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Monday, October 23, 2023

Circular 8/2023



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       Reference: AIA/ Circular/08/2023                                                           Dated: 19/0/2023


The Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women Committees.  Comrades,


The Centenary Celebration of the All India Audit and Accounts Association held at Raja Ram Mohan Roy Memorial Hall, New Delhi, Near ITO Metro, on 22nd September, 2023. A good number of existing field Associations and veteran leaders attended the said Centenary Celebration programme. The programme has started at 10.00 am by flag hoisting. The Secretary General announced the name of Com. K. Ramesh, the President, for hoisting the Association’s flag. The historical flag of the Association hoisted with thunderous slogan by our Comrades including the Veteran Comrades. After offering flower to the martyrs, all comrades entered into the hall.

In the Hall, one copy of brief history prepared by Com. Radhakrishna and one copy of list of All India Conference of our historical Association from 1922 to 1923 distributed to all comrades. The Secretary General formed the Presidium with Com. K. Ramesh, Com. Anil Kumar and Com. Rupak Mukhopadhyay. The entire programme conducted by our one of the Veteran Leader, Com. K. L. Gautam. Before starting the programme lighting of Panchdeep done by our 3 nos of former President, Com. Duraipandian, Com. Subhas Chandra Pandey and Com. V. Sreekumar, existing President, Com. K. Ramesh and one seniormost Veteran Leader, Com. S. Radhakrishna. The opening song performed by Com. Satya Pal, Asstt. S.G, All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association. After that, Com. K. Ramesh, President, delivered his small speech about the history of the Association.

            A memento with the symbol of the All India Audit and Accounts Association was released by Com. K. Ramesh, President and the first memento was received by Com. S. Radhakrishna.            

Com. S. Yadav, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, New Delhi and Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, AIRF and Secretary, Staff Side, National Council, JCM, Staff Side attended the meeting as Guest speakers. Both of them thanked the Association for inviting into the grand Centenary Celebration Programme and greeted the house and shared past history and struggles of the Association. Com. Mishra invited our Association for their Centenary Celebration programme scheduled to be held on 24th April, 2024 at New Delhi.

 In what circumstances, our veteran and militant leader organized the fight and struggled during British period as well as after independence of our country was described and traced by Com. S. Radhakrishna, Com. M. Duraipandian, Com. Subhas Chandra Pandey, Com. K. L. Gautam, Com. V. Sreekumar, Com. S. Mohan, Com. G. Gohain, Com. K. C. Mathai, Com. Jagdish Panchal, Com. Khounish Chandra Mitra, Com. Hemant Srivastava, Com. A. K. Sharma. All the speakers informed about the sacrifices and the struggles done by Com. E. X. Joseph, who was dismissed from the service at the age of 26 years.

On behalf of the fraternal organization, Com. Jagmohan Thakur, Secretary General of All India Audit and Accounts Pensioners Association and veteran leader of the Association, Com. Sudhakaran, Secretary General, All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association and former Assistant Secretary General of the Association, Com. Janak Raj Pokhriyal, Secretary General, All India Sr. AO”s Commercial Audit Association greeted the house.

Due to shortage of time, on behalf of the existing field level Association, Com. Upendra Yadav, Com. Balmukund, Com. Dalip Singh, Com. N. Dass, Com. Maninder Singh, Com. Natarajan expressed that the Association will continue to the level best to complete the incomplete work of our veteran leaders and will struggle for the members of the Association.

All the speakers expressed special thanks to Delhi Unit for tireless support to the All India Audit and Accounts Association for organizing the gala programme.

Com. Tapas Bose, Secretary General, thanked all the speakers for expressing the past history of the Association. He informed that after the first World War, in what circumstances our veteran leaders had taken the decision to form the All India Association through its first conference at Calcutta in the year 1922. He expressed special thank to Delhi unit for every assistance of smooth running of the grand historical programme. The Secretary General assured that the old traditions will be carried forward by the existing Association. He expressed that it would be better if all the field units hold similar type of programme in every states.  

             Vote of thanks given by Com. Mayank Gilani of Delhi Unit.

On behalf of the Presidium, Com. K. Ramesh requested all the units to hold a similar type of programme in all the units so that the present generation knows about the sacrifices and the history of the All India Audit and Accounts Association and declared the end of the historic programme.

With greetings, 

Yours fraternally, 

Tapas Bose

Secretary General