Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On SAS results

Dear Comrades
Letter to CAG on the subject mentioned above is posted below
With greetings,
M. S. Raja
Secretary General 


  Reference: AIA/B-1/53/2013                                                                                                 

17th September 2013


The Comptroller & Auditor General of India,

9, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,

New Delhi – 110124



Subject: Results of the SAS & Incentive/RA Examinations held in August 2013 – reg.   





Kindly refer to this Association's letter AIA/B-1/51/2013 date 6th September 2013 on the subject mentioned above.


            In continuation to points made there-on, I would like to submit the following for your kind consideration and immediate redressal of grievances with regard to the results of the examinations held in August 2013.  


            1. The results may kindly be set aside (treated as null and void).


It is a fact that CAG office had issued circular stating that negative marks would be introduced from this examination.


But the "INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES" issued at the time of examination did not have this condition. Copy of the "INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES" is attached.


It is therefore a must that the papers be revalued without negative marking and results are declared afresh.


This is without prejudice to our demand for removal of negative marking for all departmental examinations.


            2. Number of chances be increased


With this examination, all the six chances have been exhausted. You may kindly recall that in the earlier system of SAS examination, there were no limit on the number of chances for Part II. The scheme may please be re-introduces without any further delay.


            3. Percentage of Marks for passing all the examinations be lowered to 35 %.  


In all the university examinations, the passing percentage is 35%. Any person can enter the department once University has given him/her a degree and they negotiate an examination that SSC conducts, but will have to get 50% for passing the departmental examinations is something that is not justifiable.


Hence passing percentage in all departmental examinations – from SAS to CPD – may please be lowered to 35%.


            I shall be thankful if an early decision is taken on these issues and the agony of the affected personnel is addressed positively.


     Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,


(M. S. Raja)

Secretary General