to depute their representative to parliament in the Convention. A detailed report on the Convention held or to be held giving the names of organisations with number of participants may be sent to the Steering Committee Head Quarter as well as to the respective Federation/Confederation Head quarters.

5.       The Steering Committee has decided that the March to Parliament to submit the petition to Prime Minister shall be held on 29th November 2011.

Joint Committees constituted in each station may kindly intimate number of the persons who will be joining the March latest by 15th November 2011.

6.       The Steering Committee has also decided that the date on which the PFRDA bill is taken up for consideration all government employees should organise 2-hour long demonstrations in their office premises.

All participating organisations are requested to convey these decisions to their units, copy of the circular issued by the participating organisations may be forwarded to Head Quarter of Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee will meet again at 11.30 hours on 15th October 2011 in the AIRF Head Quarter at 4, State Entry Road, New Delhi.

We shall defeat PFRDA Bill!

We shall fight till we succeed!

Enquilab Zindabad!

Yours fraternally

29 Aug 2011

New Delhi                                                                                                                              


(SK Vyas)





Dr Manmohan Singh,

Hon'ble Prime Minister,

New Delhi



We submit this petition to bring to your kind notice certain aspects of the re-introduced PFRDA Bill which will have an extremely adverse impact on the pension and retirement benefits of the Government employees. We may also state in this connection that the contributory pension scheme will be a drain on the exchequer.

The guiding principle adopted in determining the pay package of civil servants is to spread out the wage compensation over a long period of time because of which the wages during the work tenure is low to enable pension payment on retirement. This makes the pension a "deferred wage", which the Supreme Court has upheld as such in their landmark judgment in the case of D.S. Nakara Vs. Union of India. As the bill does not provide implicit or explicit assurance of a minimum pension except marked based guarantee, the civil servant even after contributing huge sums to pension fund may end up with no annuity if the invested company become bankrupt or the equity market crashes. Moreover the annuity which would be the pension under the new scheme being not cost indexed will make it difficult for the pensions to make the both ends meet.

The Committee set up by the 6th CPC has concluded that the new contributory pension scheme will increase the outflow from the exchequer from Rs. 14,284 Crores to Rs. 57088 Crores by 2038. The Committee has also observed that the pension liability of the Government which was 0.5% of the GDP in 2004-05 under the defined benefit scheme is likely to decline if the same is not replaced by the contributory pension scheme as envisaged in the PFRDA bill. The Committee has ultimately recommended that the existing "Pay as you go" pension which is presently in vogue will be ideal and may be continued.

Since the new scheme is neither in the interest of the country as it increases the outflow on account of pension liability nor to the Civil Servants for it does not guarantee a minimum pension, we appeal to you kindly cause withdrawal of the PFRDA Bill from the Parliament immediately.

                Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,