Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Circular 14-2019

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-14/2019                                                          Dated:  17th September 2019

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

The agenda meeting with AWK Langstieh, DAI (HR) was held on 16th September 2019. DG, Staff, AC (N), SAO/JCM & AAO (JCM) were present from the administration Staff. The Association was represented by Comrades Tapas Bose, President, KC Mathai, Vice President and Anilkumar, Additional Secretary General in addition to the Secretary General.

Brief on the discussion on agenda items is given below.

1.                              Restructuring of cadres in IA&AD
DAI informed that the report submitted by V. Kurian Committee is now under the consideration of top management. He assured to expedite the decision making process but did not commit on a deadline.
DAI further stated that on finalization of the same by the Department it will require approval by the nodal ministry and DOPT and thereafter by the Union Cabinet which will take its own time.

2.                            5 time promotion to all cadres from entry level
      DAI assured that cadre restructuring committee is seized of the matter. Lack of   promotional avenues and resolution there-of is being considered.

3.                            Promotion of DEO as Auditor/Accountant
The promotional avenues for all cadres including DEOs will be taken care of by the cadre restructuring, assured DAI.
4.                  Conduct SAS exam in the old format, grant unlimited number of chances to Part II candidates and undo system of negative marks.

DAI did not agree to revert back to old format, but assured to revisit the question of number of chances.
5.                           Conduct SAS exam in A&E offices
It was stated that SAS (Audit) has been opened for all in A&E offices where the vacancy position is 10% or less.
Further review would be undertaken on finalization of cadre restructuring.

6.                            Recruitment of local personnel in all non gazetted cadres & opening up of Unilateral transfer
It was informed that DOPT has been moved to amend RR of certain cadres adding the condition of knowledge of local/regional language as requirement, as a test case. On approval of the same by DOPT, the Department will approach SSC to recruit personnel accordingly.
      Opening up of unilateral transfer cannot be considered now, said DAI.

We were also informed that deputation channel is available for those who are genuinely in need of it. In this context, when it was pointed out that many offices are not circulating the deputation related notifications amongst the staff members, DAI agreed to upload all such notifications in the CAG website which will be accessible for all.  

7.       Re-designation of Supervisor as AAO and grant of NFU at Level 9 to Supervisors on completion of 4 years.
It was assured that the demand would be further examined.

8.                            Grant of full functional facilities to Associations
DAI agreed to re-issue the circulars regarding facilities to Association with      directions to follow them.
He also assured to resolve the pending recognition related issues. (we made specific reference to MAB, Mumbai, Southern Railway Audit, Chennai, Bihar Civil Accounts Association, Western Railway Audit, C knowledge of local/regional language as requirement Cat 2 and Allahabad audit).
To a specific reference to the discontinuance of membership of Sowmitra Bandopadhyay of Defence Audit Association on his outstation transfer against the extant orders, DAI assured take corrective measures.

9.                            Inclusion of AAOs under JCM Scheme
DAI informed that DOPT did not agree to the proposal.
10.                        Fixation of Pay on promotion as Supervisor after grant of MACP at GP 4600
We were informed that DOPT has refused to reconsider the present position stating that it is as per 7 CPC recommendations.

11.                        Uniform nomenclature for all cadres upto SAO.
DAI said that this can be considered when cadre restructuring is finalised and ready for implementation.

12.                        Filling up of vacancies/recruitment of personnel in the Departmental Canteens
DAI agreed to expedite the process of recruitment in departmental canteens.
We insisted on regularizing all contract staff working in the canteens. DAI agreed to examine the demand.
13.              Implement SC judgement in WP (Civil) No. 82 of 2011 to “civil servants” only; no transfer of Gr B & C personnel under the cover of the said judgement.
DAI enquired whether this demand to specific to outstation transfer or to all transfers even with in the station. We said that it is specific to outstation transfers and made a reference to transfers in MAB, Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam.
DAI agreed to examine.
14.                       Restore sports quota recruitment.
The recruitment notification is already issued.
On recruitment in the Volleyball stream DAI informed that the HQr is collecting data from all offices and it would be processed and decision would be taken soon.

15.                        Liberal approach on Compassionate Ground appointments
To our insistence of excluding the value of house from the financial status, DAI assured to review and if found necessary to revise the conditionalities on financial status of the dependents of the employee who died in harness.
        He further stated that it is upto the Accountant General to take a judicious decision based on the committee’s recommendations and HQr cannot intervene on this.
16.                       Prospective application of “very Good’ Bench mark for MACPS
DAI pointed out that it under discussion in NC, JCM and Department would implement the decision of DOPT on this.

17.                        Grant of additional work to P&T Audit, Nagpur
DAI proposed to refer the item to DGA, P&T and asked us to meet DGA, P&T to sort out the matter.
18.                       Grant of NFU to Level 9 to Adhoc AAOs
DAI assured to examine it once again after calling for details from field offices on the number of persons affected
Presentation on One IA&AD, One System (OIOS)

            Prior to commencement of the agenda meeting, there was a presentation on One IA&AD, One System by the IS Wing, HQr. Shri Sriram, DG made the presentation in the presence of DAI.

            In nutshell, it proposes to make the audit to wholly IT based. Every Auditor/Senior Auditor, AAO, AO/SAO would be given laptops, key documents would be captured in camera, every communication with the auditee organisation and also within the audit party and also the office/wing would be online with back-ups. The idea is to paper-free audit offices. It is proposed to start it as pilot project in certain offices/wings.

            Though we do accept that we will have to adopt most updated IT system in the present world in our discharge of duties, certain doubts remain on the practical side of it. And we raised those doubts.

1.      If there is a theft or loss of lap top, the personnel will be penalized, he/she also will be preceded under CCS (CCA) Rules – is there is any guarantee/protection against that?
2.      What about the connectivity – even in cities connectivity is poor, how it would be in mofussil areas and villages? How the work as well as data transfer can materialise? (It was pointed out that in the city of Delhi itself downloading of GST related documents takes lot of time).
3.      What would be role of DEOs?
4.      What would be the reduction in PIP in the HQr sections?
5.      Whether the field offices would be robbed off the functional autonomy as every action would require approval of HQr.
6.      Whether it will help in improving transparency at all levels?

            These doubts were raised. IS wing also shared some of the concerns such as connectivity, loss/theft of lap top etc. But other points were mostly left unanswered.

            (In addition, many more issues that may affect the personnel may come up on implementation of the OIOS, such as reduction in the number of tour parties etc.)

            We request all the Units to give their comments on this important presentation so as to enable the HQr present a comprehensive response to the proposal. Copy of the proposal are attached to this Circular.
            With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(MS Raja)
Secretary General