Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Circular 29-2010

Dear Comrades

Please Circular 29-2010 posted below.

With greetings,

M. S. Raja
Secretary General
15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/ 0 – 98681 45667

Reference: AIA/Circular-29/2010
Dated: 3rd November 2010

Unit Secretaries,
Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women's Committee

Dear Comrades,

CHQ had informed all through sms about the Ernakulam CAT, quashing
the chargesheet under Rule 14 of CCS (CCA) Rules, 1964 against Com KA
Manuel, former General Secretary of Audit Category II Association,
Kerala and ordering forthwith re-instatement with back wages. Copy of
the judgement is attached.

The CAT has said what we have been telling all along – that these
departmental courts are akin to trial in kangaroo courts. But what can
be done when the chain itself get mad? The only option before those
suffering under the vicious misuse of administrative power is to
challenge it organisationally while trudging the path of judiciary
with utmost care.

As expected, the department has taken interim stay from the CAT to go
for appeal in the Kerala High Court.

Those who speak of rule of law do not want to make it applicable to
them. They will fight in the higher courts with tax payer's money. If
the Accountants General who caused dismissal through fake trials wants
to challenge it, the department should ask them to spend from their

This filing appeals in the higher courts with tax payers' money is
most immoral and illegal and against any audit concept.


Many units have reported that the local administration has intimated
them in writing about the functions to be organised on 16th November
2010 to commemorate the completion of 150 years of Indian Audit &
Accounts Department.

The CHQ has not got any formal intimation from the CAG's office on
any of such programmes. The units may decide locally, depending on the
conditions prevailing there, on the participation in such

We are indeed proud of the department and its achievements with in
the limited operational freedom granted.
We are also happy to know that the present CAG has taken up some of
the longstanding demands raised by this Association regarding
expanding the scope of Audit to new areas.

There is no doubt, the Association would be in the forefront in
defending the department. But we would like remind on this occasion
that it is the bounden duty of those who read out rule book/riot act
to the leaders and activists of the Association that 'Caesar's wife
should be above suspicion'. Without compromising on the principled
stand of the Association we would and should co-operate with the
functions to commemorate the 150 years of Indian Audit & Accounts


The proposed celebration is based on the colonial legacy. The Indian
Audit & Accounts Department's functions are regulated, as on today, by
the DPC Act, 1971 ie as far as the independent India is concerned, a
statute was enacted only 1971. Is it proper to celebrate 150 years?

So far as the attitude of the Gr A is concerned, it is still fully in
the colonial mindset, but for cosmetic talk of the constitution.

Some comrades were proposing that we should ask a special treat for
the employees during the 150th year.

Remember: In 1960, the department completed 100 year – centenary.
Then the Association was de-recognised, the Secretary General was
under suspension, hundreds of leaders and activists of the Association
through out the country were dismissed, suspended and hounded after
the 1960 strike.
In 2010, our comrades stand dismissed, suspended, chargesheeted, no
permission to hold meetings, many of the Accountants General do not
even meet and discuss the problems and chargesheet is given for
holding lunch hour meetings.

Let us not have any illusions – we can achieve through struggles
only, for that let us unite on and all. Every struggle would
definitely bring results, the unity and struggle has to be sustained
and furthered. There is no shortcut to unity and struggles.

With regards

Yours fraternally

Secretary General