Monday, March 4, 2013

Circular 05

Dear Comrades,
Please find Circular 05 on Observance of International Women's Day posted below.
With greetings,
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-05/2013                                                           Dated:  4th March 2013



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,



            8TH March is observed as International Women's Day world over. Across the world, the women are asserting their rights with the slogan 'half the sky is ours'.


            The media is full of reports on atrocities against women, even against little girls. The national capital is leading in these inhuman, insane acts against girl child and women.


            As has been stated in circular 32-2012, the root cause is the patriarchal society when from the day they are born, the girls are given a treatment akin to that of a second class citizen. The consumer culture that is being pushed through since the initiation of the LPG policies since 1990s are portraying women as consumer item, for the pleasure of the moneyed.


            This International Women's Day may be observed so as to initiate the campaign against these evils.


            Circulars from the Confederation is attached.


            With greetings,

Yours fraternally





Secretary General








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Conf/ 24 /2013                                                                                          Dated: 27th February 2013



Dear Comrades,

            The International Women' day which falls on 8th March is observed throughout the world. The UN theme for the International women's day 2013 is "A promise is a promise; time for action to end violence against women". This year in India, we saw a massive uprising against the atrocities on women immediately after the barbarous sexual assault on student in Delhi.  She later succumbed to the injuries suffered during the assault. 

             Thousands of young men and women, students and common people assembled at Vijay Chowk and elsewhere in Delhi and other parts of the country demanding stringent action against the culprits besides asking the Government to make enactment to protect the women. Empowerment of women is an issue that has to be focused and taken to its logical end. There is no shortcut for that. Raising the conscious level of the society at large through sustained campaign and struggles is the only way out. It is a painstaking path, but there is no other alternative.

The brutalities against women, attempt to dispossess the women of their right to property is the outcome of the patriarchal system that has taken roots in our country. In our society today women are being portrayed as a commercial commodity an offshoot of the impact of the neo liberal economic policies where except profit nothing matters. The fight for empowerment of women, hence, cannot be separate from the struggle against finance capital driven neo-liberal economic policies.

We call upon  every affiliate and the State Committee to observe the International Women's Day in a befitting manner by holding Seminar, Convention, meetings etc depending upon the local situation. The programmes may be utilized to drive the theme of the International Women's Day 2013. The apathy of the rulers towards crime against women must be exposed.  We must bring to the public gaze that many in the ruling class have criminal background and are facing charges of assault on women. The convention/seminar/meeting may be preceded by handbills focusing on this issue.

Kindly send us a detailed report on the observance of the International Women's Day.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



KKN Kutty

Secretary General