Wednesday, January 1, 2014


15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-01/2014                                                          Dated: 1st January 2014

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


The year 2013 has left a good number of issues for 2014 – to be understood, answered, resolved or confronted. The task is quite simple, but not so easy. It requires an approach, a determination or resolve – to confront if it cannot be resolved otherwise.

The organisational task that we have to confront and overcome has been given in the last Circular (28) of 2013.

No organisational task can be accomplished if try to gloss over the harsh facts at hand. The task gets more complicated when some of the harsh facts are hard too.

The issue of pay scale ie parity in pay scales with Assistants in CSS, maintaining vertical relativity has been agitating all of us for long. Struggle for restoring parity, achieve it and then get outsmarted – this is what we have been witnessing for the last three decades.

Sanctioned Strength in Audit has been revised to 1:2:2.5, reducing the sanctioned strength of Auditors, increasing that of AAO and (S)AOs. We did object to this formula. It is quite welcome that the promotional prospects do go up, but it should not a matching saving at the cost of (Sr) Auditors cadre strength.

The answer from the administration is that even this strength is in excess of the actual requirement. Why is the question. Because the auditorial functions have been down-sized - transaction audit is curtailed, performance audit and thematic (or dramatic?) audit has been prioritised. 

The CAG has deviated from the role of watch dog of Indian finances, simply trying to become a noisy dog – just to show that we do exist. But won’t bite or cause inconvenience to anybody. From watch dog to lap dog!

The RAOs/RAPs have been closed down. The reach of audit has been drastically reduced. The reason advanced is nothing but atrocious – undesirable tendencies!

The fact is that the undesirable tendencies/indulgence by the Gr A officers is going on uncontrolled, without even a coma.  Work culture in the department is not upto mark, at all levels. The one at the top has to be the role model for all. (It should not be a bad role model as it happens to day – in many stations).

For A&E offices also, cadre restructuring (if it can be called so) is unofficially proposed – 1:3:15. Nothing is given in writing.

But there is a rider. There will be a reduction in (Sr) Accountant cadre. The assurance is that it will not be less than the PIP of the day. Yes, it is a fact today that only few offices have all the four functions (ie Accounts, PF, Pension and GED).

But despite the advancement of computerisation and online accounting, there is a vast scope for strengthening the accounts and that will really make the CAG and IA&AD the real watch dog of Indian finances.

We have objected to the implementation of the so called cadre restructuring through back door and demanded that this may be brought as item for discussion in the Departmental council. This cannot be discussed in isolation.

The task is strengthening and widening audit and accounts, in reality, effectively. Performance audit etc would give you wide publicity in the media. But the nation is put to a loss when transaction/compliance audit is not undertaken effectively.

Denial of functional freedom for the Associations is a blockade that the administration has put up. Demonstrations are banned. We have experienced such a situation during the internal emergency in 1975-77 when the fundamental rights of the citizens were suspended. The situation prevalent in IA&AD is similar to the situation that existed in the country during 1975-77. Rights of the employees are suspended – if you try to defy, you will be suspended!

The administration of IA&AD is out of sink with the Constitution of India – the functions of the department are concerned, it want to follow the INTOSAI declarations, the rights of employees are concerned it has its own interpretations, in both the cases the administration of IA&AD abhor the Indian Constitution.

7th CPC is announced – only in the media. The meeting that was to take place on terms of reference is yet to be held. It is learnt that the present government is not keen to go further (beyond the announcement made) and commit anything more. It seems the present government would like to leave everything else from actuation constitution of the CPC onwards to the next government that will be formed after the general election in April/May 2014.

The issues such as IR, DA merger, anomalies out of SCPC, the contractorisation, privatisation and ban on recruitment etc. are to be fought and won.

The issues are before us – we have to start prepare for resolving it, through negotiations backed by agitations/struggles.

Let us remember that any negotiation that is not backed by agitation is going to be a fruitless exercise. Expression of the anger of the employees and workers displayed through their massive mobilisations in various programmes makes any negotiations effective, only then there is going to be meaningful negotiations. The task is to raise ourselves, our movement to that level.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally

Secretary General