Thursday, November 22, 2018

Circular 26-2018

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Reference: AIA/Circular-26/2018                                                    Dated: 22nd November 2018

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,

The much dreaded fixed term employment is being introduced into IA&AD. This is what a circular issued by CAG under the title “Young Professionals Programme” means. Copy of the ‘circular’ is attached. This move is, in other words, nothing but combination of outsourcing and contractorisation of hitherto ‘sacrosanct” functions of IA&AD – i.e. audit. It is three in one – fixed term employment, outsourcing and contractorisation.

As per the above programme, young professionals would be recruited for two years (on contract basis) to conduct the audit that are till date done by the personnel working in IA&AD.

This move of the CAG is nothing but negation of the spirit of the constitution and is a direct onslaught on democratic India.

It is in the interest of the personnel of IA&AD and the people of this country that we oppose, fight and defeat this move to contractorise the functions hitherto discharged by personnel of IA&AD as well the concept of fixed term employment.

All Units should take special efforts to take the danger involved in the move of the CAG in outsourcing the functions of IA&AD by raising the slogan “No Outsourcing/contractorisation of functions of IA&AD”. Wide circulation may be given to the CAG’s notification and our comments against it.


The CWC held at New Delhi on 4-5 September 2018 decided for phased agitations on the charter of demands, especially focusing on 5 –time promotion, cadre restructuring, restoration of statutory pension (i.e. old pension) scheme amongst other demands.

We observed Demands Day on 25th October by holding lunch hour meetings and submitting the charter of demands adopted in the meeting.

It was also decided to hold a day long dharna by the Executive Committee members on 28th November 2018 as second phase of the agitation.

The proposed dharna on 28th November 2018 is rescheduled to 5th December 2018.

All the Units may make campaign on cadre restructuring, 5 time promotion, NPS, promotion and integration of DEO cadre with the mainstream cadres and other issues in the charter of demands. The danger of fixed term employment cum outsourcing-contractorisation of audit should be given wide publicity and all personnel (irrespective of whether certain section is our members or not) be contacted and mobilised on the demands.

The Dharna shall be by the Members of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members should apply for leave “for organisational work” (not special casual leave) and participate in the dharna.

The handbills and other propaganda materials used for the campaign on 5th December 2018 Dharna may be sent to HQr by speed post/email (and not through whatsapp).

In addition, massive meeting should be organised during lunch hour.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General