Thursday, November 17, 2011

Circular 27-2011

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 27 posted below
Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-27/2011                                                 Dated:  16th November 2011



Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &

Members of Women's Committee


Dear Comrades,





Campaign under the banner of Steering Committee involving all sections of population and prominent personalities in different walks of life and 6.5 lakh signatures in 20 days! Reports say that the signatures have neared 7 lakhs by this time.


This is a feat accomplished by Kerala comrades on the PFRDA Bill - something to be emulated by one and all with required modification in each station.


A brief on the campaign undertaken in Kerala is given elsewhere.


WE ARE 99%!


The campaign started in the USA with the slogan 'we are 99 %' is catching up the whole world. The protesters are occupying the citadel of capitalism – the Wall Street. Numerous attempts to physically remove them – the latest one on 15th November – have failed, with more number of people joining the protest.


The protesters – the young ones, the jobless and the marginally employed – is demanding reversal of economic policy, saying that the policy that is being pursued is for the benefit of only one per cent (1%) of the population and the rest 99% is left out and forced to face the brunt of the policies.


This protest started in US has ever since spread to Europe, in Britain, Australia, France etc. The world over protest against the economic policies that enrich the rich and pauperise the poor is being questioned, challenged. India can be no exception, is not.


The Govt has decided to push the Pension bill permitting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) upto 26% which can further be raised later.


Ignoring the results of pension privatisation elsewhere in the world and feeding into the corporate need and greed the government is going ahead with the Pension privatisation despite resistance from the working class, especially the civilian employees.


The government is concerned only about the need of less than 1% of the population ie the corporate houses, the stock markets sharks – whether bull or bear.


The fight has to continue, till we ensure that statutory pension is restored and extended to all eligible sections.



With regards

Yours fraternally




Secretary General