Friday, November 27, 2009

Circular 30-2009

Dear Comrades
Please find Circular 30-2009 posted below
Yours fraternally
M.S. Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-30/2009                                                         Dated: 26th November 2009



Dear Comrades,



            Courtesy meeting with DAI (Shri AN Chatterjee) was held on 19th November 2009. Our Association was represented by Com M Duraipandian, President and Com Subhash Pandey, Vice President in addition to the Secretary General. DAI was accompanied by PD, Staff and AC (N).


            In the hour-long meeting, which was billed as a courtesy one with no specific agenda, we raised some issues that are agitating the minds of all IA&AD personnel.


            The appointment of a foreign consultant to conduct work study with specific reference to Gr B and C cadres, the move to outsource functions in the CAG's office as well as field offices, especially that of Gr D, huge vacancy position leading to erosion in the quantity and quality of functions, limiting the audit of PRI to cosmetic level, non declaration of results of reverification of membership of recognised federations even after 16 months, victimisation of leaders and activists of Association especially in Kerala and Rajkot were placed by the staff side.


            DAI spoke in detail about the work study and told us that it won't have any effect on the working strength. DAI stated that the work study has become necessary for the reason that the norms that were evolved in 1950s have no relevance today and the nature of work – of the auditee organisations and consequently ours – have undergone vast changes. This has led to a situation where the functions are carried out without reference to norms. It was further stated by DAI that the agency would have no say what should be the quantum of work or about the composition of parties/sections. It would be all about streamlining of the functions with the present situation as background.


            It was further stated by DAI that there was a thinking in the Department that a large army of Auditors is not required, which no longer stands. Today, it is appreciated that the functions of Auditors have to be necessarily discharged by Auditors only and not by AAOs. Moves are afoot to fill in 17000 vacancies in the Department, informed DAI.


            We on our part stated that we also want and demand scientific revision of norms, but the logic behind appointment of foreign agency is not understood especially when CAG is a consultant for the rest of India on all important matters and we do have competent officers to do this job.  


            Lastly we requested DAI to initiate steps to normalise situation in Kerala and Rajkot offices. We further requested DAI to have compassion on the appeals that come to him. DAI assured to keep our request in mind. (By the time this circular is issued, DAI has rejected the appeal of Com Manuel against the dismissal from service).

            We also requested DAI to have a rethink on the introduction of Close Circuit Cameras/TVs in the offices as it would be infringing upon the modesty of women employees/officers. DAI responded positively.                                      




               The CWC meeting at New Delhi on 29-30th October 2009 decided that all the units have to clear to dues towards Head Quarter quota by 15th December 2009. It was further decided by the CWC units that defaulting units would not be permitted to attend the 45th Conference either as delegates or observers.


               The list of units that are in arrears on Hqr Quota is sent shortly.


               The names of units with the entitled number of delegates would be circulated after 15th December 2009.


            With regards



Yours fraternally





Secretary General