Thursday, November 20, 2014

CIRCULAR - 28/2014

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular- 28/2014                                                          Dated: 19th November 2014

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

The discussion on the agenda items - submitted by the Association vide our letter dated 20th August 2014 – with Ms Ajanta Dayalan, DAI took place today ie 19th November 2014.

The Association was represented by Coms M Duraipandian, President, V Nageswara Rao and KL Gautam, Additional Secretaries General and Anilkumar, Asstt Secretary General, in addition to the Secretary General. Ms Meera Swarup, DG/P, Shri Ranjit Singh, AC (N) and Shri ML Tamrakar, AO/JCM were present from the official Side.

The following is the brief of the discussion:

            1. Restructuring of IA&AD and audit/accounts cadres

i) The issue of manpower mobility and scope for uniform promotional avenues to all personnel irrespective of functional wing of the personnel was raised and for future, a unified office was proposed. The question of lack of versatility with accounts and audit (and vice versa) by the personnel in audit/accounts wings and its impact on the functional output was also pointed out.

DAI did not agree to the proposal of a unified office, pointing out “conflict of interest” when the same office finalises the accounts and then audit it, even though the grounds on which this was proposed was accepted as genuine. A lengthy discussion took place on the issue.

This item is raised and discussed for the first time. Constant pursuance of the issue backed by mass involvement would only ensure the authorities start thinking about it, leaving behind the out and out negative approach. As far as we are concerned, we would pursue the item further. We consider the ‘conflict of interest’ in an entirely different perspective.

As regards, lack of promotional avenues etc, DAI suggested that the Association make concrete proposals. The same can be discussed further with DG, Personnel and AC (N), which could be acted upon provided those proposals are falling within the power of CAG.
ii) We requested that CAG take necessary steps to rectify the deficiencies in the pay scales/Grade Pay such as GP 4200 to Auditor/Accountant, 4600 to SA and 5400 on completion of 4 years to AAOs. This alone would ensure justice to audit and accounts cadres from 7 CPC.

     DAI stated that no such action would be possible when the CPC is on the job; more over CAG cannot take such decisions independently of Deptt of Expr/FinMin. The only way is to go to 7 CPC with recommendations with strong footing – by the administration and the Association.

     We appreciated the memorandum submitted by CAG recommending total parity in pay scales for Audit & Accounts cadres with that of CSS.

     It was explained by the official side that the feeder cadre is being changed into Sr Auditor/Accountant with 75% Direct Recruitment of graduates. 25% of the SA cadre would be available for Auditor/Accountant on promotion. There shall be no recruitment in Auditor/Accountant cadre. The feeder cadre for Auditor/Accountant would be DEO -50% through seniority and 50% through exam. 

This would ensure that SA would be at par with Assistants as far as recruitment criteria is concerned, strengthening the demand for same pay scales. GP of 4600 in PB 2 is demanded for SA and GP 4200 in PB2 is demanded for Auditor/Accountant while 4800 in PB2 and 5400 in PB3 is demanded for AAOs.

We also raised the issue of adhoc AAOs and the promotion of deemed passed SAS personnel. DAI assured that the administration will examine the issues and try to resolve it.

2.  Approach to 7 CPC

This issue was not further discussed. We thanked DAI for most commendable recommendations and also for sharing of the memorandum with the Association.

3. Implementation of Court Directives in various cases

We raised the issue of many a judgements on various issues such as the pay scale, fixation benefit, MACP etc and its non implementation to all the personnel who are similarly placed.

We made specific references to the judgement of Chennai CAT on grant of GP 5400 on MACP to AAOs, the decision of the Controller General of Defence Accounts to implement the court directive on annulling the merger of SO/AAO between 1.1.2006 and 1.9.2008.

DAI stated that where ever the DOPT or Department of Expr is made a respondent, it is the government that decides on appeal. Further the term similarly placed is an ambiguous term lacking clarity. DOPT has already clarified that on issues where its orders are challenged, the right to issue orders vest with it. In the case of Chennai judgement, it was pointed out by the official side that in another case, no relief has been granted and Department has been asked to convey its decision in 6 week’s time. It was stated by DAI that there can be no blanket decision on not to go on appeal or the implementation of the judgement; it would be decided by case by case.

DAI suggested that other issues like victimisation etc which are not listed in the agenda as separate item be discussed with DG, Personnel and AC (N).

It is to be understood that the decision of the CAG administration to demand the pay scale for SA cadre at par with Assistants and for AAOs with Section Officers of CSS is a step forward in our journey for achieving total parity.

In the existing system the recruitment is in the Auditor/Accountant cadre and then 80% is upgraded. In the proposed system 100% would be in the (proposed) upgraded pay scale. This is a major advancement.

We should remember that the sustained struggles that we launched for long including the Mass Casual Leave on 8th April 2010 have played a big role in making the CAG administration coming forward to make this proposal.


The proposed 24 hour fast on 26-27 November 2014 is deferred. The National Executive Committee meeting on 11-12-13 December 2014 would review the situation and then decide future course of action.    

With greetings,
Yours fraternally


Secretary General