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Circular 31

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 31-2012 posted below
with greetings
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-31/2012                                                         Dated:  24th December 2012



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,

THE STRIKE ON 12-12-12


The strike on 12-12-12 was stupendous success – in all departments, in all states. Many state

Committees of Confederation have reported that even those organisations which have shunned strike actions endorsed by Confederation have also joined this time. It is seen in Departments like Postal that even the employees belonging to rival organisation (FNPO) have joined strike on 12-12-12. Confederation Circular is enclosed.


In IA&AD, it is quite visible that where ever the leadership did take the lead, we could go for strike and almost everywhere with great success rate. The units where the call was given, the leadership took pain for the strike, but the result had not been as it should have been have to seriously go for an self introspection on what went wrong – trying to overcome the shortcoming in the next action, i.e. on 20-21 Feb 2013.


The Units that did not even venture to give the call or backed out in the last minute should conduct a serious introspection on the functioning of the Association.


Every Unit is requested send the following report.


            1. After the CWC meeting on 27-28 July 2012, when the Executive Committee met?

            2. Whether the decision to go for one day strike was reported in the EC?

            3. What are the steps decided by the EC to popularise the demands?

            4. Whether the EC attended all the meetings of Confederation at local level?

5. How the visit of all India leaders of the Association and Confederation was utilised? 6. The NE meeting on 29th October 2012 had given detailed guidelines on conducting the campaign – give a detailed report on the implementation of the same.

7. How many leaders, activists and members joined the evening Dharna held as per call of Confederation – on each day.

8. Whether the EC met regularly to take stock of the impact of campaign and to take corrective measure wherever necessary? - if so, how many times (with dates)




Com Basudeb Acharya, Group leader of CPI (M) in Lok Sabha raised the issue of one day strike by the 10 lakh Central Govt Employees on 12-12-12, during zero hour. Com PK Biju, MP (Ottappalam, Kerala – CPI(M)) joined Com Acharya in support.


Copy of transcript of the Lok Sabha proceedings on the relevant portion is reproduced along with the enclosed Confederation Circular.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally





Secretary General






























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No. Conf/20/2012                                                                 Dated: 14th December, 2012





Dear Comrades,


The one day strike on 12.12.12 in pursuance of the 15 point charter of demands elicited magnificent response from the Central Government employees. As per the reports received at the Confederation Headquarters from the State Committees and Affiliates, near about 70% of the CGEs whom the Confederation represents is reported to have participated in the strike action


On behalf of the Secretariat, we convey our sincere gratitude and thanks to all our State/District/Branch level leaders and through them to all the members who participated in the strike. We reproduce the Press statement issued by us on 12th which is reflective of the extent of participation state-wise and organisation-wise. During the three months long campaign and mobilisation programmes undertaken by our leaders, we could convincingly bring to the understanding of the rank and file of our membership the pernicious impact of the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Government since 1991. The employees could realise more than ever before the need for united, organised and sustained struggles and responded admirably to the call.


We were no doubt apprehensive of our decision to organise a day's strike sans the major section of the CGEs i.e. Railways and Defence Federations. We were also aware of the erosion of the efficacy of the Confederation came about in the background of prolonged confabulations and negotiations in the JCM sans struggles. It, therefore, goes to the credit of the leaders of the affiliates and members of the State Committees that we could successfully overcome our weakness and bring about vibrancy and cohesiveness and enthuse our members for a decisive action. The crowning success in our endeavour which was considered by many as adventurously risky in the beginning will embolden us to go ahead and chalk out much more intensive struggles in the days to come.


The issues which we have projected through this highly successful strike action are of paramount importance and require to be settled without delay. We firmly believe that in the action programmes that will unfold in the coming months, those who did not have the courage to walk along with us on 12th December, 2012 will join and this Government will be compelled to reverse its policies or perish. We will ensure through sustained struggles and with unwavering determination that the PFRDA bill is withdrawn, the outsourcing, privatisation, contractorisation is ended; there are no informal, daily rated workers, the Grameen Dak Sewaks enjoy the status, privileges , perks and salary of a regular employee; discrimination on various matters like the compassionate appointment, overtime allowance, Bonus entitlement etc., is removed; that the Government employees enjoy the trade union rights, i.e. right to collective bargaining and strike,; that posts are created as per the work requirement; a decent career advancement scheme is evolved to all employees and above all revision of wages is effected through the setting up of the 7th CPC together with the merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay for all purposes.


We know there are innumerable problems, hurdles and difficulties. We also know that nothing is insurmountable. Let us with determination go ahead and intensify our campaign to make the next struggle, the two days strike on 20th and 21st February a grand success.


We must record our appreciation over the efforts of the State Committees in organising Press media meet and conferences, which immensely helped in getting widest possible coverage for the strike. We thank those comrades who could persuade the honourable Members of Parliament to take up our problems with the Government. Our communication to the Political Parties, Central Trade Unions, Federations and Associations has helped in bringing our demands and problems within the knowledge of the cross section of our countrymen. We shall intensify our efforts in this regard. The strike action was covered extensively and widely by the Regional Electronic and Print Media and as usual was spurned by the National Media owned by the rich corporate houses.


We express our gratitude to Com. Basudeb Acharya, Member of Parliament, Leader of the CPI(M) in Lok Sabha and a very senior leader of the CITU for raising our demands in the Parliament on 12th December, 2012. His submissions as it appeared in the Lok Sabha records are reproduced.


The National Secretariat of the Confederation will meet on 2nd January, 2013 at New Delhi. Notice is issued separately and copy is enclosed. We shall review the strike participation at the meeting with a view to remove the weakness manifested in certain areas during this struggle. To help us to evolve the appropriate strategy to make the future struggles significantly of a higher dimension we request you to kindly favour us with a report in the following format.


For State Committees:


1. Name of the State.


2. Names of associations/Federations, which participated in the strike with percentage of participation.


3. Name of the Associations/Federations, which did not take part in the strike.

4. Names of those organisations which participated in the strike whose CHQ had not taken part in the action.


5. Name of the Stations visited by the State leaders as part of the campaign.


For Affiliates.


1. Name of the Federation/All India association.


2. Number of Unit/.branches,


3. Names of the Units which participated in the strike with the percentage of participation.


4. Names of the Units which did not take part in the strike.


5. Specific reasons advanced by the Units for non participation.


6. Names of the Units visited by the Leaders.


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General.



Statement made by Com. Basudeb Acharya in Lok Sabha on 12.12.12


SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA (BANKURA): Chairman, Sir today, about one million of Central Government employees are on strike.....(interruptions) The employees' organisations in Postal, Income tax, Audit, Accounts, Printing and Stationery, Geological Survey of India, Customs, Central Excise, Indian Bureau of Mines, CGHS, Ground Water Board, Central Water Commission, Central Public Works, Census, Defence Accounts, Indian Space Research Organisation, Andaman Nicobar and Pondicherry Administrations and Medical Stores Depot are on strike..............(interruption)


Their demand is the constitution of Seventh Pay Commission....(Interruptions) It is due from 1st January, 2011 but the Government of India has not yet constituted the Seventh Pay Commission to consider the revision of Pay and allowances to the Central Government employees. They are agitating....(Interruptions) After acceptance of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations, there are several anomalies in their pay scales. A Committee was constituted but that committee has failed to address the problem of anomalies in regard to their pay scales.........(interruptions)


Mr. Chairman. Hon. Members, Please go back to your seats. Other Hon. Members are raising their issues. ...(.Interruptions.)


Mr. Chairman: Hon. Members, I will call your leader. Please take your seats........... (Interruptions)


SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA (BANKURA). Sir, there is a joint consultative machinery to address the problem of Central Government employees but this JCM has become non functional...........(Interruptions) Their meetings are not being held. As a result of that, the problems of Central Government employees are not being resolved. .............(Interruptions)


Mr. Chairman. Shri P.K. Biju is associating with the matter raised by Shri Basudeb Acharia.