Monday, December 27, 2010

Circular 33-2010

Dear Comrades

Please find Circular 33-2010 posted below.

With greetings

M. S. Raja
Secretary General
(U.P), PIN-201012
Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/ 0 – 98681 45667

Reference: AIA/Circular-33/2010
Dated: 22nd December 2010

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women's Committee

Dear Comrades,

Dear Comrades,
In late 1950s and 1960s the All India Audit & Accounts Association
was functioning from a rented accommodation. In the second half of
1960, an organisational decision was taken to have own accommodation
in Delhi and the funds were raised. But the situation after the one
day strike on 19th September 1968 forced the organisation to spend the
amount raised for own building to meet the exigency of victimisation.

Then it was in 1986, when Com: CSV Warrier was the Secretary General,
the Association once again started working for having own
accommodation. Com Warrier applied for a plot under Ghaziabad
Development Authority. Another application was made in the name of Com
SK Vyas (the then President of the Association) also. A plot was
allotted in the name of Com Warrier, in the draw of lot that followed,
at Kaushambi just inside Ghaziabad – few yards away from Anand Vihar

By the time the allotment materialised Com Warrier had relinquished
the post of Secretary General and Com SMA Jinnah had taken over as
Secretary General. The other formalities were completed and the plot
was acquired during the time of Com Jinnah. Com Warrier was insisting
on transferring the title deed of the plot and formation of trust
which somehow dragged on.

The construction of a building did not materialise for many reasons
and the cost went escalating. By the time, in 1994 the UP Housing
Board came up with another scheme of ready built houses for
residential purposes in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. The All India Audit &
Accounts Association decided to apply for one house. As per the
Ghaziabad Development Authority condition the organization could not
apply for allotment of the House. Hence, it was decided to submit the
application for allotment of house in the name of the then secretary
general, who happened to be Com A.B. Sen and it was decided that the
application would be made in the name of AB Sen, the then Secretary
General. With the help of CITU, we could get the house allotted in the
name of AB Sen, the then Secretary General. The National Executive
took the appropriate decisions which were subsequently ratified by the
Working Committee. For this purpose a call for raising the building
fund was given to all the affiliated units, which was hugely responded
by the units. The funds were raised and the payment was made. Thus the
All India Audit & Accounts Association had its own head quarter at
House No 1089, Sector 15, Vasundhara, Dist. Ghaziabad.

Simultaneously, the Association decided to buy one more house, ie the
adjoining one -1090- from CITU which was allotted in the name of Com
MK Pandhe and to meet the expenditure, it was decided to dispose off
the plot allotted and acquired in the name of com Warrier. The
decision was communicated to Com Warrier and he – who had a massive
heart attack by the time – complied with the organisational decision
and authorised the then Secretary General AB Sen through a power of
attorney to execute the sales deed.

In December 1995, Com MK Pandhe inaugurated Auditlekha Bhawan at
15/1089-1090, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, UP and from 1997 the All India
Audit & Accounts Association started functioning from there.

But the formal transfer of the houses to the Association remained to
be done. It was only after 2004 the process of completing a legal
mechanism so as to enable transfer the houses to the Association were
seriously pursued. After continuous discussion and the persistent
efforts of the National Executive Committee, constitution for a Trust
was approved by the Special Conference in October 2008. The trust -
named after Com CSV Warrier – was registered in January 2009.

The National Executive Committee has been consistently pursuing the
transfer of both the houses to CSV Warrier memorial trust since then.
Com MK Pandhe transferred the house no 1090 to CSV Warrier Memorial
Trust on 11th January 2010.

Com. AB Sen had assured to a delegation of NE that he would transfer
the house once Com Pandhe transfers the house 1090. But the efforts of
the NE members did not succeed even after Com. M. K. Pandhe
transferred the building. Com Nageswara Rao, Additional Secretary
General of the Association, who was authorised by the NE to discuss
with AB Sen, reported to the National Executive Committee in August
2010 that his efforts are not being responded to properly by Com AB

As AB Sen had been keeping away from the All India Audit & Accounts
Association and of late been seen with disruptors of audit and
accounts movement, Secretary General requested Com S Radhakrishna, who
was member of the National Executive between 1986 and 1997 and was
also Vice President of the Association during 1989 – 1997, to talk to
AB Sen so as to facilitate the transfer of the house to CSV Warrier
Memorial Trust.

Com Radhakrishna had four rounds of telephonic talk with AB Sen and
finally reported that talks with AB Sen has not yielded the desired
result on transfer of the house. In the meantime an e-mail has been
received from AB Sen stating "vacate my house immediately" (Copy
enclosed). The copy of the e-mail on summary of Com Radhakrishna's
talk with AB Sen is enclosed (with the consent of Com Radhakrishna).
The e-mail is self explanatory. Copy of the letter the Association
addressed to AB Sen is also enclosed.

This may please be reported to the Executive Committee, the activists
and the general membership.

With regards
Yours fraternally

Secretary General

Com Radhakrishna's letter
Dear Com Raja

I am writing this letter to put records straight regarding the
background and reasons which prompted me to open a dialogue with Com
Sen regarding the property of All India Audit & Accounts Association
located in the 'Vasundhara', Ghaziabad. As you are aware I was a part
of National Executive when both house dwellings in 'Vasundhara'
Ghaziabad where our Hqrs is located at present was purchased and also
had participated in the inaugural function of the building as Vice
President of the Organisation. To meet the conditions of Ghaziabad
Development Authority the NE at that time had taken a decision to
purchase the dwellings in the name of Com Sen and Com Pandhe. The main
source of funds for the purchase of these houses came from the
contributions made by membership all over the country and the extra
realisation of amount we had made by selling of a plot which the
organisation had purchased earlier in the name of Com Warrier then
Secretary General. I have a longing desire that the properties which
was in the name of the individuals must be transferred to the
organization. Now as the Organization in the name of 'Com Warrier I
felt that transfer of properties to the Trust should be completed at
the earliest.. I was also happy when property in the name of Com
Pandhe was promptly transferred. When we along with President Com
Dorai Pandiayan met in Delhi during last week of October 2010 you had
mentioned about some hurdles you are encountering in the transfer of
property which the organization had purchased in the name of Com Sen.
As I had worked with Com Sen in the National Executive and was also
being a party to the decision making process of the organization at
that time I felt whether I could be of any help in removing those
hurdle. You permitted me to go ahead and have a talk with Com Sen.
Based on that clearance I opened a dialogue with Com Sen. After some
initial exchange of views I could understand that some of the claims
of Com Sen even after a lapse of three or four years after his
demitting the office had not been settled. He had also a feeling that
he is being humiliated and being treated shabbily. Based on those
talks when I contacted, you told me that even today he highly
respected by the Organisation and personally by you also. You
clarified that there is only a difference of opinion on certain
perceptions. However I did not go into that issue and only wanted
settlement of the dispute regarding the claims of Com Sen. After this
as promised you had forwarded me the Claims preferred by Com Sen and
Auditors report on those claims. In fact the mail sent by you was
forwarding of the reply you had mailed Com Sen in 2008. After going
through the same I felt instead of going into entire thing there
should be a way out for solving the issue. Considering that Com Sen
had lead the organization for more than a decade as Secretary General
& President and also the sacrifices he had made for the organisation I
felt that this issue to be settled without much heat and light. With
confidence of convincing you, few days back I had made an offer to Com
Sen stating that "I will request Com Raja to settle your claims of
above Rs.4lakh without any interest and he should agree to transfer
the property to the Organisation without any hurdles". The methodology
I had suggested was that you will prepare the cheque in the name of
Com Sen for the entire amount and will be deposited with a person in
whom both Com Sen and you had confidence and the cheque will be handed
over to Com Sen simultaneously with his transferring of property. For
that Com Sen had responded that he requires some time to think about
the proposal and also he would like to discuss with Com Prabhakar
former Finance Secretary of the Organisation. Therefore after few
days gap I contacted Com Sen yesterday (15.12.2010). Com Sen said that
after taking the opinion Com Prabhakar he has come to conclusion that
my proposal is not acceptable to him. He had made lot of sacrifices
for the sake of Organisation already and asking him always to make
sacrifice is not correct. Then I said if the issue is not settled
amicably it may lead to legal complications which are not good for the
Organisations and individuals concerned in the long run. For which he
responded that "what to do" and expressed his helplessness. If
required he is prepared to undergo the complications. Then I
concluded my discussions with him stating that "there is no further
use in my continuing discussions in the mater and I will withdraw from
further negotiations and inform Raja accordingly". He responded
"that's ok".
I have briefly narrated the entire conversations I had with Com Sen on
the matter and I would like to withdraw myself from further
interfering in this matter. Thank you for the confidence you had
reposed in me and I assure you that I am always available to make my
humble contribution at any time as worker of the Organisation. To put
the matter transparently I am forwarding the copy of this letter to
Com Sen for information.
With greetings

Yours fraternally
Copy of e-mail from AB Sen
fromAhi Sen <>

dateSun, Nov 21, 2010 at 6:58 PM
subjectRe: Request

Nov 21

Please vacate my house immediately- A.B.Sen
(U.P), PIN-201012
0120-2881727/4101593/ 9868145667
Reference: AIA/B-9/2010
Date: 3rd November 2010

Com AB Sen
Dt Ghaziabad

Dear Comrade Sen,

Hope this letter will find you in best of health and high spirits.

As a very senior leader of our movement you are fully aware and
actually involved in realising the dream of the membership since 1960s
to have their own building for the All India Audit & Accounts
Association. In realising it concrete steps were taken by you as
Secretary General of the Association in mid-90s which resulted in
acquiring a dwelling unit (1089) under Vasundhara Awas Yojana in
Sector 15, Vasundhara, Dt Ghaziabad (UP) in National Capital Region
(NCR). Again it is because of your vision our Association acquired
adjacent dwelling unit (1090) which was allotted in the name of Com
M.K. Pandhe.

But for certain legal issues involved regarding registration of these
dwelling units in the name of the Association, you were forced to
register the dwelling unit 1089 in your name.

Now the Association has resolved the legal issues and a Trust – CSV
Warrier Memorial Trust – was registered in 2009.

The dwelling unit 1090 has since been transferred through a gift deed
(registered on 11th January 2010) by Com M. K Pandhe to the CSV
Warrier Memorial Trust.

The members of the All India Audit & Accounts Association always
remember you as a leader who realised the dream of having their own
building in the NCR. To complete their dream, legal formality of
transferring the property to the CSV Warrier Memorial Trust (of the
All India Audit & Accounts Association) has to be completed and I
shall be thankful if you can intimate your convenience to complete the
formalities so that the dwelling unit can be transferred at the
earliest to the Trust formed by the All India Audit & Accounts

With warm greetings,

Yours fraternally

(MS Raja)
Secretary General