Thursday, April 18, 2019

Circular 06-2019

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Reference: AIA/Circular-06/2019                                                          Dated: 16th April 2019

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

            The National Council, JCM met on 13th April 2019 after a gap of nearly 9 years – the last meeting being on 15th May 2010.

            As the attached brief note on the discussions on the agenda items issued by Secretary, Staff Side states, the Cabinet Secretary, the Chairman of the National Council, agreed to:

i)                     implement all court judgments that have reached finality (i.e. that has been decided by Supreme Court) shall be considered as judgments in rem and implemented accordingly. (Item No.38)

If the Govt. honors the above commitment and issue orders as assured then anomaly on account of MACPS would be resolved.
ii)                  consider GPF for those recruited after 01.01.2004 as optional. (Item No. 14)

iii)                discuss the item on ‘implement arbitration awards’ separately with the staff side when staff side pointed out that only Parliament is competent to reject an award of arbitration, as per the Scheme of JCM and Compulsory arbitration (to the statement of  Official side that the cabinet rejected the arbitration awards. (Item No. 11)

            The chairman further directed the Health Secretary to hold discussion with the Staff side, within a month, on issues related to Health ministry-CGHS. He also suggested that the Staff side may submit additional items within a week.
            Our Units may consider this as urgent and submit their items/suggestions immediately.


            As one will notice, almost all items pertain to the period under 6 CPC. The discussion and decision thereof got delayed due to non-convening of the meeting by the Government.

            We should not lose sight of the fact that even this meeting would not have taken place if the Staff Side, JCM had not taken a decision to sit in Dharna on 28th March 2019, notice for which was already served.

            Vigilant and active staff side would ensure smooth functioning of all forums of discussion.

            Staff side raised various issues confronting the employees including the betrayal by the group of ministers on minimum wage, fitment factor; closure of various government of India printing presses, virtual closing down of CPWD, contractorisation in various government departments and more on functioning of JCM and its survival as an instrument as grievance redressal machinery ensuring industrial peace.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
(MS Raja)
Secretary General

No.NC-JCM-2019/NC meeting                                                                                       April 13,2019


All Members of the
National Council (Staff Side) JCM

Dear Comrades,

                The 47th meeting of the National Council was held on 13.4.2019 at Rail Bhawan, New Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Shri P.K.Sinha, Cabinet  Secretary. It was held after the most inordinate delay i.e. after the lapse of nine years that the National Council meeting was convened.  The decision of NJCA to organize Dharna on28.3.2019 (which was deferred) is what triggered the Government to convene the meeting.
                The meeting commenced at 11.30AM and ended at 2.30 PM. In the introductory remark, the leader and the Secretary Staff Side touched upon the following points. 
1.                   Survival of JCM ;revival of Departmental Councils; maintenance of its stipulated frequency.
2.                   Closure of offices- restructuring consultation with the Staff Side and Unions affected; with particular reference to CPWD, Printing Presses  and Defence Industry.
3.                   Increasing litigations; Governments disregard to its own National litigation policy making employees and pensioners to incur huge expenditure. Non implementation of even Supreme Court decisions- MACP promotional hierarchy, MACP date of effect, increment on 30th June and 31st December etc
4.                   NPS and other pension related issue
5.                   Recognition Rules, delay in the grant of recognition
6.                   Arbitration Awards.
7.                   Non honoring of the assurance held out by the GOM to revisit the minimum wage and fitment formula
8.                   One more option to switch over to the 7th CPC
9.                   Non issue of clarification on the question of minimum pay for promotes after 1/1/2006
10.               Reduction in the quantum of Night Duty Allowances
11.               Ex-Service man pay fixation
12.               Compassionate Appointment and its restriction
13.               Outsourcing and Casualization of permanent Jobs
14.               Regularization of Casual workers- include casual service for pensioner benefits
15.               Running Allowance of Railway Workers with tax free banefit
16.               CGHS deficiencies
17.               Necessity  to hold meetings by held and pension Secretary with Staff Side
18.               One time relaxation for LTC-80 fare
Agenda items and Action Taken Statement items
Grant of FMA in lieu of OPD for CGHS beneficieries beyond 70 years of age
Not agreed
Sanction of incentive for those working in terrorist infested areas
Will be examined
Gandhi Nagar as link city to Ahemdabad
Orders issued
Upgradation Jam Nagar
Orders issued
A-1 status to Bengaluru from 16.1.2007
Order issued
Upper age limit to be raised from 45 for departmental candidates
No agreed
Casual labourers – grant of temporary status and regularization
Under consideration
Restricted holiday for industrial workers
Not agreed
Applicability of ccs (RSA) Rules to indust4rial workers of Defence
MOD will take final decision with in a month
Recruitment personnel for erstwhile Gr D functions
Will be examined
Arbitration Awards
Matter will be discussed bilaterally with the staff side to reach a settlement
Benefit of Rule 10 CCS (RP) Rules for those completed 1 year service maximum
Will be reexamined
JCM coverage for GR B
Being examined
GPF for those recruited after 1.1.2004
Will be considered as optional
Washing allowance
Subsumed in the dress allowance
Running allowance/transport allowance to be exempt from IT
Agreed to reconsider
Grant in temporary status to casual labourers
Will be considered
Parity in Pay scale of workshop staff in postal with Railways and Postal
Agreed to reconsider
Island/NER spl duty allowance to be exempt from Income Tax
Will be considered
Non availability certificate from Estate officer for HRA
Will be re examined
Stepping up of pay with Juniors under ACP/MACP
Orders will be issued
Increase in residency period for future promotions
Staff side will give separate note
FR 15 (a) protection of pay
Not agreed.
New item will be introduced
Grant of Med.Advance at 90% for conventional deceases
Orders will be issued
Reimbursement of additional charges paid on account of over stay in hospitals
Chairman suggested to consider the following-
1.       Reimburse fully to the patient
2.       2. Black list the hospital
MOH will decide
Reimbursement of oxygen charges
Orders issued
LTC for dependant parents
Orders issued in 2017
Revised scheme on compassionate appointment
Will be examined with reference to the discussion at the meeting
Family pension for unmarried/divorced/widowed sister
Will be considered
Created of NFSG grade to UDCs, stenographer
Under consideration
Order issued
Constant attendant allowance
Not agreed
Revision of pension for those who compulsorily retired
2.57 multiplication factor will be applicable to all. Extension of new option is under consideration
Stitching charges
Subsumed in dress allowance
Hospital patient care allowance
Will be discussed in a special meeting with Secretary, Health
Moped allowance
Sports increment
Orders issued
Consultation with UPSC under Rule 9 of Pension Rules
Litigation issues on service matters
The chairman ruled that where the SC has given decision in rem, it will be implemented in the case of all similarly placed personnel
Revised FMA in border areas
Settled, order issued
Revision of risk allowance to civilian employees
Staff side to introduce fresh item
CGHS rates
Referred to MOH special meeting
Revision of funeral advance
Orders issued
Exemption from payment of income tax for personnel beyond 80 years
With greetings
      Your fraternally

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)