Monday, June 20, 2011

Circular 13

Dear Comrade

Please find Circular 13-2011 posted below.

Yours fraternally
M. S. Raja
Secretary General
15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/ 0 – 98681 45667
Reference: AIA/Circular-13/2011
Dated: 19th June 2011

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women's Committee

Dear Comrades,

The National Executive Committee met at Shimla on 13-14 June 2011. 11
of the 15 elected National Executive Committee attended the meeting,
in addition to special invitees. . Coms GK Gohain, Vice President, V
Nageswara Rao, Addl Secretary General, R. Venkataraman, and VK
Bhambhi, both Asstt Secretaries General were absent. Coms GK Gohain,
had applied for leave of absence due to his hospitalization and Coms
Venkataraman and VK Bhambhi applied for leave of absence in connection
with their daughter's marriage.

Comrades SK Vyas, RK Shrivastava and T Narayanan, Gautam Pramanick
(former Presidents), S Radhakrishna former Vice President and OP
Tiwari former Additional Secretary General also attended the meeting.
Com BP Bhattacharjee, former Secretary General and President could not
make it due to ill health of Com Gohain.

The meeting deliberated upon the state of organisation, the challenges
before the organisation, the attack on the audit and accounting
functions and the ways and means to overcome the shortcomings, facing
the challenges.

Every NE member and special invitee contributed immensely in the
discussion. The deliberated attack by the CAG administration on the
organisation and the democratic rights of the employees was focus of
the discussion. The reported statement of the AC(N) in the meeting of
the DAG's – convened to discuss the work study report – that All India
Audit & Accounts Association has to be broken cannot be ignored, as
one could see clandestine joining of hands by desperate elements in
the recent past. The meeting concluded that the recent feeble spurt in
the activities of desperate elements cannot but be with the help of
the administration.

The NE meeting concluded that this onslaught can be faced only by
educating the leadership at Unit level so as to prepare the membership
for a sustained and long drawn struggle. The meeting noticed that in
the post liberalization era, sea changes are visible in the whole
arena of our workplace. The lack of proper and full awareness on the
struggles of the past, the sacrifices of our predecessors and the
benefits that flew to the employees as a result of those struggles was
identified as one main issue that has to be addressed. Many comrades
pointed out to the total absence of any recruitment in the department
for more than a decade.

The meeting was enriched by the contributions of our senior leaders
who led the movement at various capacities in the past and who are
still associated with the audit and accounts movement even in their
advanced age.

After detailed deliberations, the National Executive decided that
workshops be conducted in every station. It was also decided that
subjects in the workshop, for the beginning, shall be confined to
basic issues that every unit would have to deal with in their day to
day functioning. The subjects so selected are:

1. History of All India Audit& Accounts Association, Confederation
and CG movement - with a general reference to inception and growth of
TU movement.

2. Role of All India Audit& Accounts Association & IAAD in ensuring
public accountability of Executive

3. Building up the Organisation

4. Trade Unions and Socio- Political Developments

5. Introduction to Disciplinary Rules

6. Importance of negotiation & Role of rules and regulations in

As conducting workshop in every station will require substantial man
power to present the subjects, it was decided that to begin with a
2-day workshop would be arranged to train the teachers. This may be
held in the first half of August 2011. Chennai has proposed to host
this workshop. It was decided that the workshops would be, to start
with, confined to the following stations.
1. Allahabad 2. Bangalore 3. Chennai 4. Chandigarh 5.Delhi 6. Guwahati
7. Gwalior-Bhopal 8. Hyderabad 9. Jaipur 10. Kerala 11. Kolkata 12.
Mumbai 13. Nagpur 14. Shimla 15. Bhubaneswar

Almost every one present in the meeting opined that it is high time
that we sincerely attempt to place the history of audit and accounts
movement on record. Accordingly it was also decided that one day
conclave of senior leaders who led the movement in the past and who
are available even today would be arranged one day prior to the 2-day
work shop for teachers.


The NE considered the developments in the departmental front vis-à-vis
rights to democratic functioning and collective bargaining. The
meeting authorized the Secretariat to continue the efforts for
negotiated settlement. The meeting further decided that a day be
observed demanding restoration of harmonious relation by holding lunch
hour meetings and adopting resolution on 14th July 2011.

The draft resolution would be circulated soon.


The National Executive directs all Units to clear the Head Quarter
Dues upto June 30, 2011 by 7th July 2011 without fail.


CAG's administration has issued circular, rather a clarification
permitting revised option for those SO/AAO who have been promoted
between 1-12066 & 31-08-2008. This is relief to many of those
personnel who otherwise was facing perennial loses. Copy of the
clarification is enclosed.

One cannot miss the wordings in the circular. The Circular starts
with 'reference have been received from various individuals and SAS

This Association from the beginning had pointed out the losses the
individuals have to bear throughout because of this. But as mentioned
elsewhere in this circular when the intention of the administration is
to do anything to attempt a break in our Association, this cannot come
as a surprise.

With regards
Yours fraternally

Secretary General