Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Circular 19-2012

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 19 posted below.
With regards
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-19/2012                                                          Dated:  1st August 2012



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,







The Central Working Committee of All India Audit & Accounts Association met at New Delhi on 27th and 28th July 2012 under the chairmanship of Com M. Duraipandian, President of the Association.       


112 delegates/observers (including members of National Executive Committee) representing 44 units participated in the meeting. The CWC was addressed by Com SK Vyas, President, Confederation and Com KKN Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation, both on 27th July afternoon session. Com Vyas reported on the discussion on MACP anomalies that was held on that day morning.



The situation available after the barbarous attacks by the administration after the Mass Casual leave on 8th April 2010 was subjected to detailed discussion. The involvement of the leaders of the movement at field level in the confederation activities and our participation in the 7th Sept 2010 and 28th February 2011 were also subjected to discussion.


The CWC was unanimous that the organisational shape is much to be desired and there is an urgent need to go for systematic campaign and mobilisation. To this end CWC authorised the Secretariat to chalkout a detailed action plan including visit of group of All India leaders  to every station, camping there for atleast three days, interacting with Executive Committee, activists and general members. CWC also directed the NE to review the results in the first half of November 2012 so that further corrections, wherever necessary, could be initiated.


Strike on 12-12-12

The house was one in endorsing the call of Confederation to go for one day strike on 12th December 2012 on the 15 point charter of demands. It directed the NE that the visit of leaders should be so planned so as to help the units in preparing for the strike action.


Cadre Restructuring

The CWC recorded its disappointment over the proposals on cadre restructuring in IAA&D. The proposals does not contain anything to boost the morale of any section of Gr B & C officials. It directed the Secretariat to take up the issue of higher pay scale to all cadres as already in the Charter of Demands adopted by the 45th Conference and as per decision of the JAC.


The meeting noted that in Postal Accounts under Department of Posts, a committee comprising the staff side has been formed and the committee has finalised the proposals. The reason for not forming the Committee with representation to staff side is not acceptable.


A draft paper on our views on the cadre restructuring as finalised by the CWC is attached. Units may please communicate their view there-on by 3rd August 2012 evening by e-mail (only on omission and commission there-of).


46th Conference

CWC ratified the decision of the National Executive to hold the 46th Conference at Guwahati.


Com AK Biswas, General Secretary, Accounts Cat II Association, Assam, Guwahati reported that proposed date of the conference is from 11th March to 14th March 2012.  He on behalf of Accounts Cat III and Accounts Cat II Associations informed that all out efforts are on for the comfortable stay of delegates and observers during the conference.


Departmental Council

The National Executive decided to fill up the vacancy in the Departmental Council by nominating Com KL Gautam, General Secretary, Himachal Pradesh Civil Audit Association. It was further decided that Com GK Gohain, who has already retired from service, may be replaced  with Com Amitava Chatterjee, General Secretary, Accounts Category III Association, Assam, Guwahati. The same was reported to the CWC.


With regards

Yours fraternally




Secretary General

On Proposed Cadre Restructuring


(The below given note is to be refined in the proper manner which would be done at the time of submitting to CAG)




This Association is of the considered view that, whatever may be the constraints, the department should have strictly abided by the standing instructions of the DOPT that for the purpose of restructuring of cadres a committee be formed with representation to the staff Associations.


            It is unsure whether the proposals can be called 'proposals on cadre restructuring' as such, as there is no proposal on restructuring of any of the Gr C & B  cadres – except that of creation of a post of Audit Manager in Gr B gazetted. The proposals are far away from the core concern of the majority of the personnel in the department – ie higher grade pay for auditor/accountant, Sr AO/Sr Acctt. and of AAOs. Even the demand for Gr A status for SAO has been ignored and a pittance is offered in compensation against the demand and expectation of granting grade pay of 6600 to SAOs.


            This Association is of the firm opinion that cadre restructuring which does not cover majority of the personnel and does not give any financial upgradation to any of the cadre cannot be accepted.


            The field formation of IA&AD should also have the same structure as available at HQr office – with senior most PAG/DGA being in charge of administration – other PAG/AG/PDA being heads of functional wings. Also, future recruitments will have to be in a single/joint cadre. This will allow man power flexibility.


            The different nomenclatures such as (Sr) Auditor/Accountant, Asstt Audit/Accounts Officer, (Sr) Audit/Accounts Officer may be changed into (Sr) Auditor, Asstt Audit Officer, (Sr) Audit officer, irrespective of wings.


            The erstwhile record keeper may be de-merged from MTS and may be granted GP of 1900.


            The cadre of LDC may be upgraded to GP of 2400 and re-designated as Audit Assistant. Existing LDCs may be promoted as Auditor (Accountant) as a onetime measure.


            Other cadres may be granted the following GPs


            Auditor (Accountant) – 4200, SA – 4600, AAO 4800 & 5400 on completion of 4 years, AO – 6600.


            Recruitment in all cadres should be done locally.

Further, SA may be classified subject to that JCM facility would be available to SA, otherwise it may be reverted back to Gr C.


On the proposals made by Administration


Without compromising on the above proposals from our side, we here-by give our views on the proposals from the administration.


            Item wise response is given below:


            1. Creation of Audit Manager:


We re-iterate our stand that SAOs be granted GP of 6600 with Gr A status.


At present there are many offices, where under the 10% quota of Audit Manager none of the existing SAOs will be benefited. The condition of 7 years as SAO is a deterrent. This will have to be looked into and resolved. 


2. AAO – introduction of All India cadre & two channels of promotion


This proposal will create functional difficulties as well as heartburns amongst AAOs at ground level. There should not be two set of AAOs working in the same office. 


The option can be exercised at a later stage of all india posting on promotion. If the requirement is to get more hands inducted into IA&AS, the scheme of conducting special exam (as was done in mid 1990s) could be attempted. 


            3. SAS Exam.


            We are of the view that present system of wing/function-wise exam should continue.


            4. Supervisor


The recent circular (re-iterated in the proposals on cadre restructuring) fixing the Strength of Supervisor as 4% of AAO cadre is quite inadequate and it may be upwardly revised to 20% of the AAO cadre. This Federation has already submitted how the scheme is operated in Organised Accounts.


            5. Change of designation


            The proposal is to change the designation of SA to Audit/Accounts Assistant.


It was in the memorandum to the 3rd CPC, the then CAG stated that the designation of the then UDC is changed into Auditor so as to give weightage to the demand for parity in pay scale with Assistant in CSS. Any change to Audit/Accounts Assistant would weaken our position.

The present designation may be continued.


            6. Direct recruitment in the SA cadre


Senior Auditor/Accountant posts (not cadre) were created as a result of cadre restructuring with effect from 1.3.1984. The proposal to convert the post of SA to cadre with element of direct recruitment would tantamount to doing away with the restructuring of cadres of 1984.


As per the restructuring of cadres of 1984, IA&AD stood gained as 80% posts in Auditor cadre was upgraded. That position may not be reversed. Direct recruitment in SA cadre may not be introduced. 


The proposals may not be implemented without taking into account the reservation/views expressed by the staff side and without arriving at a consensus through further discussions with staff side.