Tuesday, February 14, 2017

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012

Reference: AIA/Circular-05/2017                                                     Dated:  13th February 2017

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


            The 47th Conference decided to build up struggle on the departmental charter of demands. We had the first phase of programme on 15th November 2016 by adopting the charter of demands and submitting the same through proper channel.

            The second phase of the programme was decided for January 2016, later rescheduled to 21st February 2017.

            All the units are requested to organise Dharna by the Members of the Executive Committee with massive luch hour meeting. Campaign on the charter of demands may be conducted. A brief on the Charter of Demands is attached.

            While campaigning on the Charter of Demands, we should simultaneously focus on the demands raised by the Confederation and mobilise for the one day strike on 16th March 2017. We must keep in mind that the Common Charter of demands and the departmental charter of demands are complementary to each other and the struggles for achieving the demands cannot be separated.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally

M. S. Raja
Secretary General

Brief on Charter of Demands

   1.  Strengthen Audit & Accounts to Safeguard People’s Rights
       Stop down-sizing; Stop outsourcing & privatisation of Audit & Accounts; Scrap    Curtailment/shedding of Audit functions in the name of Audit Plan; ensure continuance of the existing Accounting and Auditing methodologies and appropriate party days with scientific work norms; ensure effective Panchayati Raj Audit & Accounts by sanctioning adequate posts; revisit restructuring of Audit effected from 1..4. 2012.

Founding fathers of the Constitution saw in the CAG a position that is equivalent or more important than judiciary. This was because of the nature of responsibilities that he has to discharge.
The developments in the recent past give an impression that the higher ups in the Department are more interested in having skeleton activities. The Drastic curtailment in regularity and propriety audit, overstressing on Performance Audit etc are nothing but an attempt to abdicate the constitutional responsibility vested with the CAG.
All these are used to reduce the manpower at lower level upto Sr Auditor/Accountant and the shortage of manpower is used to curtail audit further and introduce outsourcing of functions. The recent decision of CAG to rationalise the staff strength in audit offices have caused drastic reduction in the cadre strength of Auditor/Senior Auditor. Even the Auditor/Accountant & SA has been removed from the technical cadre category.
There is no visible move to strengthen PRI Audit. This itself raises doubt on the intention behind this demand – the Department is withdrawing from the role of a pro-active ‘Comptroller’ to a very superficial ‘Auditor General’ with no responsibility but with only power. This is an affront to the Indian Constitution. There is a reluctance to utilise the idle man power available or to pool the man power. Divide and rule rules.
It is therefore a must that the Department takes steps for widening and deepening the scope of the functions, audit as well as accounts including that of Panchayati Raj Institution, revisit the bifurcation of the office of Accountants General on functional grounds and develop a multi-skilled manpower from the lower level. Risk based Audit and Performance audit may be used as additional tools. Otherwise the whole audit edifice would be under risk.
Neither the executive wants to protect the people’s rights nor does the CAG want. What everybody wants is to somehow remain afloat. As far as CAG’s bureaucracy is concerned, the only concern is to create more posts at higher level at the cost of base level cadres. The performance vis-a-vis the accountability is very low today.
Only an overhauling as proposed in our proposal for cadre restructuring can bring about some desirable changes – the mandate that flows from the Constitution and the accountability there-upon should only be the concern.

       2.     a) Amend Company Law and DPC Act for Audit of Public Sector Undertakings      &  Corporations even after reduction of Government share to below 50%.
       b) Amend Company Law to ensure the Audit by IA&AD of all Public Limited   Companies listed with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
         c) Enact necessary law to bring audit of all public Financial Institutions by IA&AD.    

These demands have become all the more important in the context of the Governments overdrive on privatisation and selling of family silver. Public-Private-Participation (PPP) is going to be the order of the day. This simply means handing over the national assets to the national and transnational corporates. The move to bring 100% FDI in Railways and 49% in Defence rings alarm bells for audit also.
Whenever we discuss with our administration, “global practice” is what is being played up. The department is not oblivious to the fact that in many of the “model” nations, whenever and wherever public money is involved or common man’s money is involved, it is brought under the scrutiny of Supreme Auditor of that nation. What we demand is the same.
From The topmost to any dick and harry in the government speaks of “globally  friendly’ atmosphere! This is nothing but allowing the transnational business conglomerates to loot the national wealth. This is where the role of CAG as the “watchdog of Indian finances” has to be seen and strengthened.

  3. Restructure the audit/accounts cadres as per note submitted by this Association & Grant the following Grades Pay to other cadres
                                Auditor/Accountant –  4200,
                                                             SA –  4600,
                                                          AAO  – 4800 & 5400 (PB2) on completion of 4 years,
                                                                        AO–  6600
                                                            SAO -  7600 
The issue of parity in Pay scale for SA with Assistants in CSS maintaining vertical relativity has been our long standing demand. Through struggles, we achieved it in the past, only to be disturbed again and again. The court cases filed by some disruptionists elements and its rejection by the Supreme Court caused immense damage to our demand, giving a handle to the 6th and 7 CPCs to reject the parity demand. The decision of the CAG administration to upgrade the SA cadre with 75% direct recruitment of graduates and to demand total parity with CSS for all cadres is the result of the consistent persuasion of the demand, supported by the sustained agitations – including the mass casual leave on 8th April 2010 – we conducted for long.
The first step would be to snatch what has been denied to us repeatedly and then we have to move forward for betterment of the service advancement of the entirety of the personnel.  

 4.   a)  Vacate victimisation of Association activists.
        b) Allow democratic functioning of Association without interference from administration
There is no station in IA&AD where gross misuse of authority against the employees, their Association and its leaders has not taken place. Many of the Accountants General does not meet the Association. The grievance redressal machineries have become defunct. The scars of Kerala, Rajkot, Allahabad & Kolkata are yet to be addressed, so also the wounds of vicitmisations on the wake one day mass casual leave on 8th April 2010.
The mutilated implementation of the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 has created a mess in the Department. The recognition process is a never-ending, ever-continuing process in IA&AD.
Basic functional facilities like Special CL etc are questioned by the filed level administrations.

  5.             i)          Fill up all vacant posts through local recruitment, coming out of SSC if required;
         ii)         Reserve 80% posts for those from the respective territory.
It is stated by the CAG administration that 16000 personnel has been recruited during the last 4-5 years. With rate of retirement being at a faster and because of the vacancies that have  accumulated  over the years and above all, retention rate of those recruited being very poor, the man power availability at field level is much below the requirement – vacancy position being still above 30%.
IA&AD decided to refer the recruitment to SSC when the SSC was recruiting the personnel locally. Since the judgement of Supreme Court on Radhey Shyam and others vs UOI, the SSC is compelled to make the recruitment on all India plane. The result is that majority of the newly recruited are from out of the particular state having no the knowledge of local language. Lack of knowledge of the local language affects the functioning as State Govts do function on the regional language.
Further, the newly recruited personnel also face lot of difficulties, including the condition to qualify in the regional language and ban on unilateral transfer.
This recruitment policy also causes low rate of retention. In the changed circumstances, we demand that IA&AD should come out of SSC and go for own recruitment, statewise – this will ensure that the department gets enough number of recruits, enhancing the rate of retention.
Also we insist on revising of the rationalisation of staff strength in Audit side, leading to drastic reduction in the SA/Auditor cadre.

 6.    Stop unilateral implementation of transfer policy in Commercial Audit & P&T Audit
The audit criteria issued by the CAG in January 2011 is nothing but total abdication of constitutional responsibility to help the corrupt executive in the light of the audit report on the deal with Devas International on the allocation of S-band spectrum. The audit report was suppressed. It did not get the importance as in the case of 2G or coal. The new criterion was issued immediately after that, to ensure that such firms (though in Public Sector) are left scot free.

 7.      Implement Arbitration Award on SA pay Scale
                  The award - granting parity in pay scales to SA with Assistants in CSS from 1.1.1986 notionally and actually from 12.11.2011 - given in August 2004 is still pending for implementation. The UPA government has even in its last days tried to move a resolution in the Parliament for its rejection. Only because of the timely intervention by Com Basudev Acharya ensured that it was not carried.

 8.   Permit all Employees in the GP of 1800 to appear for all Departmental Exams including SOGE
                  In the recent recruitment of MTS, many of those recruited are with qualification graduation and above. The promotional avenue for them is quite limited. These hands are of great asset to the department. (The spectre of unemployment has made them to come as MTS. It would be in the interest of the department that those who are graduates are permitted to negotiate the SAS examination directly, on completion of 3 years          

  10. Designate Supervisor as AAO & Earmark 20% of AAO post for seniority cum fitness           promotion in all wings
                  The Recruitments Rule (RR) for SA is about to be amended with direct recruitment of 75%. This is the pattern available for Assistants in CSS. The Assistants in CSS so recruited is entitled for promotion as Section Officer – 50 through Departmental Examination and 50% through seniority cum fitness.
                        In the Organised Accounts, 20% of the AAO post is earmarked for promotion of SA on seniority cum fitness. It should be extended same to the SA in IA&AD also. Further, present day Supervisor should be treated at par with AAO with channel for further promotion to AO/SAO opened up. There is no difference in the functions of AAO and Supervisor.

 11Stop downsizing of P&T Audit Offices; conduct audit of private service providers as     per TRAI regulations, widen scope of audit.
            We submitted this proposal in May 2007. The department has avoided discussion on the subject since then.

12.   Re-imburse hotel charges to Railway Audit personnel wherever Railway accommodation is not allotted while on tour.
In the pretext that personnel of Railway audit are covered by the TA rules of Railways, this is denied. It is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that our touring personnel get the entitled type of Railways accommodation or Railways arrange the entitled type of accommodation. Otherwise the Hotel Charges be re-imbursed, be it by the Railways or the Department.

13.   Restore unilateral transfer policy.
The system of unilateral transfer in cadres where provision for direct recruitment is there was in vogue in the Department from the very beginning. The scheme was suspended in 1995-96 for a short period and then re-introduced with certain stipulations.
But later on complete ban was imposed on unilateral transfer. This has caused great inconvenience to employees seeking unilateral transfer.

14.   Restore metal Pass facility to AAOs in Railway Audit
The facility of metal pass to AAOs in railway audit is denied on the ground that AAO in Railway Accounts are not gazetted. Reply under RTI has stated that the AAO in Railway Audit with GP of 4800 is entitled for metal pass. But till date the department has failed to get it extended to our AAOs.

    15. Restore/Extend JCM facility to AAOs (who were part of the scheme uptil 1984)
            When the Scheme of Joint Consultative Machinery & Compulsory Arbitration was brought into effect from 1965, SAS Accountant/ Superintendent (later designated as Section Officer) were Gr C and hence part of the Scheme. But with the restructuring of cadres in IA&AD in 1984, 80% of the cadre was upgraded and were granted Gazetted status with the designation AAO, thus excluding them from the ambit of JCM scheme.
                The present cadre of AAO was essentially a part of JCM Scheme and hence it is unjustifiable to exclude it later only because the CPC/Govt. decided to restructure or upgrade the cadre on a later date.

    16.  Grant 5 promotions in the career
Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers, for the first time, raised the issue of stagnation due to lack of promotional avenues that are adversely affecting the morale of the employees in various departments with the 5th CPC. The result was introduction of the scheme of ACP which came into being from 1999. With the 6 CPC, the demand was to increase it to 3 which was conceded but with clever dilution – instead of cadre hierarchy Grade Pay hierarchy was introduced creating lot of disaffection and confusion.
The 7 CPC, though we persisted with demand for 5 promotions during the entire service – on the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th year of the career-, it was not conceded. (Not only that the 7 CPC did not concede to make it 5 or on promotional hierarchy, it made it more stringent by making “very good’ as the bench mark). It is a fact that the personnel of organised Group A services are entitled to get 5 promotions. The personnel down below should also be entitled for the same hierarchical promotional avenues.
It means, in our department our demand is that: MTS should get a chance to reach up to AAO; ii) DEO up to AO and iii) SA (in the new format) up to one level above SAO.