Monday, January 3, 2011

Circular 01-2011

Dear Comrades


Circular 01-2011 is posted below.

With greetings

M. S. Raja
Secretary General
(U.P), PIN-201012
Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/
0 – 98681 45667

Reference: AIA/Circular-01/2011
Dated: 1st January 2011

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,

The year 2010 had been quite hectic; one cannot say that the year
2011 could be something different.

We had a militant action expressing strong disapproval of
high-handedness of the amoral IA&AS bureaucracy and their total
inaction on the prime concerns of the employees and officers. The
action of mass casual leave on 8th April 2010 was unique in many ways
– for first time every one in the department joined together and
conveyed their vehement resentment over the manner in which the basic
human rights are violated and the status and stature of the department
is eroded. Also, it exposed the administration's colonial mindset,
their inherent intolerance.

Many amongst us feel dejected because after the successful mass
casual leave programme when the administration behaved in a most
uncivilised manner we offered an apology or something of the sort to
get out of the situation.
History is witness that before incivility, civility has to take a
step back - many a time. When we decide to take a step back, it is not
surrendering – it is only a tactical withdrawal to regroup and
strengthen ourselves for the furtherance of future struggles.

There is no defeat in the history of working class struggles, there
are only set backs. And we will rectify the mistakes and go to the
mass of employees to advance the struggle in furtherance of our avowed
goals. Every struggle advances cause of the workers.

Negotiation backed by agitation is our guiding principle; we want
peace but a reciprocated one. We cannot remain silent when certain
officers run amuck like wild bulls in the market and those vested with
authority to correct of the situation play the role of biased umpires.

The vacancy position in the department is getting acute; the present
policy of recruitment (if at all there) has to undergo a thorough
change. We will have to be prepared to face the situation that would
emerge after the cadre review that may come any time now.

On the Common Front of CG employees we can say that nothing happened
for eleven months – and in the 12th month, realising that expecting
the manna to fall- i.e. the dominant leadership amongst the CG front
to rise to the occasion and confront the government on the basic
issues - is a futile one, the Confederation decided to go it alone.

There has been no negotiation on any of the issues, the anomaly
committee – as the name is, that itself is an anomaly – has no meeting
and in the past two years when it met twice no issue was settled. The
attempt to de-link the grade pay from pay is moving fast.
After 3 years the National Council, JCM met in May 2010 with an
agenda submitted three years back. And nothing thereafter.
The staff side in the JCM is a mute spectator.
The Confederation has taken up the cudgel on behalf of all. It is for
one and all of us to rise to occasion and mobilise every segment of
government employees spreading the message even to those sections
where the leadership have ceased to be trade unionists.

The national scenario is quite grim. Corruption has spread to all
spheres of life. The corrupt few decide the destiny of others.

The life of the common man gets harsher and harsher with prices of
all essential commodities sky rocketing on each passing day. The
assured income is getting eroded. The number of those with assured
income also becoming lesser and lesser with more and more
contractorisation of all kinds of jobs in every sector.

Selling of the national properties to few selected corporate houses
is the priority of the present day government.

The government does not have money to implement the arbitration
awards in favour of Central government employees including the award
on parity in pay scales; but has no problem in writing off taxes
amounting more than 8 lakh crores of rupees favouring few hundred
corporate houses terming it revenue foregone!

One has to rise against all these.

The struggle has to be against these policies. The denial of trade
union rights, attack on the basic rights of workers – including
putting those fighting for basic human rights for the poor behind bars
on trumpetted charges of sedition - are natural corollaries of these

We have to be a part of the struggles against these policies to be
effective in our struggle to protect ourselves against victimisation.
There are no short cuts.

With regards

Yours fraternally

Secretary General