Monday, September 9, 2013

Circular 21

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 21-2013 posted below.
With Greetings,
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-21/2013                                                             Dated:  7th September 2013



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,




            The results of the SAS exam held last month is out – as per the reports available till this Circular is finalised, the passing percentage is around 1 to 2%.


            We had reservations on the new pattern of examination that was introduced since 2010 which we, at regular intervals, conveyed to the CAG administration through correspondences and also in the formal as well as informal meetings.


            For the examination held in August 2013, one more obstacle had been created – negative marks.


            From day one of the introductions of negative marks for SAS/Incentive/RA examination, we demanded its withdrawal. In the formal meeting with DAI on 23rd August 2013 also we raised the issue. We were told that the situation would be reviewed after the results of the recently concluded examination.


            The result is there for everyone to see. Good number of candidates for SAS could not pass because of the negative marks.


            This result is nothing but demoralising for the whole lot of candidates in the SAS examination.


            Even the result of the CPD exam – where negative marks were done away with – is not beyond 30%.


            Worst, as per the existing scheme, this is the last chance for majority of the candidates. We had been demanding relaxation of this – atleast 10 chances (combined) or revert back to the old system of limited number of chances for part I (with conditionalities as existed earlier) and unlimited number of chances for Part II.



            There is something seriously wrong with the conduct of SAS examination. It starts with contractorisation of the conduct of the Examinations. This has to be addressed in its totality.


            SAS and other departmental examinations should be conducted in-house – not by contractors. It should be employee friendly.


            We also demand that the results of the Examinations declared on 5th September 2013 be declared as null and void, valuation of papers be re-done without negative marks and results declared thereafter, afresh.




            All the units may therefore hold lunch hour protest meeting on 12th September 2013, demanding "Revisit SAS Exam Results Day".   Resolution given along with this circular may please be moved in the meeting and the resolution so adopted in the meeting may be submitted to the PAG/AG/DG/Director/DD, as the case may be, for onward transmission to CAG.


            Copy of the letter addressed to  CAG is enclosed.


            Copy of the resolution may also be endorsed to HQrs of the Association.


            With greetings,

Yours fraternally





Secretary General


(Draft) Resolution


            This meeting of the members of ……………………Association, O/o ………………………… held on 12th September 2013 expresses its deep anguish over the poor results of the SAS and incentive/RA examinations results of which was declared on 5th Sept 2013.


            This meeting places on record that the results of the examination has been poor since the new scheme SAS examination – contractorised, online exam – was introduced in 2010. From the first examination itself, umpteen number of complaints on the syllabus, conduct of the examination etc were brought to the notice of authorities which were never addressed to the satisfaction the complainants.


            The miseries of the candidates were made more severe with the introduction of negative marks for the examinations conducted in 2013.


            This meeting therefore urges upon the Comptroller & Auditor General of India to:


1. declare the recently declared results of the SAS and Incentive/RA examination as null and void; conduct a revaluation of the papers without negative marks and declare the results afresh;


2. do away with contractorised examinations; hold in house examination and make all examinations employee friendly;


3. increase the number of chances to unlimited  for SAS Part II Examination and 


4. remove the system of negative marks for all departmental examinations.



            Resolves to send a copy of this resolution to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India through proper channel.


            Further resolves to send a copy of this resolution to the Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Association.



            Resolution moved by ……

            Resolution seconded by …………


            Adopted Unanimously




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Date………..                                                                                                                                 President