Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 Com KL Gautam, Addl SG and Convener Reception Committee inviting the delegates and observers for tributes to Martyrs.

Red Salute to Martyrs:

Com M Duraipandian, President , All India Audit & Accounts Associaion

    Com M. S. Raja, Secretary General

 Delegates & observers being Assembled at the CWC venue:

  Delegates & observers being Assembled at the CWC venue:

Welcome Speech by Com KL Gautam

 The Dias

 Com.M.Duraipandian - Presidential address

Welcoming the Guests:

 Com: Tikender Panwar, Dy Mayor, Shimla

Shri Satish Loomba, Pr. Accountant General (Audit) HP 

  Shri Sushil Kumar, Accountant General (A&E), HP

 Inaugural Speech By Com Tikender Panwar, Dy Mayor, Shimla

 Address by Shri Satish Loomba PAG, Chief Guest

Address by Shri Arun Kumar Zakhmi,  Dy Accountant General

 Felicitation of Com Jagmohan Thakur, Former Finance Secretary of All India Audit & Accounts Association and General Secretary, HP Civil Accounts Association who will retire on superannuation on 30th April 2014

 Thanks to the felicitation – Com Jagmohan Thakur

The National Executive Committee on the dais  

 Com: M.S. Raja, Secretary General: Presenting the note on agenda items by Secretary General for discussion

Delegate Session

Presentation of Credential Committee Report – by Com KC Mathai, Asstt Secretary General & Convener, Credential Committee

 Summing up the Discussion by Com M. S. Raja, Secretary General 

 Presidential words – Concluding the CWC meeting at Shimla on 12-13 March 2014

Felicitating the Host

The Bonhomie