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Circular 7

Dear Comrade
Pl find Circular 7-2013 posted below.
With Greetings,
M.S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-07/2013                                                                   Dated:  26th March 2013



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,



            The 46th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Guwahati, Assam from 11th March 2013 to 14th March 2013 was attended by 130 delegates and 58 observers representing 55 units. All the senior leaders viz. Comrades SK Vyas, RK Shrivastava, T Narayanan, Bhawani P Bhattacharjee, Gautam Pramanick, S Radhakrishna and OP Tiwari were present throughout the Conference.


Flag Hoisting & Homage to Martyrs

            At 9 am on 11th March 2013, Com M Duraipandian, President, All India Audit & Accounts Association unfurled audit-red-flag at the venue of Conference – Com Ashutosh Bhattacharjee Nagar ie Shilpa Gram - amidst shouting of slogans by the delegates, observers and volunteers and in the presence of senior leaders.  Led by President and senior leaders of the movement, the delegates, observers and activists from the host units offered floral tributes at the Martyrs' column amidst thunderous sloganeering. 


CWC Meeting

            The CWC met for a brief time at 9.30 am at the venue. The meeting of CWC adopted the agenda for the Conference and the report and accounts. The CWC also approved the business of the subject committee meetings.


Inaugural Session

            The Inaugural session was at the premises of AG's office. The session, commenced at 10.30 am, was presided over by Com M Duraipandian, President.  Com Basudev Acharya, MP inaugurated the conference. In his 90 minute speech, Com Acharya covered the entire gamut of issues that afflict the Indian economy, polity and the society at large and exhorted the huge gathering of delegates, observers and employees to strengthen the united movement that is building up against the perilous economic policies.

            Shri Shantanu Basu, the Pr Accountant General (A&E) & Shri CH Kharsiing, Accountant General (Audit) greeted the inaugural session. Shri Pinuel Basumatary, Pr Accountant General (on deputation) also graced the inaugural session.

            Com. Rakhal Dasgupta, Working President, AIRF also graced the inaugural session.

            The inaugural Session was addressed by Coms. Satanjib Das, Convener, Joint Council of Trade Unions, Assam, Deben Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, CITU, Assam, Com SK Vyas and S Mohan. Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association. The dais was graced with the presence of Coms RK Shrivastava, T Narayanan, Bhawani P Bhattacharjee, S Radhakrishna and Gautam Pramanick. Com S Rahman from NFPE also was present.

            Com Asim Biswas offered welcome speech and Com GK Gohain gave vote of thanks.


Subject Committee   

            The Subject Committee commenced its sitting at 3.30 pm on 11th March 2013 at Ashutosh Mukherjee Nagar at Shilpa Gram, Guwahati. President declared the house as composed, subject to final report of the credential committee.

            Secretary General moved the condolence and homage to martyrs resolution. The house adopted the resolution by observing two minutes silence.

            Conference elected a Presidium consisting of Coms M Duraipandian, Subhash Chandra Pandey and Ninakumari Kujur. Steering Committee with Coms M S Raja, V Nageswara Rao and Jagdish Panchal, Minutes Committee with Coms KC Mathai (Convener) and Noel Riphat, Resolution Committee with Com V Sreekumar (Convener), Arul Rajkumar and KL Gautam and Credential Committee with Coms Jagmohan Thakur (Convener), Anindya Mitra and Ambadas Baggi were also elected by the subject committee.

            Secretary General presented the minutes of the 45th Conference held at Jaipur on 2-5 February 2010. The house approved the minutes of the 45th Conference.

            Presidium informed the house about the time constraint the Conference would have to go through as no meetings are permitted at the venue beyond 9 pm, there-by forcing the Conference to miss the "customary" night sessions!

            Report on activities and also on departmental and organisational front was presented by the Secretary General. Secretary General also presented the policy and programme resolution for consideration of the house.

            The audited Accounts for the years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 were presented by the Finance Secretary.

            Presidium proposed a composite discussion on all the agenda items ie report of the Secretary General, Departmental front, Organisational front and policy-programme resolution as well as on audited accounts.       

            The discussion on report, departmental and organisational front, policy programme resolution and accounts was taken upon 12th and 13th March 2013 and 42 delegates participated in the discussion. 

            The discussion was summed up by the Secretary General in the forenoon session on 14th March 2013. Secretary General, in his summing up address, proposed to make improvements in the report and policy programme resolution and presented the same to the house for approval. Secretary General informed the house that the final version of the report from the Secretary General and improved policy programme resolution would be first mailed to every unit and there after placed on the blog. Detailed circulars on the decisions taken by the Conference on Departmental and organisational front would follow.

            After the summing up of the discussion by the Secretary General, the house adopted the Report of the Secretary General, policy-programme resolution and audited accounts. The house also gave its approval for the action plan for future presented by the Secretary General.

            Shri KP Anand, Pr Director of Audit, NF Railway, attended the Conference on 14th March 2013 and wished the Conference all success.

            Com Dalip Singh Shekhawat, Audit Cat III, Rajasthan, Jaipur was elected as Auditor for the years 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.


Address by Senior Leaders

            The subject committee was addressed by senior leaders of the movement who led it in the past. Com RK Shrivastav, President of the Association (1989-97), Com Bhawani P Bhattacharjee, Secretary General (1991-93) & President (2000-04), T Narayanan, President (1997-2000), Gautam Pramanick, President (2004-07), Com S Radhakrishna, Vice President and OP Tiwari, Finance Secretary (1993-2004) & Additional Secretary General (2004-07) spoke in detail of the struggles of the past, the challenges of the present day and the need to rejuvenate the organisation to face the challenges.


Com S Mohan, Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association addressed the subject committee on 12th March 2013. In his 30 minute speech, Com Mohan covered the issues confronting the department and the challenges before the Association that take principled stand on issues, upholding the dignity of the personnel they represent.


Address by Com KKN Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation

            Com KKN Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers addressed the Subject Committee on 12th March 2013. In an hour long speech Com Kutty dealt with issues confronting the working class in general and the central government employees in particular, especially of PFRDA bill, FDI in pension and erosion of wages leading to the demand for constitution of 7th CPC. Com Kutty recalled the contribution role of the audit movement in making the Confederation of Central government employees & workers and hoped that the audit movement would discharge its historical role. 


Address by Com. SK Vyas

            Com SK Vyas who was Secretary General (1969-81) and President (1981-89) of All India Audit & Accounts Association and Secretary General of Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers from 1968 to 2006 and presently the President of Confederation (since 2006) spoke for 2 hours and 30 minutes in two sessions – first on 3rd day after hearing all the delegates focussing on the organisational front and then again on 4th Day on the Central Government employees front.  



            Secretary General read out the greetings received from Com EX Joseph, former Secretary General, Com KP Rajagopal, Secretary General, Income Tax Employees Federation, Com M Krishnan, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees and Com T Satyanarayana, General Secretary, All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.

            (Greeting from CAG of India was received at HQR later, which is enclosed herewith).



            On the 2nd day of the Conference, Secretary General proposed to the house for the formation of following sub-committees and the same was approved –


1. Civil Audit Sub-committee -  Com KL Gautam (Shimla) – Convener, Coms Kamalasanan, Kerala, Sivakumar, Tamil Nadu and Pramod Mishra Allahabad – Members

2.  Civil Accounts Sub-committee – Com KB Suresh Kumar (Kerala) – Convener, Rajagopal AP, JS Nair Chhattisgarh, Noel Riphat Punjab – Members

3. Commercial Sub-Committee – Com OS Sudhakaran –Convener, Coms Turbadkar and Bhaskar Kar (MAB, Kolkata)

            4. P&T Audit Sub-Committee – Com Anjan Kumar Sanyal (Convener), J. Iyer (Nagpur) & VK Shukla (Lucknow)

5.  Scientific Audit Sub-committee – Com Molai kumar Kundu

6. Defence Audit Sub-Committee – Com Subrata Saha


            Reports of the sub-committees were presented to the house by: Com KL Gautam-Civil Audit, Com JS Nair – Civil Accounts, Com OS Sudhakaran – Commercial, Com Anjan Kr Sanyal – P&T Audit, Com Molai Kundu-Scientific Audit and Com Subrata Saha – Defence Audit. House adopted the reports directing the National Executive Committee to pursue the issues listed there-in.


Election of National Executive Committee

            Secretary General proposed Com. Jagmohan Thakur as the Election Officer and Com Ramachandran, Audit Cat 2, Kerala and Com Lakshminarasimhan as Polling Officers. The house approved the proposal and the dais was handed over to the Election Officer and his team for the conduct of elections.

            Election officer announced the time schedule of elections. On conclusion time for withdrawal of nominations, Election officer declared the whole team as elected unopposed. (Pl. refer Circular 06-2013).


Women's Convention

            Women's Convention was held on 12th March 2013 at AG's office L&R Club Hall. The Convention was presided over by Com Ninakumari Kujur, Chairperson. Com. VS Jaitha, Convener, Women's Committee could not attend the conference and convention due to ill-health.

            Ms. Akhoijam Rina, Sr DAG/Admn O/o AG (Audit), Assam inaugurated the Convention. In a well informative speech, Ms. Akhoijam Rina spoke on the need to do much more in the process of empowering the women and stated that the women's issues are not of women alone but of the society at large.

            Com Moitrayee Mishra, Leader of All India Insurance Employees Association, NE Region, delivered the key note address. In her hour long speech, Com Moitrayee Mishra dealt with various issues confronting the women in this patriarchal society and stated that a society could be termed as progressive and cultured where its women are treated well with dignity and equality.

            The women's Convention was one of the best we had till this date in terms of participation of Women employees of the host units and the way it was organised. We are thankful to PAG (A&E), Shri Shantanu Basu for his presence in the Convention.

            The Convention was addressed by Com T Radhamony, a known personality in Kerala on the social and women's front and a yester year leader of our movement in Kerala. President and Secretary General of the Association also addressed the Convention.

            The participation of women comrades from other stations was a bit adversely affected because the dates of the Conference coincided with the dates of Board exams. Com VB Aruna, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Coms Indrani & Rajamani from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Com Nalini M, Bangalore, Karnataka addressed the Convention, in addition to two women comrades from the host units. Coms Aruna and Nalini moved resolutions which were adopted by the Convention. (The resolutions are included in the list of resolutions given elsewhere.)  

            The Convention elected Com Nalini M Accounts Cat II Bangalore as Chairperson and Com Ninakumari Kujur, Accounts Cat II, Bhubaneswar as Convener. Women's Committee was constituted with one woman comrade from each unit.


Seminar on "Strengthen Audit & Accounts to Safeguard Peoples Rights"

            A seminar on "Strengthen Audit & Accounts to safeguard People's Rights" was held on 13th March 2013 with Com M Duraipandian in Chair. Dr Hiren Gohain, an outstanding intellectual, widely respected across the NE region, presented the paper on the subject. Key note paper was presented by Com M S Raja, Secretary General. The seminar was well attended by people from different walks of life.

            The full text of the Paper submitted by Dr  Hiren Gohain would be circulated later on.


Resolutions adopted

            The Conference adopted the following resolutions finalised by the Resolution Committee headed by Com V Sreekumar.


  1. Victimisation on Trade Union Activities.
  2. Resolution on Price Rise.
  3. Appointment of 7th Central Pay Commission.
  4. Merger of DA with Pay.
  5. Compassionate Ground appointment.
  6. Right to Strike.
  7. Scrap the New Pension Scheme.
  8. Curtailment of Propriety Audit.
  9. Revision of Honorarium.
  10. Resolution on transfer of G.E.function in Kerala to State Government.
  11. Ban on Recruitment.
  12. Downsizing out-sourcing.
  13. Regularisation of Daily Wages workers.
  14. Reservation 33% to women in Parliament/Assembly.
  15. Sexual Assault of women employees.


Cultural Treat

            The delegates and observers were given a special treat by the reception committee by introducing them to the rich cultural heritage of the Assam and the North-East India through a variety of cultural programmes.

            The first programme was a Manipuri dance by Kum Megha Singh Hazarika. This was followed by Jhumur dance presented by Asom Kala Kendra. Master Sayantan Pal and Sudeshna Pal enthralled the audience through their magical voice by singing songs in Hindi and Asamese. Bagurum-ba dance was presented by Boraojai Bodo Kristi Afat.  Shri Bibu Ranjan Choudhury and group presented multi lingual songs. The 3 hour cultural treat come to an end with the famous Bihu dance presented by Asom Kala Kendra.  Many of the artists were especially the young singers and dancers were the children of our members. 


Concluding Session & Felicitation of Com GK Gohain

            Election officer, after declaring the list of National Executive Committee elected unanimously by the 46th Conference, invited the newly elected National Executive Committee members to the dais and handed over the dais to Com Duraipandian, newly/re-elected President.

            President thanked the election officers for conducting the elections. In his presidential address he reminded the house of the responsibilities lying ahead of one and all, especially of the newly elected National Executive Committee. He sought cooperation of every delegate and observer in carrying out the decisions of the Conference to ensure that the All India Audit & Accounts Association emerges as a vibrant organisation.

            President thereafter invited Com GK Gohain, who retired from service on 30th November 2011, to the dais and requested Com RK Shrivastava to present him with Memento and Shawl. Com RK Shrivastava, Com BP Bhattacharjee and Com MS Raja spoke on the occasion. Com GK Gohain thanked for the felicitation.

            Com RK Shrivastava offered his remarks on the conference reminding one and all on the challenging task ahead and hoped that the National Executive Committee would work unitedly and lead the organisation.

            Com MS Raja, Secretary General, recalling the decisions of the Conference one by one re-iterated the firm resolve to face the challenges frontally with the co-operation of one and all.


Thanks to the Hosts

            Com MS Raja, Secretary General, thanked the reception committee for the wonderful arrangements, warm hospitality and the fantastic treats – both in catering as well as through cultural programmes. He reminded one and all that every time comrades from NE region travel to every part of the country to attend the meetings and this time the whole India travelled to Guwahati. Secretary General stated that this 46th Conference would ever be remembered for the simple reason that it has pumped in energy into one and all by the sheer simplicity and love showered on the delegates and observers by the comrades of Guwahati.

            Com Asim Biswas offered vote of thanks on behalf of the reception committee for bestowing the honour of hoisting the 46th Conference at Guwahati.

            The 46th Conference drew to a close with a chorus 'We shall overcome …' led by President, Com M Duraipandian and amidst thunderous sloganeering.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally





Secretary General