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Circular 05-2010

Dear Comrades
Circular 05-2010 is posted below
Yours fraternally
MS Raja



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Reference: AIA/Circular-05/2010                                                            Dated: 8th February 2010



Dear Comrades,




            The 45th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur from 2nd Feb to 5th Feb 2010 was a momentous one for the discipline, attendance and decisions taken.


            The Conference was attended by 163 delegates and 97 observers (total 260) representing 66 affiliated Associations – 22 units of Cat II Associations (8 from Audit and 14 from Accounts) and 44 units of Category III (24 from Audit and 20 from Accounts).  In addition senior leaders of the movement – Com SK Vyas, RK Shrivastava and Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee were present throughout to guide and inspire the Conference.


            The discussion on the report of the Secretary General and Departmental front, Accounts and Organisational Front and policy and programme resolutions were lively and creative and a total of 81 delegates participated in the discussions and the decisions being unanimous on every agenda item.


               The Conference unanimously adopted the Report and Accounts, decided on the future course of actions on departmental and organisational front and also the resolution on policy and programme.


               The Conference unanimously elected a 15 member National Executive Committee (Pl refer Circular 04-2010).




            The 45th Conference of the Association got commenced with the hoisting of the Association flag at the CSV Warrier Nagar (Community Hall, AG Colony) by Com M Duraipandian.

            The Delegates, observers and invitees then paid floral tributes to martyrs in the Martyr's Column.

            All delegates and observers and invited guests then assembled at the hall and adopted. Com MS Raja, Secretary General moved the resolution on homage and condolence. The house observed two minutes silence in memory of all those departed during the interregnum of two conferences.




            The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Mahesh Joshi, MP. The inaugural session, that was held at the AG's office premises under the presidentship of Com M Duraipandian, President of the Association.


            The session was addressed by Comrades: KKN Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers, Umraomal Purohit, Secretary, Staff Side, JCM and President AIRF, Ravindra Shukla, General Secretary, CITU, Rajasthan State Committee, Guman Singh, President, NFIR, Com K Ragavendran, Secretary General, NFPE, Changani, General Secretary, AITUC, Rajasthan State Committee, S Mohan, Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association, RP Sharma, AIIEA and Mahesh Mishra, AIBEA.


            Principal Accountants General Ms Suman Saxena and Ms Meenaxi Mishra graced the inaugural session and greeted the Conference.


            Com V Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and Convener, JAC, Com P Rajanayagam, General Secretary, All India Postal Accounts Association and Com CL Shastri and RN Gupta former Secretaries General of All India Pay and Accounts Officer's Association graced the occasion.




            The mood of the delegates and observers turned festive in the afternoon session as the session was dedicated to Com SK Vyas who completed 80 years on 2nd February 2010. Com M Duraipandian presided over the function. All the family members of Com Vyas – except younger daughter – were present in the function.


            Com KKN Kutty felicitated Com Vyas and Mrs Vyas and spoke of near three decade long close association with Com Vyas.

            Com RK Shrivastava, BP Bhattacharjee, K. Ragavendran, S Radhakrishna, S Mohan, V Bhattacharjee, P Rajanayagam, CL Shastri, Kripashankar Shrivastava, M Duraipandian and MS Raja spoke on the occasion. All speakers thanked the family of Com SK Vyas and said that the entirety of CG Employees and the movement is indebted very much to the family of Com Vyas.




            The Subject Committee session started at 7 pm on 2nd Feb 2010 with Com M Duraipandian in Chair aided by a Presidium consisting of Coms GK Gohain, Subhash Chandra Pandey and VS Jaitha.

            Steering Committee comprising of Coms MS Raja, Sitaram Singha, V Nageswara Rao and V Sreekumar was formed to conduct the business of the subject committee. Resolution Committee with Coms Anindya Mitra, K. Ramesh (Chennai), Rajagopal (Hyderabad) and NN Balachandran (Kerala) and minutes Committee with Com Partha Guha (ERly Audit Assn, Kolkata), KC Mathai and   K Udayakumar (Asst Secys General) were formed.


            The subject committee was addressed by Coms RK Shrivastava, former President, BP Bhattacharjee, former President and Secretary General, S Radhakrishna, former Vice President and S Mohan, Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Association.


            Agenda items were taken up one by one and as stated elsewhere in this circular, in all 81 delegates participated in the discussions that spanned over three days (and one night).


            The following Sub-committees were formed to discuss the wing wise specific issues and identify and focus them in the days to come.


            Audit Sub-Committee: Com R Venkataraman (Convener), NA Chavan, Veer Singh, Vinod Kumar Dubey & PP Bhat

            Accounts Sub-Committee: KN Vijayakumar (Convener), Hemant Shrivastava, Tapas Bose, Umashankar Singh

            Commercial Sub-Committee: K Udayakumar (Convener) CM Khedekar, Sivakumar, Nitin Ghatkamble and PK Das

            P&T Audit Sub-Committee: Sudipta Mallick (Convener), VA Kolarkar & Krishankumar

            Scientific Audit Sub-Committee: Malay Kundu

            Defence Audit Sub-Committee: Subrata Saha

            Railway Audit Sub- Committee: Asis Gayen (Convener) & Nagesh Kumar


            Reports of the Sub-Committees would be published in Auditlekha Samanvay.


            Com Vyas in his 90 minute speech spoke at length on the various issues confronting the CG employees, covering whole gamut of issues.




            After detailed discussion on Secretary General's Report, Departmental Front, Organisational Front, the Resolution on Policy and Programme was unanimously adopted. Copy of the Resolution is enclosed.




            A well attended Women's Convention was held in the AG's office L&R Club Hall on 4th February 2010. The Convention was inaugurated by Prof Sarada Goswami. 16 Women delegates from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Orissa and Himachal Pradesh attended the Convention in addition to nearly hundred women employees of Jaipur office.


            The Convention adopted a Charter of Demands (which was later adopted by the Conference also) and formed 10 member Women's Committee. The Convention also elected Com Ninakumari Kujur (Accounts Cat II Association, Orissa) as Chairperson and Com VS Jaitha (Audit & Accounts Association, Kerala) as Convener.


             The Convention also adopted a resolution deploring the increasing tendency of using close circuit TVs through out the office as it affront the modesty of women employees.




               The Apex JAC that met on 1st Feb 2010 at Jaipur and decided to go for one day Mass CL on 8th April 2010 on the Charter of Demands.


               The Conference after detailed discussion on various issues came to the conclusion that considering the intransigent attitude of the government and the CAG administration, the audit and accounts employees and officers has no other go other than joining the Mass CL on 8th April 2010.  


               The Conference called upon the employees and officers in IA&AD to start vigorous campaign and mobilisation on the basis of the Charter of Demands adopted by the Conference to ensure total success of the MASS CASUAL LEAVE on 8th APRIL 2010. (JAC circular would follow).




            The 45th Conference adopted the following resolutions.


  1. On victimisation
  2. On Price Rise
  3. Undemocratic rules in the service conditions
  4. On PFRDA Bill
  5. On downsizing of governmental organisations
  6. On Right to Strike
  7. On Anomalies and Arbitration
  8. Against Banking and Insurance Reforms
  9. On Transfer and posting guidelines in Commercial audit
  10. On proposed restructuring of MAB offices and reallocation of man power among state Commercial Audit offices
  11. Series of Bomb blast in Guwahati
  12. Denial of Adhoc AAO posts on the ground of having faced 'dies-non'
  13. On allotment of work of 11/2 SA to adhoc AAOs
  14. On Direct Tax Code
  15. On Press Statement of AG (A&E), Kerala against withdrawal of police case against Com Manuel and issuing threat to Kerala Govt.
  16. On introduction of CCTVs in offices





            Com Sitaram Singha, outgoing Additional Secretary General, Election officer and Com Rajgopal and Vinod Kumar Dubey Asstt Election Officers conducted the Election.


            After declaration of election results, the newly elected National Executive Committee took over.


            The last session was addressed by Coms M Duraipandian, President, MS Raja, Secretary General, RK Shrivastava, former President, BP Bhattacharjee, Former Secretary General & President and Com SK Vyas.


            Secretary General thanked the host unit for the wonderful arrangements and warm hospitality. He specially thanked Coms Jagdish Verma and Shrikishan Sharma, retired but not tired, whose contribution in hoisting the Conference was invaluable.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally




Secretary General


Adopted by the 45th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association

At Jaipur from 2nd February to 5th February 2010


Part I


The 45th conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur from 2nd February to 5th February 2010 after having deliberated on the developments since the 44th conference in January 2007 at Chennai on various fronts come to the conclusion that the present UPA which is well into its 2nd term is in a hurry to finish off its agenda on privatization, divestment of PSU shares etc that were not permitted by its supporting allies ie left parties, in its earlier term. The fact that there are no forces within then government or amongst its allies outside the government that has got interest of the common man and the workers in its heart makes the route to sell off of the country's wealth at will. 


The attempt to permit FDI in retail trade, the decision to re-introduce PFRDA bill in the forthcoming budget session of the Parliament, the proposed new tax code extending more cushion to corporates and burdening the wage earners etc do clearly state the anti-worker, anti-people thrust in policies of the government.


This 45th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur on 2nd to 5th February, 2010 therefore unanimously resolves to carry on the fight against the neo-liberal economic policies of the government independently and under the banner of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers joining hands with toiling masses of the country under the Sponsoring Committee of Central Trade Unions and Federations.


Part II


This 45th Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur on 2nd to 5th February 2010 views with all seriousness the continuing attacks on the social security schemes of the employees like Pension and Health scheme etc. With the attack on the employees on the rise and the policies of down sizing, outsourcing and contractorisation being implemented in full swing, this Conference is of the considered opinion that the employees are left with no option but to oppose these policies and resist and defeat it through collective actions and authorises the  National Executive to take appropriate decisions.


This 45th Conference is of the considered opinion that serious and united actions will become warranted in getting the anomalies out of implementation of 6 CPC recommendations rectified. This 45th Conference here-by authorises the National Executive Committee to take appropriate decisions to decide on the course of actions that will be warranted.


This 45th Conference further resolves in taking lead to educate and mobilise various segments of central government employees under the banner of Confederation of Central Government employees and workers to carry the fight forward.


This 45th Conference notes with concern the non implementation of arbitration award on pay scales and further enhancement of pay scales of assistants in CSS. The conference records its resentment over the naked discrimination meted out to audit and account cadres from auditor/accountant to SAOs and resolves to fight against this discrimination and authorises the National Executive Committee to chalk out agitational programmes in consultation with other constituents of Joint Action Committee of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers Organisations.


Part III


This 45h Conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur from 2nd to 5th February 2010 notes with seriousness the multi-pronged attacks that are aimed at the employees and officers by the bureaucracy of Indian Audit & Accounts Department.


Down sizing of the Department, discarding of functions and change in the audit methodology is being practiced eroding the effectiveness and thus the stature as 'Watch dog of Indian Finances' that the Constitution envisaged.  Overstressing on the guidelines of INTOSAI and ASOSAI –many provisos of which runs contrary to the Indian Constitution and Duties, Powers & Conditions of Service of CAG (DPC) Act – have made Audit all the more ineffective.


The recent move of the administration to restructure MAB offices and re-allocate audit resources amongst State Commercial Audit is another step in this direction of killing the effectiveness of the department to safeguard personal interests of certain officers.


The moves to implement the Report on changing the Accounting methodology will have serious implications to the personnel working in the Department. 


This 45th conference resolves to mobilise the employees and officers and launch agitational programmes. Also resolves to mobilise the people at large against this fraud on the constitution through Conventions and Signature Campaigns so as to force the administration to correct the course and discharge the functions as mandated under the Constitution and DPC Act.


Channel of negotiations are made inoperative and ineffective at the Departmental as well as office levels. None of the burning issues of the personnel of IA&AD are settled despite repeated reminders to hold meaningful discussion.


The attempt to modify the scheme and Constitution of JCM/Departmental council unilaterally exposes the commitment of administration to healthy relationship with staff side and rule of law.

The long delay in finalizing the result of re-verification of membership of recognised Federations in IA&AD also shows how the administration is implementing the rules framed by it.


At the same time, the attacks on the democratic rights of the employees are on the rise. The events in Kerala where two comrades have been dismissed and hundreds have been heavily penalised all for pure trade union actions, Rajkot, Nagpur, Kolkata and Gwalior are naked manifestations of the bureaucracy's anti-democratic, anti-constitutional machinations.


This 45th conference of All India Audit & Accounts Association held at Jaipur from 2nd to 5th February 2010 therefore call upon the employees and officers of IA&AD to wage a united battle against obdurate bureaucracy of IA&AD.


This 45th Conference therefore adopts the following Charter of Demands:


Charter of Demands


1.     a)  Vacate victimisation of Association activists.

b) Allow democratic functioning of Association without interference from administration

c) Hold independent enquiry into the administrative excesses in AG's office Kerala as directed by ILO


   2.       Strengthen Audit & Accounts to Safeguard People's Rights


a)      Stop down sizing; Stop outsourcing & privatisation of Audit & Accounts; Scrap curtailment/shedding of Audit functions in the name of Audit Plan.

b)      Ensure continuance of the existing Accounting and Auditing methodologies and appropriate party days with scientific work norms.

c)      Ensure effective Panchayati Raj Audit & Accounts by sanctioning more posts.


3.   a) Amend Company Law and DPC Act for Audit of Public Sector Undertakings      &  Corporations even after reduction of Government share to below 50%.

            b) Amend Company Law to ensure the Audit by IA&AD of all Public Limited   Companies listed with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

c) Enact necessary law to bring audit of all public Financial Institutions by IA&AD.   


4.      Fill up all vacant posts including Gr D, no matching savings at the cost of Gr B, C & D cadres


5.      a) Withdraw proposal on restructuring of MAB offices and re-allocation of audit resources amongst State Commercial Audit and retain status quo.

b) Stop unilateral implementation of transfer policy in Commercial Audit

6.   Implement Arbitration Award on SA pay Scale


7.  Upgrade all LDC to PB 1 GP 2400 (4000-6000 pre-revised) as Audit/Accounts Assistant; merge LDC & DEO and grant the following pay scales to other cadres


                              Auditor/Accountant: PB2, GP 4200

                              SA/Steno Gr I       : PB2, GP 4600

                             AAO/Private Secretary: PB2 GP 4800,

                                                               PB3, GP 5400 on completion of 4 years                       

                              AO                              : PB3, GP 6600

                             SAO                             : PB3, GP 7600 


8.      Permit all Employees in the GP of 1800 to appear for all Departmental Exams including SOGE.


9.    Extend benefits of MACP to Assistant Audit/Accounts Officers by treating promotion to AAO as direct recruitment; withdraw the order treating promotion from Section Officer to Assistant Audit Officer between 01.01.2006 to 01.09.2008 as null and void.


10.    Designate Supervisor as AAO & Earmark 20% of AAO post for seniority cum fitness promotion


11.       Remove differential treatment on pay fixation on promotion vis-à-vis direct     recruitees in all cadres


12.      Stop down sizing of P&T Audit Offices; conduct audit of private service providers as per TRAI regulations


13.       Re-imburse hotel charges to Railway Audit personnel wherever Railway accommodation is not allotted while on tour.


14.              Regularise all casual, temporary, contract, daily wage workers


15.              Permit self certification for TA/DA claims


16.              Restore unilateral transfer policy.


17.              Restore metal Pass facility to AAOs in Railway Audit


18.              Grant increment and Grade Pay of 4800 from the day of Passing of SOGE


19.              Maintain Status Quo Ante on recruitment Rules on  promotion to AOs cadre


Charter of Demands adopted in the Women's Convention


1.       Relax eligibility Criteria for grant of Child Care Leave; remove the conditionality of linking CCL with EL exhaustion.

2.       Improve working conditions of women all sectors of employment by providing basic welfare amenities.

3.       Restore 12 days CL

4.       Regular – annual - Health check up should be undertaken by Govt. in all offices

5.       33 1/3 % reservation in the Executive Committees of the Association

6.       Provide permanent Mechanism for speedy disposal of complaints related gender discrimination/sexual harassment at work places; stop harassment of victims.

7.       Sanction 45 days Special Leave for women employees during menopause/uterus removal

8.       Ensure job security to working women affected by global recession

9.       Ensure effective implementation of Domestic Violence Act

10.   Ensure justice to women in distress by setting up special courts to handle women's issues

11.   Put an end to the degrading and humiliating social customs of Sati, Devdasi, dowry etc.

12.   Strengthen Public Distribution System to arrest price rise.