Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Circular 16-2012

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 16 posted below.
Yours comradesly
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-16/2012                                                           Dated:  26th June 2012



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,



First about  a correction in our Circular 14-2012 - It was stated in the circular that the post of Audit Manager would be 10% of AO/SAO cadre. It would be 10% of SAO posts. This correction may kindly be taken note of. CHQ expresses regret for the error.


CHQ is receipt of some mails from some of the AAOs on the proposals. But any of the unit is yet to give their views – may be units are in the process of convening meetings and summing up the views. It is requested that all Units should take the task seriously.


Some tips on the past cadre re-structuring in IA&AD may help us to understand the whole issue in its entirety.


The first and the only cadre restructuring that took place in IA&AD was in 1984 – w.e.f. 1st March 1984. That was a culmination of long drawn struggle for pay parity for Auditors with Assistants in CSS (remember that there was only auditors then, Senior Auditor/Senior Accountant, AAO all came thereafter, an aftermath).


There was no Auditor up to early 1970. It was UDC. The then CAG, in his memorandum to 3rd CPC in 1971-72 stated that the UDC of the IA&AD would there-after be called Auditors – conveying that the then UDC of IA&AD is of higher stature and cannot be equated with UDC of subordinate offices.


In 1984, the cadre restructuring came into being after prolong struggle under the banner of All India Audit & Accounts Association and protracted negotiation with CAG Administration and government of India. The All India Audit & Accounts Association was involved at every stage, disagreements were taken note of, consensus was attempted and the cadre restructuring came into effect after All India Audit & Accounts Association agreed.


In the restructuring of 1984, no benefit was accrued to Gr. D and Clerks – though immediately after the restructuring, there were quick promotions to Clerks as Auditors/Accountants – the waiting period for clerk to become an Auditor was not less than 14 years prior to restructuring of cadres.


Similarly AOs (then only Accounts Officers) were also not benefitted. Senior Auditor was carved out of the total strength Auditor & Asstt Audit officer out of Section Officer – with 80% of the cadre being upgraded to higher pay and the offices of Accountants General were bifurcated into Audit & Accounts. It is the 4th CPC which restored parity between audit and accounts stating that only a good accountant can be a good auditor. (Senior AO – both in audit and accounts – was created in the early 1990s).


In the present proposals no cadre up to and including AAO is benefitted financially or career wise. The long pending demand for parity with Assistants in CSS is altogether ignored. In the case of SAO also, what is offered is not what we were championing for – Gr. A status and 6600 GP. Both are denied.


As an organisation when we approach the whole proposals you may kindly take into consideration –


·        How far these proposals live up to our demands – not only financial but status wise also - the auditor's (includes up to SAO) pay and status should be above that of auditee.

·        Whether these proposals would enhance our morale and thus efficiency?

·        Whether these proposals would attract better talent to IA&AD?

·        The proposed direct recruitment to Sr. Ar./Sr. Acctt. will be a boon or bane in pursuance of our demand for parity.

·        Whether we should agree to Deptt's stand of not going by the DOPT's instructions that Committee with Staff side be constituted for cadre restructuring.


Each unit may consider the situation specific to their station with the all India picture in the background.


Each unit may finalise and communicate its views by 30th June 2012. Kindly note that the unit views or individual views may not be conveyed through phone or sms.  


With greetings


Yours fraternally




(M. S. Raja)

Secretary General