Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Circular 21-2009

Dear Comrade
Circular 21-2009 is posted below
MS Raja
Secretary General



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Reference: AIA/Circular-21/2009                                                                           Date: August 11, 2009



Unit Secretaries,

Members of Women's Committee &

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE



Dear Comrades,                                                                 




            The National Executive that met at New Delhi on 19, 20, 21 July 2009 called upon every unit to observe VACATE VICTIMISATION DAY on 18th August 2009 by holding lunch hour demonstration.

            The resolution adopted by the NE meeting is self explanatory. Details are given in Circular 16-2009.

            Following resolution may be adopted in the lunch hour mass meetings and forwarded to CAG through proper channel.




            The mass meeting of the members of……………………..Association, ….. held during lunch break on 18th August 2009 records its strong resentment over the inaction amounting to complicity of the CAG's administration over the naked violations of rights of the employees perpetuated by the Accountant General (A&E) & Pr. Accountant Genera l (Audit) Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram as well as Accountant General (Audit), Gujarat, Rajkot.

            The situation in Kerala offices has no parallel in the history of IA&AD. What one could notice in Kerala is total infringement of personal privacy, total and violent negation of all civilised norms of administration. Nearly one-sixth of personnel in the offices of Accountants General (both in Audit as well A&E) offices have been proceeded against – many of them more than once – under Rule 14 as well as Rule 16 of CCS (CCA), Rules, 1965 and almost all of them have been penalised heavily and cumulatively for the simple reason that they exercised their right to live with dignity in a sovereign country. Com KA Manuel has been dismissed from service.

            The situation in the office of Accountant General (Audit), Gujarat, Rajkot is nothing but bizarre. The President of Civil Audit Association, Rajkot is kept under suspension for the last one year, again violating all extant orders in this regard. The enquiry report exonerating him has been set aside by the disciplinary authority and fresh enquiry ordered.

            This mass meeting of members of ………Association notes with grave concern that the intervention of CAG's administration in ensuring rule of law in both the offices has been abysmal. Despite many assurances, no remedial action has been effected in Rajkot.

            This mass meeting note with dismay that the administration of CAG has got two sets of norm to deal with employees and officers up to Gr B and the IA&AS officers.


            The employees and officers who take part in the trade union activities are dealt with by inflicting serious injuries for raising the employees and nation's issues where as IA&AS officers facing serious allegations of unethical behaviour are treated with kid gloves like transfer to another post, many times in the same station. Even those charged with attempted rape/molestation are not even kept under suspension till enquiry is over; they are given lucrative postings immediately thereafter.

            This type of actions by the administration give the impression that indulgence in unethical activities and forcing others to do such things are welcome, but speaking against or questioning such activities will not be tolerated. A new work culture that has already done enough damage to the IA&AD is being attempted to be perpetuated.

            The attacks against the Association leaders and activists in Kerala, Rajkot and West Bengal are the open manifestation of much more serious designs to stifle the voices of the employees as one would note that the root cause of present situation in Kerala was the attempted outsourcing of functions and the resistance against outsourcing of functions by the employees and officers.

This mass meeting of the members of …………….Association, ……. appeals to the Hon'ble Comptroller & Auditor General of India to intervene and direct the administration to resolve the situation prevailing in Kerala and Rajkot offices which are in its worst form where as in other offices it is manifesting in different forms at different levels.

Further, this meeting urges upon the Hon'ble Comptroller & Auditor General of India to take steps to transfer the present Accountant General (A&E), Kerala outside Kerala immediately. 

This mass meeting of members of …………..Association,……held on 18th August 2009 unanimously resolve to forward a copy of this Resolution to Hon'ble Comptroller & Auditor General of India through proper channel.






            Detailed report on the implementation of the programme may kindly be sent to HQrs without fail.




            Realising that the attack on the Trade union rights of the employees is very much linked to the move of the departmental authorities to down size the department and outsource its functions even by subverting constitutional propriety, we should educate the membership to prepare for the struggle where each of this issue will have to be focused with equal force. We should not also lose sight of the fact that the effort is to make the whole edifice of Indian democracy an item in a show case.

            Prepare for Demands Day on 28th August 2009 and for bitter struggles in the days to come.                                                                                                                                


            With greetings,


Yours fraternally




(M. S. Raja)

Secretary General