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CIRCULAR - 22/2014

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Camp: Nagpur

Reference: AIA/Circular-22/2014                                                          Dated: 15th September 2014

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


As you are aware, the Supreme Court has rejected the SLP filed by the Department against the decision of the HC of Madras, Chennai upholding the order of CAT, Chennai - granting GP of 5400 to AAOs where a junior has been granted GP of 5400 on account of MACP and also when the subordinate is granted GP of 5400.

We have written to CAG and demanded that it should be implemented for all similarly placed AAOs in our Department. Copy has already been placed in our blog and it is enclosed for ready reference.

All our units are requested to hold lunch hour meetings and endorse the aforementioned, enclosed letter and submit to CAG through proper Channel. The programme may be done immediately on receipt of this Circular – and by all Units, both Category II and III Units. The draft resolution endorsing the demand raised in the letter granting the GP of 5400 to all AAOs is given elsewhere in this Circular.

HQr is pursuing it with CAG administration and we shall decide about future course of action in this regard in a fortnight’s time.


HQr is informed by our Accounts Category II Association, Guwahati that they have also won a similar case at CAT, Guwahati. Copy of the judgement is expected soon.


As per the programme given vide Circular 20, Secretary General visited Imphal, Shillong, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar and is presently at Nagpur.


The Pr Accountant General (A&E) Odisha, Bhubaneswar does not permit holding of even lunch hour meetings in the office premises. (In Audit side, where the Associations are ‘without us’, even the Association rooms are taken over by the administration, breaking the locks!). Even during the visit of the Secretary General, permission for general body meeting during lunch hour was denied. (Regular PAG was on leave and additional charge PAG did not change the earlier decisions).

Immediately on receipt of this Circular, all the units are requested to hold lunch hour meeting and adopt the enclosed resolution and forward it to CAG through proper channel (and send advance copy to CAG) with copy to HQr.


19th September is a historic day for Central Government employees – it is on this date the Central Govt employees went for a historic strike in 1968 when the Government headed by Indira Gandhi refused to refer the issue grant of DA to central government employees to arbitration (leading to the appointment of 3rd CPC).

On this 19th September, the Confederation has called upon all the central government employees to observe one day dharna at a centralised place demanding merger of DA, grant of Interim Relief, implementation of 7 CPC recommendations from 1.1.2014, compassionate ground appointments, statutory pension for all etc.

All our units are requested to participate in the Dharna under the banner of local COC ensuring massive participation of employees. Wide publicity should be given to the programme amongst the members.


As stated in Circular 20, the campaign on common demands of central government employees and our demand for better pay scales for audit and accounts cadres (including creation of SA Grade II) and promotional avenues for all cadres and cadre restructuring in IA&AD should be placed before the membership and they be educated on the demands.


Natural calamities are becoming a recurring feature, it was Uttarakhand last time, but his year it is J&K. Flash floods due to torrential rains have caused untold miseries to people of J&K, especially in Kashmir valley.

It is beyond the scope of any Government – central as well as state – to reach succor to the hapless and helpless population. Every one of us have to join together contributing our mite to give relief to the people affected by natural calamities.

HQr appeals to every personnel in IA&AD to donate one day’s salary to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund or J&K Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally

Secretary General


  1. Resolution endorsing our letter on grant of GP 5400 to AAOs


This meeting of ………………………………………………………………………….Association held on …………….. unanimously endorses the demand raised the All India Audit & Accounts Association in its letter AIA/B-1/44/2014  dated 20th August 2014 addressed to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

This meeting urges upon the CAG of India to implement the judgement in its totality, making it applicable to all the Assistant Audit/Accounts Officers of IA&AD, treating the judgement as ‘judgement in Rem’.

This meeting further authorises the National Executive Committee as well as the Secretary General of All India Audit & Accounts Association to take appropriate steps so as to get the judgement implemented in favour of all similarly placed personnel.

This meeting resolves to forward a copy of this resolution to CAG of India through proper channel.

Further resolves to forward a copy of this resolution to Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Association, 15/1089-90, Vasundhara, Dt. Ghaziabad, UP -201012.


  1. Resolution on denial of functional facilities to recognised Associations by PAG (A&E), Bhubaneswar


This meeting of the ………………………………………….Association held on …………… records protest on the blatant denial of  functional facilities to the recognised Associations such as holding of general body meetings in the office premises during lunch hour, meetings to discuss staff problems, persecution and vicitmisation of Association leaders and activists by the PAG (A&E), Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

This meeting registers its righteous indignation over the denial of permission to hold lunch hour general body meeting by the PAG (A&E), Odisha, Bhubaneswar, during the recent visit of Secretary General of All India Audit & Accounts Association.

This meeting urges upon the CAG of India to intervene and ensure full functional facilities to the Associations in the O/o PAG (A&E), Odisha, Bhubaneswar directing the PAG (A&E) to abide by the extant orders of Govt of India on facilities to the recognised Associations.

Resolves to forward a copy of this Resolution to the CAG of India.

Further resolves to forward a copy of this resolution to Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Association, 15/1089-90, Vasundhara, Dt. Ghaziabad, UP -201012.



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CIRCULAR - 19/2014

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-19/2014                                                          Dated: 17th August 2014

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

20TH AUGUST 2014 –

The CWC meeting held on 18-19 July 2014 called upon every unit to submit the cadre restructuring proposals submitted by the All India Audit & Accounts Association, through proper channel, to CAG – by holding lunch hour general body meeting on 20th August 2014. Copy of the letter submitted to CAG through proper channel may be forwarded to HQr.   

The salient features of the cadre restructuring proposals submitted by us are:

1.         After restructuring, there shall be only the following cadres Viz.  

MTS, Audit Assistant, Auditor, Sr Auditor Gr I, Sr Auditor Gr II, AAO Gr I, AAO Gr II, AO & SAO

2.         Abolish the cadre of LDC and upgrade all holders of the post as DEO as one time measure; rename DEO as Audit Assistant.

3.       Restructuring of all cadres by giving all cadres scope for higher pay scale,  ensuring parity in scales with CSS cadres at SA level, maintaining vertical relativity viz.

              a) Auditor/Accountant – PB2, GP 4200
                  SA, Grade I               - PB2, GP 4600
                  SA, Grade II              - PB2, GP 4800
                  AAO Gr I                   - PB2, 5400
                  AAO Gr II                  - PB3, 5400 on completion of 4 years
                  AO                           - PB3, 6600
                  SAO                          - PB3, 7600

            4.         Unified structure at field offices, as in the HQr office.

Copy of the note we submitted to CAG vide our letter No. AIA/B-1/40/2014                                                                                18th June 2014 is given along with this circular. 

Tour programme by All India leaders to various stations is being finalised. All the Units will be intimated of the tour programme in few days. All the units may ensure that programmes are implemented in the right spirit, without fail.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally

Secretary General

Note submitted to CAG on Restructuring of IA&AD and Audit/Accounts cadres vide our letter No. AIA/B-1/40/2014 dated 18th June 2014


30 years have gone since the restructuring of cadres – upto Gr B – was done in IA&AD. The cadre structure as well as the pay structure that was implemented with effect from 1.3.1984 in Audit and 1.4.1987 in A&E wings is still continuing.

Though the restructuring was effected only in two cadres viz. Auditors and Section officers all other cadres  per force had to exercise option to be in the parent office (ie A&E Office) or in the newly created office – as far as the offices of Accountants General were concerned. In the separate audit offices it was a straight jacket affair.

80% of the posts in the cadre of Auditor (330-560) was functionally upgraded and granted the pay scale of 425-800, at par with Assistants in CSS and was designated as Senior Auditor. The cadre Section Officer (500-900) was similarly restructured into Section officer (20%) and Assistant Audit Officer (80%) with pay of 650-1040 (Gazetted). The higher, functional scales were available only in the newly created offices of Accountants General (Audit) and all separate audit offices. The pay scale in the offices of Accountants General (A&E) continued at 330-560 for (newly designated) Accountants with 20% post in Selection Grade of Rs. 425-700 and 500-900 for Section Officers.

The Fourth CPC recommended the same pay scale for Senior Auditors and Assistants in CSS ie 1400-2600 on the basis of merits. It further recommended restoration of the ‘broad parity that existed between audit and accounts’. Govt of India accepted this recommendation wide OM dated 12th June 1987 extended the same pay scale for Accounts staff (of IA&AD and organised Accounts) with effect from ie 1400-2600 for Senior Accountants (80%) and 1640-2900 for Assistant Accounts Officers.

The main thrust of the restructuring of cadres of 1984 was that it gave a much sought after upgradation of pay scale as well as a movement to the cadres which otherwise were stagnating at the entry stage itself.

Even today, the same pattern is continued in IA&AD. Though the pay scale of Assistants is continuously being raised each time after the audit and accounts staff attains parity is a pernicious act that demoralises the entirety of IA&AD personnel.   The auditor/accountant onwards expect that the cadre restructuring would address one of basic issues i.e. parity with Assistants in CSS (maintaining vertical relativity) along with opening up chances for further career advancements. 

It has to be pointed out that Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations have not been fully implemented. If implemented Auditors & Accountants (Pre-revised Pay Scale 4500-7000) should have been in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200 & Senior Auditors/Sr. Accountant in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs 4600 as because the Government had granted PB2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4600 to Assistants of Central Secretariat – parity with which had been recommended by the VI Central Pay Commission. The post of AAO should have been merged with the post of AO in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.5400/-. Taking into account the assignment of PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs.5400 to the Divisional Accounts Officer, the AO should have been placed in PB-3 Grade Pay 5400.

Our Proposals

I.    The field formations of IA&AD should also have the same structure as available at HQr office – with senior most PAG/DGA being in charge of administration – other PAG/DGA/AG/PDA being heads of functional wings. Also, future recruitments and promotions to AAO and AO will have to be in a single/common cadre. This will allow man power flexibility and equal promotional avenues to personnel of all cadres. This will also take care of the sense of being deprived of any promotional avenues that are prevailing in wings like A&E etc. and ensure that there will be no wastage of man power in one wing while there is acute shortage in other wing(s). 

II.         The VI Central Pay Commission has conceded parity in Pay Scales between Secretariat & Other Offices only upto the level of Assistants. The reasons for not conceding parity at higher level are quite arbitrary & untested. The time has come when there should be parity in Pay Scales in all Government administrative Offices whether Secretariat proper or otherwise, called offices outside Secretariat.

III.       Those recruited as Auditor/Accountant are bereft of promotional avenues, unless they qualify in the SAS examinations. The personnel in A&E offices are having no avenues for upward movement except that of Sr Accountant as SAS examination is stopped in almost all offices except for SC/ST personnel.   It is therefore necessary that the cadre of Auditor/Accountant is restructured further so as to give promotional avenues to them.

        The following cadre/pay structure for personnel of IA&AD is proposed:

1. MTS                        -PB1, GP 1800 – (100% promotional avenue as DEO i.e.  Audit   Assistant)

                        2. DEO (Audit Asstt) -PB1, GP2400 – (Promotion as Auditor/ Accountant     i.e.  Auditor)

3. Auditor/Accountant -PB2, GP 4200 (75 % Direct Recruitment
                            i.e. Auditor (20 %)     rest on promotion from Audit Assistant

4. SA (ie Sr Ar/Acctt)    -PB2, GP 4600-100% promotion from Auditor
                                  (80%)                   (i.e. Auditor/Accountant)

5. SA, Grade II               -PB2, GP 4800 on completion of 4 years in SA Gr I
6. AAO, Grade I            -PB2 GP 5400 (DR-20%, SAS-60%, Promotion-20%)

7. AAO, Grade II          -PB3, GP 5400 on completion of 4 years in AAO Gr I

8. AO  (20%)               -PB3, GP 6600

9. SAO (80%)              -PB3, GP 7600

III. This Association vide its letter AIA/B1/50/2012 date 8th August 2012 had conveyed the following:

i) There should not be any direct recruitment at SA level.

As of now IA&AD is having direct recruitment of graduates to the level of 75 % in Audit and graduate intake to the tune of 67 % in A&E wings. What is required is streamlining it in the restructured, composite office with 75% in the cadre of Auditor (/Accountant) being Direct Recruit Graduates.  

ii) There should be no formation of separate non IA&AS cadre in Gr A and the directly recruited SAS hands may not be treated as a separate all India cadre. Instead, the percentage of induction into IA&AS (from SAO) should be increased to 50%. We should not introduce a system where there will be more divisions and more frustrations amongst the personnel in IA&AD.

In the agenda meeting with DAI on 02.04.2013, it was assured that no final view had been taken over these proposals and it would be further discussed with the recognised Federations. No such discussion was held and every time we were assured that without consultation with Staff Side no forward movement of these proposals is planned.

The proposals to have direct recruitment in SA cadre would lead to undoing of the restructuring of cadres in IA&AD in 1984 while nothing is offered in return.

The administration has, still, gone ahead with the proposals, ignoring the views of the stake holders, which are detrimental to interests of the Audit & Accounts cadres.

The CAG of India is requested that these cadre restructuring proposals may kindly be positively implemented so that the personnel of IA&AD get befitting pay scales from the 7 CPC.