Thursday, January 26, 2012

Circular 02

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 02-2012 posted below
With greetings
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja



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Reference: AIA/Circular-02/2012                                                                                                                                         Dated:  26th January 2012



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,


Bilateral meeting with DAI was held on 24th January 2012.


The meeting was held with Shri Anupam Kulshresta, DAI. Smt Annie G Mathew PD, Staff, Shri Saurabh Narayan, AC (N) and Shri ML Tamrakar, AO/JCM were also present.


The Association was represented by – in addition to the Secretary General - Coms M Duraipandian, President, Subhash Chandra Pandey, Vice President, V Nageswara Rao, Additional Secretary General and V Sreekumar, Additional Secretary General


A brief on the discussion held is given below.


  1. Fill up vacant posts in all cadres through local recruitment


DAI informed that 5000 dossiers were received in 2011 of which 2500 have already reported. Another 4500 dossiers are expected by March 2012.


From our side we raised the need for localised recruitment and insisted that non-local recruitment is causing social tensions in many stations in addition to the problem faced by the non local employee as well as by the administration.

DAI expressed his helplessness stating that can't go against government's decisions. He further clarified that the allotment is made strictly on the basis of option exercised by the candidate and the candidates' position in the merit list.


  1.  Re-designate Supervisor as Section Officer and assign 20% of AAO post for seniority cum fitness promotion (Supervisor)


DAI stated that this position of Supervisor is unique to IA&AD and it is not getting clearance from Finance Ministry.


We pointed out that the scheme was in vogue prior to 1.3.1984 and as far as A&E offices are concerned MIR provides it. The Scheme of Supervisors was introduced in Audit offices in 1988-89 after an agreement in the Department al Council. In the case of deficit offices it was revised to 20%, again as per the agreement arrived at the Departmental Council in 1992.

It was further pointed out that the offices such as Controller General of Accounts and Dir. General of Accounts (Postal) where the scheme of Supervisor was not in operation, the scheme was introduced in 1999 so as to ensure that the Sr Accountants in those offices do get benefit of ACP scheme.


We also pointed out that DGA (Postal) in 2009 itself revised the percentage of Supervisor to 10 % of AAO post.


In the light of the above submissions DAI agreed to verify the factual position and do needful.

  1.  Declare SOGE (A&E) – common paper – passed candidates as promoted


We pointed out that there are three categories of affected personnel as detailed in the note submitted by this Association.


DAI stated that where ever it is taken to court, we will have to wait for the result of the appeal to be filed by the Department. As regards the case of those personnel who have been declared as 'deemed to have passed' will be positively considered.

  1. Treat Promotion to AAO (Section officer, prior to 1.1.2006) as (deemed) Direct Recruitment  and extend consequential benefits under MACPS


There was detailed discussion over the subject.


DAI agreed to look into the issue afresh in the light of the submission by us that as per MSO (Admn) it is appointment as Section Officer (AAO) not a promotion.


  1. i) Hold verification of Membership of Federations after re-verification of membership of field level Association on a common date.


DAI assured to examine the feasibility of the submission


ii) Notify or call for applications for recognition of Associations where-ever no Association is recognised till recognised Association comes into being.


DAI assured that the DOPT instructions in this regard would be followed


  1. Grant of annual increment in Dies-non or EOL cases


We submitted that the dies non for one day (ie 8th April 2010) should be treated at par with EOL for the purpose of drawal of increment. It was explained in detail how the employee would be completing 180 days despite having been under dies-non for one day


DAI stated that if the rule is such, then it would be applied.


  1. Replace Qualification Pay with 4 (four) advance increments


After detailed discussion DAI agreed to keep the issue open.


  1. Revise the DA rates for sports and cultural activities and treat participation in sports and cultural activities as tour.


DAI informed that the rates are being revised. He also assured that positive approach would be taken to the demand to treat the participation as tour and extend the benefits there-under.

  1. i) Functioning of scheme of JCM at all levels, as per the scheme and joint intent.


There was a detailed discussion over the subject. We stated that what we submit is for the implementation of rules and the scheme of JCM as is envisaged.


DAI assured that the administration will fully abide by the rules.

ii) Bilateral meeting with staff Associations at field level


DAI categorically stated that all (Pr) Accountants/Director General/PDs should meet the Association periodically. He even suggested to the Association that names of such Heads of offices who refuse to meet the Association may be placed in the blog of the Assocaition so that the administration will come to now of it.


  1. Implementation of National litigation policy on service matters


DAI assured to have a detailed look into the prevailing situation, assuring that the Department is bound by the policy of Government in this regard.


  1. Disclosure of the report of work study, discussion with staff side there-on.


DAI informed that a meeting of all the recognised Federations would be held on 25th Jan 2012 to brief the Federations on the proposed restructuring of the audit offices. He also stated that the staff side would be taken into confidence on all important matters.


The Association pointed out that every other Central Govt department involves the staff side in the process of the cadre review/restructuring and the extant DOPT order on the subject mandates inclusion of staff side representatives in the committee for the cadre review.


DAI assured to keep this requirement in mind.


We also raised the issues related to insistence on quorum. It was pointed out that the quorum is mandatory for business GBs and not for ordinary GBs which are called to explain certain demands etc. We further pointed out that even in the Parliament – which is the supreme law enactment body – the opposition and the treasury benches are in unique unanimity that the issue of quorum would not be or should not be raised.

DAI assured to examine the issue afresh.


With regards

Yours fraternally




Secretary General