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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Circular 6/2023



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       Reference: AIA/ Circular/06/2023                                                           Dated: 28/09/2023


The Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women Committees.


Week long programme with the Officer’s Federation to be observed
 From 3rd October to 6th October, 2023

    The employees of the IA&AD are passing through a very critical situation. The departmental works are getting outsourced day by day. The JCM functioning is completely paralyzed. In spite of repeated reminder, the Office Council Meeting at field level as well as Departmental Council Meeting at Department Level is not taking place. The employees noticed that the number of posts in the higher level has gone up in the recent years while the staff strength at lower level, in contrary, has been drastically reduced. We know the IA&AD, being a watch dog of Public Money, is a department to be strengthened with adequate manpower for discharging its duties and responsibilities cast upon by the Constitution of India. Now a days, it is explicit that the strength of the field level officers and officials from MTS to SAO who do the original work has been reduced to the barest minimum than the actual requirement leading to many compromises like quality of audit, coverage of minimum number of audit entities in audit, physical and mental suffering of the existing employees etc. “More officers at management level to oversee a few”- this seems to be the mantra of the IA&AD this day.

    The quantum of audit is decreasing day by day. There is no provision for arrear audit in the Audit Plan on the floor to the State and Central Legislature. Instead of increasing the scope of coverage of audit, the IA&AD is engaged in the systematic dismantling of the department by reducing audit coverage and audit scope. So many hasty closures in RAP unit in different commercial wing in recent past. Again, the closure of RAPs under MAB Chennai, without analyzing the concept of functioning of RAPs.

    The All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association on its last All India Conference at Rajasthan in this year also taken serious view that the legitimate promotion from AAO to SAO are pending for the last 4 years in so many field offices. Vacancies are there but the Hd. Qrs Office is failed to clear the promotion. As a result, the members of the both Associations are frustrated. Till date the S.R. has not been framed by the Department. The panel for the year 2020 in case of the Commercial Wing and some of the Railways Audit unit are not cleared.
In this situation, it has been decided by the National Executives of the Association that joint programme of this Association alongwith the Officer’s Association are mandatory.

    Considering the demand, the All India Audit and Accounts Association and the All India Audit and Accounts Officers Association decided to observe “Weeklong Demands Day” wearing of black badge alongwith demands badges from 3rd October to 6th October, 2023 culminating with a lunch hour demonstration/meeting on the concluding day, i.e., on 6th October, 2023.

We Demand:

1) Filling up of all vacant posts on a war footing basis.

2) Issuance of promotion order in all cadres like MTS to Auditor/Acctt. Auditor/Acctt to SA and ors within due date.

3) Resolving all the resultant issues on unilateral implementation of restructuring of cadres, so many units have been affected.

4) Withdraw the closure of RAPs across the country including recent closure of RAPs under DGCA, Chennai.

5) Urgent action for holding of DPC on time and issuance of orders promoting AAOs as SAOs forthwith.

6) Immediate implementation of cadre restructuring for SAOs.

7) Extension of all benefits available to Group-A service to the SAOs as well since they are now Group-A Officers.

8) Initiation of immediate action to convene DCM to have meaningful discussion on issues faced by the cadres.

    All Unit leaderships are requested to sit with the Category-II and Category-I leaderships and formulate the implementation of the programme. It is advisable to the unit Leaders to go to every member on 3rd October, 2023 and hand over the black badge and demands badge.

    All the Units are requested to implement the Weeklong Programme in a very successful manner and report to the All India Association.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
Tapas Bose
Secretary General