Monday, August 19, 2019

Circular 10-2019

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-10/2019                                                                        Dated:  31st July 2019

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

            The NE meeting had decided to 1. Conduct inland letter campaign against inordinate delay on cadre restructuring, 2. Unit visit by leaders and 3. dharna before CAG office.

            The Unit visits by the leaders are almost over. We may now start the letter campaign to CAG.

            Format for the letter is given along with this Circular. The campaign may be concluded by 16th August 2019. Doubt has been raised by some comrades whether an employee can write directly to CAG. We should do it in such a manner without giving any trouble to any of our members.

How to do it

1.      The letter is of one page, so it may not be possible to take the printout in an inland letter. So, take print outs of the format in plane paper.
2.      Get it signed by every member with name
3.      Unit leadership should complete this work in one week’s time
4.      After collecting the letter from all members, the Unit should send the same in one set to Secretary General so as to reach him by 20th August 2019.

            HQr, after ensuring that letters are received from all the Units, would submit it to CAG with a covering letter on 23rd August 2019.

            The Central Trade Unions have called upon the workers to protest against Code on Wages Bill, Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Bill that replaces 13 existing labour laws by holding demonstrations etc jointly on 2nd August 2019.
            Copy of the statement issued by CTUs are enclosed.


The government is going ahead with corporatization of 52 ordnance factories. The defence workers would be conducting a month-long strike from 20th August to 19th September 2019 against the decision of the government to corporatise and then privatise the strategic defence sector.

We call upon all units to educate our membership through hand bills etc and also by holding lunch hour meeting on 2nd August 2019 on the perils of wage code bill, corporatization of ordnance factories etc.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(MS Raja)
Secretary General

Sorry for the long gap - quite unusual during my 15 years as Secretary General – due to unavoidable circumstances.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg
New Delhi-110124

Respected Sir,

                        Subject: Restructuring of Gr B & C cadres in IA&AD – reg.

It is with great agony that I write this letter to you to convey the despondency that has set in causing utter demoralization in me as well as other personnel of my cadre on being neglected without promotion for long.

We see those IA&AS personnel who entered the department at the same time of our entry has climbed many steps in their career while personnel like us could get one or two promotions or upgradations till date. Personnel like me feel that top management of the Department is insensitive and non-caring about the career aspirations of personnel in Gr B & C cadres. .

The scope for expanding the functions of IA&AD is scuttled in the name of shortage of staff, while the existing staff reels under tremendous work load and lack of promotions.

As you are aware, the last restructuring of Gr B & C cadres in IAAD took place in 1984, three and a half decades back. This is despite the recommendations of 5th and 6 CPC to all Departments/Ministries to have restructuring of cadres in every 5 years (which many of the Ministries/ Departments –Ministry of Railways, CBDT, Central Secretariat – did dutifully carried out) leading to acute stagnation and resultant despondency in all cadres upto (and including) SAO.

The decision to constitute a Committee for restructuring of Gr B & C cadres of IA&AD in January 2018 pumped hope into the minds of personnel like me that some solace in the form of one or two functional and non-functional promotions would be forthcoming and water tight compartments in the department would go away enabling mobility of personnel which would ensure uniform promotional avenues.

The euphoria created by the formation of the committee on restructuring of  cadres of Gr B & C and the speed with which it started its functioning generated a hope amongst the personnel like me that at last a move is there to attend to our aspirations.

But the inordinate delay in finalizing the report, sharing it with staff side & holding discussion there-on and speedy implementation thereafter has cast doubts whether the top management is at all serious about the career prospects of personnel in Gr B & C cadres.

As employees of IA&AD like me are facing adverse promotional position, I would urge upon your kind authority to cause necessary steps for speedy implementation of  re-structuring of Gr B&C cadres in consultation with staff side.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

O/o the...............................